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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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ingy The TPRC/NA CFP just closed. If you wanted to submit a talk but forgot to get it in, rach out to me! 00:12
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Anton Antonov @ingy Good to know! 01:46
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Aozen hello it is my first day here 02:35
is anyone around that i can talk to? 02:36
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Aozen anyone around to talk to? 02:41
coleman No need to ask to ask, just ask 02:46
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Aozen i am not asking anything i just came here to make friends 03:05
i am on a journey to learn perl and larry wall has had a big impact in my decision 03:06
which lead me here
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Nemokosch then the answer is apparently no 😅 09:45
lizmat yeah, if you want to get to perl, you're on the wrong path here 09:48
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Nemokosch somebody - accidentally, I suppose - created a raku-community-modules fork of a PHP project called SMF 11:44
can that be deleted?
lizmat done 11:47
Nemokosch thanks 11:57
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Anton Antonov @Aozen Some of us are here to make enemies. 13:17
Voldenet What's the point of making more enemies if pretty much most of humanity is your enemy by default 13:29
Anton Antonov @Voldenet Damn, yeah! Granted, for some “enemies you know” are preferable… 13:35
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tbrowder__ i say anyone following larry for perl who comes here should be greeted kindly and tell him the “ rest of the story” (larry and raku) 13:40
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Aozen so who here wants to make friends and not enemies XD 14:27
also who is a fan of larry wall?
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moritz I kinda like Larry, he's kind, has very colorful shirts and nice sense of humor 14:37
though he hasn't been hanging around here for a few years :-( 14:38
Geth ¦ problem-solving: bbkr assigned to codesections Issue LinkedIn does not recognize "Raku Developer" as a job title. github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/368
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Voldenet Aozen is a special kind of april fool 14:58
I'm not supporting that trolling
ugexe i am larry wall 15:01
lizmat i am larry wall 15:04
Voldenet i am not larry wall 15:09
Anton Antonov We Are All Larry Wall !!!
moritz all in all we're just a brick in larry's wall
Anton Antonov Aozen is another brick in the Wall. (Or dozen) 15:10
@moritz You beat me to the wall...
.oO( we're all wallflowers )
Anton Antonov @lizmat LOL, but, I think ,mostly wall-weeds. 15:18
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moritz weed-loving summer child :-) 15:33
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rakuuser In a grammar, is it possible to invoke a specific member of a multi rule/token? Something like <foo:sym<bar>> seems work the same as <foo>. 15:47
tellable6 2021-10-26T15:05:00Z #moarvm <nine> raku_user: also code in the wild depends on the behaviour
Anton Antonov And, coal-hating winter grandpas.
moritz rakuuser: no, just like there's no way to invoke a specific variant of a multi sub 15:56
lucs For what it's worth, sigils in Raku are more well-behaved than in Perl.
I can't quite figure it out, but the problem seems to be more with the multiple levels of indirections and evaluations.
Here's the same code, golfed down somewhat: gist.github.com/lucs/bb2613fa3b279...f35f4f7f89
moritz rakuuser: instead, write `token sym:<foo> { <foo> }; token foo { actual parsing goes here}`, and then call `<foo>` where you need it
lucs Maybe someone more expert can explain what's going on. 15:57
moritz m: my $match = /x/ ~~ 'x'; say 'x' ~~ $match 15:58
camelia Regex object coerced to string (please use .gist or .raku to do that)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
moritz m: my $match = 'x' ~~ /x/; say 'x' ~~ $match
camelia 「x」
lucs Dammit, wrong channel. 15:59
moritz lucs: ah, I finally understood 16:03
The regex you're building and storing in %h2<s> tries, at runtime, to look up a value from %h2<s>
so it finds itself, calls itself, and what does it do? it looks up a value from %h2<s> 16:04
lucs moritz: can you join raku-beginner and explain this to nommef please (they might have questions)
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lucs moritz++ Thank you sir :) 16:09
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Aozen sadly i dont get notified but i saw that Anton Antonov Voldenet and moritz replied ty for saying something 18:53
and no i am not trolling anyone
lizmat Aozen: glad to heat, it's just that asking for perl guidance here is a bit off-topic :-) 18:54
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Aozen i am new so second day here ( i came just to see the community) 18:55
i dont know how things work or what i should do here
hoped to make friends that is all
lizmat well, we focus on the Raku Programming Language here: raku.org
Aozen okay so what generally can i talk about? like only specific code in raku or like 18:56
can i ask stuff about the docs and such?
lizmat that's basically the idea yes
Aozen okay so i want to learn raku
lizmat sure, docs is also on topic, as long as they're raku docs :-)
Aozen i want to learn raku ( perl 6) 18:57
which part from docs.raku.org/ doc should i start with? Language Reference & Tutorials?
lizmat you could start with a very basic intro: raku.guide 18:58
Aozen oh cool
lizmat if English is not your native language, then maybe that has an intro in a language
that you're more comfy with
Aozen its not my native but i can do good don't worry 18:59
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[Coke] There is also a beginner channel, I think. 19:44
welcome aboard, either eay
Aozen thank you <3 20:08
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Aozen40 btw how do i save myself? when i reload the page it changes my name 22:14
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Voldenet I think most people here use desktop irc clients and sasl 22:15
Aozen how does that work?
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Voldenet you register a nick on libera, then just type it in the client somehow, depends on the irc client 22:16
or you can use a bouncer
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Voldenet just pick one of the clients and read the sasl guide for it libera.chat/guides/clients 22:20
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tonyo added spdx licenses to fez 22:27
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Aozen okay i will check it 22:51
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uzl[m] Howdy everyone, long time no see :)! 23:27
I've created this NodeJS to Raku -- Buffers document, and I'm wondering if you think it'd be good addition to the NodeJS to Raku migration guide. I'm sure I could not be using idiomatic Raku or am making some mistake so I welcome any corrections.
Markdown for now, though I can mark it up in Pod if it's to be added to the docs: gist.github.com/uzluisf/80bd9d6b1a...b61947faaa
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