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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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rf If I wanted to add a field to a class at run time, how would I do it? 02:35
I remember there being a way to "extend" a class or something 02:36
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tonyo you could mix in a role or use the MOP 03:24
m: class A { has $.x; }; role B { has $.y is rw; method coords() { [self.x, self.y] }; }; my $a = A.new(:x(15)); $a does B; $a.y = 25; dd $a.coords 03:27
camelia [15, 25]
tonyo m: class A { has $!x; method coords() { self.^attributes; } }; A.^add_attribute(Attribute.new(:name<$!y>, :type(Int), :package(A.WHO))); dd A.new.coords.map(*.name) 03:29
camelia ("\$!x", "\$!y").Seq
tonyo rf: ^^
rf What's the difference between does and but 03:30
m: class A { has $.x; }; role B { has $.y is rw; method coords() { [self.x, self.y] }; }; my $a = A.new(:x(15)) but B; $a.y = 25; dd $a.coords 03:32
camelia [15, 25]
rf Is there a nice Async hash implementation I can steal somewhere 03:38
lucs What is it with this OUTPUT this and OUTPUT that everywhere, all the time. 03:43
Here, in the docs OUTPUT, OUTPUT, OUTPUT.
Can't «this» be sufficient? 03:44
Are people really going to say "Hey, it's ambiguous, I'm not sure what you're sshowing me is what was OUTPUT." 03:45
Voldenet OUTPUT is pretty precise tho 03:47
lucs IT'S SO DAMNED NOISY. 03:48
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rf I like OUTPUT :^) 03:50
lucs 😭 03:51
Oops, for the IRC folks, that was a 😭 emoji 03:52
lucs $!#@%& Mis-escaping
tellable6 2023-03-08T23:23:58Z #raku <rf> lucs: It can't find it because you dont specify its location in META6
lucs Er, right.
A :sob: emoji. 03:53
Voldenet rf: `but` is runtime mixin, `does` is closer to a compile-time one
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rf m: m: class A { has $.x; }; role B { has $.y is rw; method coords() { [self.x, self.y] }; }; my $a = A.new(:x(15)); $a does B; $a.y = 25; dd $a.coords 03:54
camelia [15, 25]
rf Voldenet: what about that instance? 03:55
lucs m: note "Moo"
camelia Moo
(sorry, I'll SHUT UP now) 03:57
Voldenet :D 03:59
m: class A { has $.x; }; role B { has $.n; }; my $a := A.new(:x(15)); my $b = $a; $a does B(42); say $b.n 04:01
camelia 42
Voldenet m: class A { has $.x; }; role B { has $.n; }; my $a := A.new(:x(15)); my $b = $a; my $c = $a but B(42); say $b.n
camelia No such method 'n' for invocant of type 'A'. Did you mean 'x'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Voldenet `but` creates a copy, `does` works on a container iirc 04:02
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rf Morning folks, woke up to 9 feet of snow :^) 14:41
moritz wow, that's quite a lot... the last time we had snow, I was glad when I found a 9 feet continuous horizontal stretch :-) 14:42
rf Yeah, were I live this is fairly common. But the wind is very uncommon 85km/h for the past ~12 hours 14:43
But supposed to die off in 2-3 hours
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lucs Oho! Whereabouts are you? 14:57
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Oho! Whereabouts are you? 14:58
rf I'm I live in a town with 60 people in central Canada
lucs According to radar, I think we'll manage to avoid that here in Montreal. 15:01
rf Yeah, this is one of the worst blizzards I've seen in terms of wind speed and how long it lasts 15:02
[Coke] rf, we got about 1 inch, i think 15:11
stay safe 15:12
rf Thanks!
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rf Voldenet, I guess I kind of implemented a way to send data between layers of the call stack. I needed it for sessions. Basically every request and response has a stash that is not encoded or anything but exists purely just for the developer 15:25
tonyo rf: did you end up messing around with ryml at all? 15:44
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Anton Antonov @tonyo Apparently @rf did -- that is why is stranded at home (covered with 12 feet snow.) 15:51
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tonyo must be great then, we got only a foot and a half 15:54
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Anton Antonov @tonyo I am sorry, but you sound like a snow-apologist... 16:01
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tonyo all hail snow 16:04
or there'll be consequences 16:05
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Anton Antonov @tonyo Ok. 🙂 I have further puns on the subject, but I will restrain myself. 16:16
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tonyo : ) 16:24
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rf tonyo: Yeah it's really neat! 16:49
tonyo: github.com/rawleyfowler/Humming-Bird/pull/50
Wrote a super basic sessions system that's bundled with HB
In the form of a middleware 16:50
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[Coke] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raku_(progra..._language) - refers to "version 1.0" and says that 6.c is the current version. 19:33
what are release helper modules? Looks like raku/rakudo might have something that automatically updates Changes.../ 19:36
jdv theres 2 wiki entries i update 19:37
tellable6 2023-03-09T11:54:00Z #raku-dev <lizmat> jdv do you think you can find the time to do a 2023.03 release this month?
jdv lizmat: no, but someone else could:) im "away" this month. 19:38
[Coke] jdv: I imagine those are more rakudo than raku
jdv right. rakudo and moarvm. 19:39
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coleman At the interpreter, when I write `my $x = "hello";` it immediately prints "hello" 21:21
did it always do this?
Rakudo 2023.02 21:22
If I do `my @d = dir;`, the entire directory contents are printed, for instance, which could be disruptive. Forgive me if it's always been this way, I can't remember the previous behavior. 21:23
I have Linenoise installed, if that makes any difference.
[Coke] in the REPL? yes, it outputs the result of each line 21:29
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Nemokosch or at least it should; I have seen complex expressions where say became necessary for some reason 21:53
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rf Just removed like 500 cubic feet of snow from my driveway 23:35
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