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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff \o 08:20
Is there any way to get the extension of the dynamic library a given installation of Raku will use? 08:21
raku -V has "moar:dll", but I don't know how to get that from -inside- raku.
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lizmat Compiler.verbose-config will probably hold that info somewhere 08:48
as that is what feeds -V I think 08:49
Xliff ^^ 08:51
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Xliff Thanks, lizmat++ 13:51
Again with %?RESOURCES! 14:05
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Xliff I have everything I need, but %?RESOURCES<name-of-lib> is giving me a Slip object. 14:05
Is it because I am running with -Ilib?
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Xliff Are there tools that can diagnose problems in META6.json? 14:43
Are there things to look out for that would cause %?RESOURCES *not* to populate properly?
Nemokosch the usual turns. Are you using it in a module file? 14:46
Xliff Yep. In a sub, after the unit package statement 14:50
The file exists.
It is in the "resources" section in META6.json
Just %?RESOURCES{ $key } is empty. 14:51
I just checked one of my other projects where it worked and I can't see the differences in approach.
lizmat typo in key name ?
Xliff Not that I can see... 14:52
-rwxrwxr-x 1 cbwood cbwood 24264 Apr 30 09:59 resources/libraries/libmoonphases.so 14:53
"resources": [ "libraries/libmoonphases.so" ],
Nemokosch does this -I stuff not interfere with meta6 stuff? 14:54
lizmat -I. doesn't, -Ilib does 14:56
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Xliff OK... it's not that then. 14:58
So I'm going to take a bit of a break. Appreciae the help lizmat++ Nemokosch++
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Nemokosch I respect your patience for sure 15:01
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ugexe libraries is a special directory 15:46
it automatically mangles the resource name. For instance using .DLL on windows or .so on Linux
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ugexe To see the extension is something like VM.platform-library-name() or some such (am on a phone) 15:59
Xliff So it's the libraries directory that's causing the problem? 16:22
Yep! Moving the bloody thing out of 'lib' and 'libraries' solves the problem. 16:26
Thanks everyone! (ugexe++)
This should be documented. Where is the best place for such a caveat?
[Coke] (TPF) From experience, I can say that if you're just voting on grants 16:46
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[Coke] That the time commitment is very reasonable. Managing a grant takes some more time but not a lot. 16:47
Definitely good for the Raku community to have raku-aware people on that committee.
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lizmat [Coke]: it's TPRF nowadays :-) 16:49
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[Coke] Sure, sorry 17:36
"back in my day..."
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Xliff Previous New Moon 4/20/2023 18:35
Next New Moon 5/19/2023
Previous Full Moon 4/6/2023
Next Full Moon 5/5/2023
Raku moon phase calculations.
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hythm m: my $ignorecase = True; my $exact-word = True; my $rx = rx/ pattern /; # how to modify $rx based on conditions, for example if $ignorecase, then $rx should be / :i patter /, if $exact-word, then $rx should be / ^ pattern $ /; 21:18
camelia ( no output )
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Voldenet just use the string 21:36
m: my $pattern = "something"; $pattern = "^$pattern\$"; $pattern = ":i $pattern"; say "SOMETHING" ~~ /<$pattern>/; say "not something" ~~ /<$pattern>/; 21:37
camelia ļ½¢SOMETHINGļ½£
Voldenet details docs.raku.org/language/regexes#Reg...erpolation 21:38
hythm great, somehow I did not think that ":i", "^" or "$" wouldn't have their special meaning inside $pattern, and they will be treated as string. should have tried it. Thanks. 21:41
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lucs Where do I turn to for this to get fixed?: gist.github.com/lucs/74f9e13a040a5...81057a2a7d 22:58
I guess it's produced by code in āŒŠgithub.com/rakudo/rakudoāŒ‰? 23:02
Hmm... Just cloned the repo, and grepping for 'Markdown', it appears exactly twice, in two files under ./docs :-( 23:10
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Voldenet github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/main....c/Pod.pm6 is probably relevant somewhat 23:20
lucs Yeah, looking at it, kind of, but no idea how it connects to the produced Markdown. 23:22
(if it does)
Voldenet github.com/softmoth/raku-Pod-To-Markdown 23:24
lucs Hey thanks. 23:25
Voldenet by default rakudo contains only Pod::To::Text
here github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/main...xt.rakumod
lucs How does the '--doc=Markdown' get recognized and handled? 23:26
Voldenet Pod::To::(whatever you put in doc) will call render method 23:27
lucs Ah, I see.
Voldenet s/will call render method/will get its render method called/
lucs Thanks for this.
tbrowder__ Xliff: if you're looking for moon phases i already have raku code for that, with help from a perl module author. i don't think it requires any libraries 23:40
lucs Voldenet: Turns out --doc=Text does the same, so I'll be looking there, eh. 23:41
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tbrowder__ .tell Xliff see cpan Astro::MoonPhase; that's the source (last update 2007), then manipulated it to my needs into a json format 23:55
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to Xliff
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