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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa huh 00:15
shouldn't CORE::Foo always refer to the actual CORE thing? 00:16
ah never it does 00:24
I had a different bug 00:25
Anton Antonov @guifa Maybe, working on date-formatting has caused some damage? 00:33
(...brain damage.) 00:34
guifa haha
the issue was me testing a timezone with a very odd offset
(specifically a one second offset)
For unknown zones, I just pass all the data to CORE::DateTime.new and then the fancier timezone aware ones initializes with a self.bless(year => core-result.year, month => core-result.month ……) 00:35
The problem was I was doing timezone => core-result.timezone, and I wrap that method on CORE so I was entering into an infinite loop
Anton Antonov 👍 ♾️ ➿ 00:45
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Nemokosch there is this theory of the Moebius... 07:10
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Anton Antonov I tried to try the "AI Code Translator" ( github.com/mckaywrigley/ai-code-translator ), but does not have the languages I am interested in... 11:32
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I.e. Raku and WL. 11:33
See here i.imgur.com/EpFAO9H.png 11:37
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/04/10/2023-...-patterns/ 12:01
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Anton Antonov @lizmat I read that yesterday. 🙂 12:22
Nemokosch I just wanted to look it up 12:40
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rf Morning folks 14:34
lizmat rf o/ 14:35
Anton Antonov @rf Did you post anything Raku-related last weekend? 14:37
rf No I have been having some house problems
Been very busy
Nemokosch somebody was playing around with Humming-Bird, I think just yesterday
rf :D
Nemokosch not sure what the resolutions was, there was something with the encoding of the emitted HTML
rf Yeah someone found a bug in the example I made, I patched that yesterday
Hmm, I hope they're still around, I'd like to see that 14:38
Anton Antonov by @snufkin : "I'm not sure the right place for this. But I am trying to make a web app with raku and Humming-Bird. And I'm trying to display Chinese characters. They are not displaying correctly, I believe it's potentially a unicode issue, but I've no idea how to fix it. Google searches have not resulted in particularly useful information." 14:39
rf Hmm, I will look into that 14:40
Ah yes, that is fairly broken 14:42
Nemokosch the charset didn't carry over or something 14:43
rf Aha it's a browser issue
He will need to add a <meta charset="UTF8"> tag
It's broken for me until I do that at least 14:44
snufkin: Please add a meta tag with charset="UTF-8" to your HTML and give it a try 14:45
lizmat rf: maybe Humming-bird should assume UTF-8 if no charset specified ? 14:48
rf It does internally, but the browser still just sees a bytestream iirc 14:50
So if they want to use UTF8 they will need to tell the browser how to encode it, typically with a meta tag
lizmat adding an output header ?
I mean, it *is* the default for Raku 14:51
rf That's definietley an option but I'm scared that will open a big can of worms, trying to parse the HTML before it goes over the wire and add the tag
lizmat I didn't mean that: if there is no input header with a charset spec 14:52
add an output header with a charset UTF8
rf Ah yeah, you're right
I will add that to the todo! 14:53
To be completely honest, I thought I already did that, doh. 14:54
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tonyo you can add that meta tag if you're using ryml with `meta[ :charset<whatever> ]` 16:36
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tonyo svg support is almost added to it, need to add tests and an interface for it 16:37
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rf tonyo++, I just pushed 2.1.3 of HB which addresses this on the header level :D 16:44
Also really digging the new Fez stuff 16:45
tonyo danke 16:54
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tonyo still a few things i want to do for it, coke and vrurg both have some good enhancement requests 16:55
[Coke] ls 16:57
ww 16:58
teatwo . .. bin/ src/ usr/ var/ mnt/ opt/ dev/ proc/ 17:00
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Anton Antonov @Coke How many sudoku puzzles do you solve per week? 17:49
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