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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa tonyo: ugh, another one that didn't quite work, I'll try download TOT fez and see if I can get it to work 11:33
I swear I seem to be doing things jsut weird enough to trigger all sorts of oddities lol 11:34
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guifa tonyo: using the dist branch, it doesn't seem to upload. Provides some debug data giving a JSON response with a success indicator, so maybe it's on the server side? 13:03
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guifa btw AntonAntonov: you've been wanting to peak at my RakuAST formatting code.... I've posted to github but you'll need to manually install to play around until I can get with tony to figure out what's up with the uploading 13:46
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Anton Antonov @guifa I see -- sounds good. 16:17
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guifa actually nm, I think fez worked okay, it's raku.land that has an issue and isn't showing updates 16:52
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Anton Antonov Yes, I did/do not see my most recent fez uploads in raku.land both yesterday and today. 18:17
lizmat I've pinged the people on #raku-land 18:19
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Anton Antonov @lizmat Thanks! 18:33
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guifa It looks like there's one module that's causing problems 18:53
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lizmat there's actually 2 so far 19:11
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