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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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pelevesque @tony-o: It's usually not recommended to put system specific files like .DS_Store in the .gitignore of individual projects. Usually, you put it in the global gitignore file. I wonder if fez could have a hard-coded list of such files to always ignore. I know on MacOs there is really just that .DS_Store, not sure about other systems. The problem is many might just forget to put it. I have it setup in my global 01:07
ignore, so had no idea they were even around.
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guifa sweet 01:54
I finally figured out a nice maintanable way to do my datetimeformatters with RakuAST
now I just have to make may way through every single one of the danged things haha
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pelevesque @tony-0 : Am I correct in assuming fez will add all files that have been saved and not in the local .gitignore to the package, including things you saved but have not committed? 02:58
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tonyo pelevesque: yes that is correct 15:26
pelevesque: i don't want to recreate the git functionality, you can use git to make a dist if you prefer that bundler (using: git archive, be advised this only bundles committed files). there is a default list of things fez ignores but if it finds a .gitignore then it uses that list instead 15:31
you can upload that bundle using `fez upload --file <path-to-file>` 15:32
.tell xliff these svg docs from mdn aren't very consistent, you may find some issues with types when you start trying to use the SVG in Ryml 15:40
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to Xliff
tonyo thank you 15:41
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lucs tonyo: I was talking with @pelevesque yesterday, and the idea of using git-archive seemed appropriate given his context, but I seem to remember you saying something about deprecating the --file option (or something)? 15:51
tonyo nah, file will stick around for exactly that purpose ^ 16:05
i know that it cannot be 100% dwiw so it'd be a bad experience for folks if i removed it
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lucs Yeah, good idea. 16:13
pelevesque @tony-o Is it possible to add .DS_Store to the files that fez ignores automatically? Or maybe have an entry in fez's config json file to add files we wish to ignore? I'm trying to find a way to ignore system specific files like .DS_Store, or folders like .vscode, etc... without having to add them to my project .gitignore 16:34
lucs @pelevesque: Meep. git-archive should be easy to set up a bundle. 16:42
Having fez parse .gitignore to exclude files is a courtesy, but may be a bit misleading since for the upload to match the module's git repo, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/ignore and $GIT_DIR/info/exclude would also have to be considered. 16:47
pelevesque @tony-o Yes, but if we can add files for fez to ignore in fez's config, then no need for git archive. fez upload would be fine. 16:52
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tonyo pelevesque: there's going to be some config in the .fez file that will follow strict globbing rules, i could make it so those get evaluated _in addition to_ rather than _instead of_ 18:01
the globber entry for the config option i have planned would be `**/.DS_Store` rather than just `.DS_Store` 18:03
pelevesque Yes, **/.DS_Store is the way. 18:19
Sounds awesome 18:20
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derelitto I made ChatGPT code in raku, it does a pretty good job! did you try it too? 20:05
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Anton Antonov @derelitto Programming with ChatGPT code generation or completion is like teenage sex -- everyone says they do it. I.e. pictures or didn't happen. 23:22
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[Coke] ... that's an unfortunate set of metaphors to mix. 23:37
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