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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Anton Antonov 🙈🙉🙊 00:02
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Nemokosch 🤣 00:06
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guifa dang, datetime formatters are moving much faster 01:44
In just two evenings I've got 12 of the 45 or so finished
Anton Antonov @guifa how many hours per format you spent on? 01:49
guifa Depends
Right now I'm on a roll because simple ones like day / minute / second are really easy
Can copy and paste a lot
but the date time periods required a bit more thought, but I'd say averaging about 20ish each while multitasking so far including testing etc (although I need to write more tests) 01:50
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guifa I'm not a fast coder lol 01:52
Anton Antonov Wow -- that is some dedication! 01:53
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@guifa Do you follow any specification documents while working on "Polyglot::Regexen" ? 02:10
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guifa AntonAntonov: yes, I based it off of the ECMA grammar, although with some edits. I also cheated a bit and stole some from jnthn's Cro module 02:28
but his wasn't nearly as complete as mine
s/complete/exhaustive 02:29
Anton Antonov I see -- really good to know.
guifa The only thing keeping it from being more maintainable long term is name spacing issues 02:33
so unfortunately I'm forced to do old fashioned prefix namespacing 02:34
resulting in those hideously long token names
Anton Antonov 🤔 02:35
guifa Basically, I was hoping to be able to use one of the techniques I mention in my talking on mixing grammars 02:39
the problem is that the match objects being passed around aren't standard raku match objects and they fail a type match test and I can't figure out how to create them separately 02:40
Anton Antonov Right -- there is a file named "Grammar-Mixin.rakumod". 02:41
Interesting... 02:42
guifa I'll definitely keep investigating. I'd love nothing more than to be able to reduce things down to 2-5 lines of boilerplate that imports only a single token that can reference dozens of its own properly namespaced tokens 02:46
I *really* want to be able to do that to enable foreign language slangs (e.g. ruby-sub foo( … ) { … } ) 02:49
Anton Antonov I had some sort similar question / want -- given a proto token can have method for the proto only. (I.e. not to have to program all the syms...) 02:50
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Nemokosch are postfix control statements generated with an invisible block that interferes with &?BLOCK ? 14:12
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lizmat possibly 16:38
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[Coke] trying to mi6-ify a repository, it's telling me "Must run in the top directory", but I am. 19:47
ah. Mi6 requires there to be a lib directory (a single simple bin/ script won't work) 19:51
tonyo . 19:56
[Coke]: wonder how fez would deal with that too tbh [Coke]
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[Coke] you could try it on commit 2bb7731 on github/coke/sudoku-helper 20:20
(I just fixed it up to work with mi6 and cut a new releaes)
... which forced me to do the lib/ split and added tests while I was doing it, yay.
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guifa hooray, I now have all datetime formatter patterns remade in RakuAST with the exception of timezones and year cycles (the latter isn't used in gregorian so it's a bit moot until I extend for support of other calendar types) 22:36
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