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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa Right: but all that happens when you add a new leapsecond is push one more element onto an array (technically, either one element to two, or two elements to one: both the moment of the leapsecond and how much of an offset from TAI UTC will be. 00:16
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guifa It's kind of funny that in removing the leapsecond, they're really just delaying something potentially worse: a leap minute (that's one of the proposals) 00:17
It'd happen less often but systems are already set up with leapseconds. Leap minute would be horrendous 00:18
(I mean, the tz library could handle it, it'd just jump the offset 60 seconds, but if we go 100 years before we make a change, there's likely gonna be tons of software made with bad assumptions) 00:19
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tonyo . 02:40
tellable6 2023-04-08T13:11:34Z #raku <Xliff> tonyo No worries. Thanks for your efforts!
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Nemokosch Yes well, it's all a matter of using time well. I would think the main problem with leap-whatever-they-are-going-to-use is that it's nondeterministic 09:21
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Doing it less often, well, I'd think should help somewhat, even if it doesn't address the general problem 09:22
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guifa I feel like this is a LTA: `Type check failed in binding to parameter '$address'; expected Str but got Any (Any)` when importing a module? I just had a typo in the module name 15:30
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Nemokosch In the module name? 🤔 17:24
Wouldn't that throw something like "I looked on the following places and couldn't find this module"? 17:25
guifa One would think 17:59
I THINK the issue might lurk in the fact that one module was call
and the typoed one was Foo::bar
which from Raku's perspective are different, but from my file system's perspect are the same
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Rog How would I phrase a typed Array literal? I need something that's specifically Positional[Str] so later typechecking can work 23:42
But I'm creating N of said Arrays so assigning into a typed container seems impossible - or maybe not? 23:43
Actually, hm, perhaps I've rubber-duckied myself into a solutin
Ah, damn, nevermind. That ends up being the same object for all of them 23:45
To give context, I have an expression like <a b c> Z=> [] xx * and I want [] to explicitly be Positional[Str] 23:47
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