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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ how so? 00:15
m: 27 div 7
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of "div" in expression "27 div 7" in sink context (line 1)
tbrowder__ m: say so (27 div 7) 00:16
camelia True
tbrowder__ m: say (27 div 7)
camelia 3
tbrowder__ m: say (27 mod 7) 00:17
camelia 6
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[Coke] m: say 27.polymod: 7 01:19
camelia (6 3)
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coleman is there an online playground website that can do what the camelia bot does? 02:17
lucs glot.io/new/raku 02:20
Not sure how current it is (I knew it existed, just googled for it). 02:21
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coleman This suffices, thank you 02:29
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tonyo tbrowder__: just clicking around on it, it has the same feel to it as old field manuals and other bits i have somewhere 02:54
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tbrowder__ .tell tonyo yep, in early feb 14 of us cs-24, usafa ‘65 still alive had a mini-reunion in cocoa beach, fl. it was a good mix of old (and musty) and new. at the air museum we saw a c-47, still flyable, that flew in ww 2. 11:28
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to tonyo
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rf Morning folks 13:52
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tonyo tbrowder__: wow. i worked on a lot of fa18s, migs, f22/35s, ea6bs, and the like. i always thought the old stuff seemed like more fun 15:10
tellable6 2023-03-23T11:28:45Z #raku <tbrowder__> tonyo yep, in early feb 14 of us cs-24, usafa ‘65 still alive had a mini-reunion in cocoa beach, fl. it was a good mix of old (and musty) and new. at the air museum we saw a c-47, still flyable, that flew in ww 2.
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rf tonyo: When you say worked on do you mean mechanics? 15:59
tonyo yea, avionics. most of it was fa18s (all of the models the marine corps flies), mostly radar, HUDs, navigational components, all electronics/wiring
was also an engineer for a while but that was mostly just trying to not get run over by heavy equipment operators and setting up tents 16:00
and living off of water delivered in car sized balloons in the desert 16:01
rf Wow, thats impressive! I have a friend who works on CF-18s always thought it was a very interesting career
tonyo oh! we actually got to work with some of the canadians in 2006, they came down to check out the benches we used 16:02
quickly followed was an order that me and another guy that grew up close to canada had to stop doing canadian accents 16:03
rf Lol! That's really cool
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tonyo fez dist will no longer shell out to pax/tar/gzip .. i'm sure there'll be a few bumps but hopefully fewer once those are smoothed out 17:17
(but will require the zlib library to be available)
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It looks good!
and scary
Nemokosch Lmao
perryprog Though I liked how the old one had a static TOC. I think. Or maybe I'm still scared.
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rf Is there a nice way to go from a Array[Int] to CArray[int]? 20:35
m: use NativeCall; my @foo = [12,3,4,5]; say CArray[int].new(|@foo); 20:39
camelia NativeCall::Types::CArray[int].new
rf I guess that works
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tonyo m: use NativeCall; my @foo = [12,3,4,5]; say CArray[int].new(|@foo).elems; 21:57
camelia 4
rf I don't think it's particularly fast though... 22:03
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lucs @lizmat: Is irclogs.raku.org/ implemented with App::Raku::Log as mentioned at the bottom of the pages, or is it actually with App::IRC::Log? 22:25
The latter appears to set up colors, but the former, not so much.
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lucs (Those yellow on white strings are unreadable.) 22:26
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rf github.com/rawleyfowler/Sort-Fast Attempting to sort numeric values at lightspeed, I have yet to big time benchmark this but I think it should be much faster than the default `.sort` 22:47
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lizmat lucs: App::IRC::Log is the generic module to set up a site with IRC logs 22:49
App::Raku::Log is the module that uses that for the irclogs.raku.org site 22:50
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lucs lizmat: Hmm... So if the color handling (no yellow on white!) is fixed in App::IRC::Log, that will affect the rendering in App::Raku::Log? 23:12
lizmat is this about the coloring of nicks?
lucs Exactly. I just can't read some. 23:14
And it's precisely the one I was looking for comments from, eh.
lizmat each channel keeps a map of nick -> colors and these are selected the first time they're encountered 23:15
now, that selection is a bit random 23:16
actually, very random
I would welcome PRs to fix :-)
lucs Sure, and that's why I'm asking which module handles it :) 23:17
lizmat I think atm its line 43 in App/IRC/Log
yeah, I think it's using the default one 23:18
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lucs Yeah, I saw about where it happens, but App::Raku::Log doesn't appear to be involved with App::IRC::Log. 23:18
So my question again: 23:19
lizmat its META/depends says so
lucs If the color handling (no yellow on white!) is fixed in App::IRC::Log, that will affect the rendering in App::Raku::Log?
lizmat :q
lucs Ah, I only looked at the code, not the META.
lizmat not 100% sure, but yeah, think so
check bin/raku-logs-server 23:20
lucs Will do, thanks -- sorry, have to get back to what's cooking (not code, food!) 23:21
lizmat: I looked quickly, yeah, I see it. 23:22
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