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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jjatria tonyo: I got an email with an error from indexing a new PublicSuffix release through fez, but the error is LTA: "Error reading META from your last upload". The META is basically the same as it has been for previous releases, so not sure what changed / went wrong 13:09
Anton Antonov @jjatria Many thanks for "HTTP::Tiny"! 13:15
jjatria I'm glad it's been useful! :) 13:16
Anton Antonov @jjatria Well, you also provided a cookbook -- that helped a lot. 13:17
jjatria I like the cookbook-style documentation. Examples are always the bits that I read first when they are there 13:19
Anton Antonov Yes, unfortunately it is very time consuming (to me at least) to do coookbooks. Especially, for conceptually complicated workflows. 13:22
jjatria Yeah, they are not always practical to add. But I like that we've inherited the custom of adding synopses to docs. That's at least part of the way there 13:23
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Anton Antonov @jjatria When I made the Raku packages recommender last year (for TRC-2022) I would say the package descriptions (READMEs, etc) were not that complete and fairly sparse. 13:29
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tonyo jjatria: can you run it again with the `-s` flag and send me the sdist result manually? 16:51
it's likely related to the corruption thing i put in and would like to figure out why it's being triggered 16:54
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lucs I installed a module I'm developing ⌊zef install .⌉, yet I get this: gist.github.com/lucs/929741fff3a39...6729b34a55 17:47
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[Coke] do you have a snapshot of the dir you did the install from? 18:21
Wondering if you installed something that doesn't technically provide the thing in the name 18:22
tonyo i don't see that dist on raku.land 18:38
Nemokosch lucs: are you sure it's not some tricky shell transformation? 18:40
[Coke] lucs: if you don't have the whole dir, if you can post the META6.json file, that'll help 18:44
s/don't have/can't post/
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lucs [Coke]: Turns out my META6.json had an empty "provides" section (not sure why, go figure), but the install had appeared to work correctly (I guess it had, eh, just didn't install the module file itself). 20:35
All good now. 20:36
[Coke] \o/ 20:48
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jjatria tonyo: ah, but I wasn't trying to upload a tarball generated by fez, I was trying to upload a tarball I generated with the same method I've done every other time. I can send you that one if you want 21:37
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jjatria (I do mean to try and switch to using fez for minting the tarballs after the recent releases, but I haven't yet) 21:37
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