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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa hrm 02:13
m: class Foo::Bar { ; }; class Foo { ; } 02:15
camelia ( no output )
guifa no problems there
m: class DateTime is CORE::DateTime { ; }  02:16
camelia ( no output )
guifa no problems there either
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guifa m: class DateTime::Foo { ; }; class DateTime is CORE::DateTime { ; } 02:16
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Redeclaration of symbol 'DateTime'.
at <tmp>:1
------> { ; }; class DateTime is CORE::DateTime⏏ { ; }
guifa but ^^ 02:17
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Voldenet error position lies 02:19
m: class DateTime::Foo { ; }; class DateTime { ; }
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Redeclaration of symbol 'DateTime'.
at <tmp>:1
------> lass DateTime::Foo { ; }; class DateTime⏏ { ; }
expecting any of:
generic role
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/05/01/2023-...ou-moritz/ 11:22
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tbrowder__ guifa: what are you trying to do? 12:00
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tbrowder__ lizmat showed how to subclass a core class 12:01
see my DateTime::Julian 12:03
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[Coke] using raku with git bash very frustrating as I often find myself getting paths with \s in them, which work fine in Raku, but then I can't easily print them out and do something with them in the shell. 14:44
any recommendations for dealing with text files that could be in UTF8, 16, or 32? 14:48
I assume "loop over encodings until one doesn't throw an exception" is easiest. 14:49
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Woodi [Coke]: probably easiest is to ignore bad files ;) 15:16
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Woodi however I don't know what consequences of that can be... 15:17
[Coke] right, but encoding in utf16 isn't "bad", just not the default. 15:20
Woodi in my opinion it's binary, just like office docs :) but iconv or enca counts as loop ? 15:29
[Coke] I don't want to convert the files on disk, but read them in as a Raku string that I can then use JSON::Fast (e.g.) on. 15:31
so I am now explicitly doing that (utf8 then utf16) to see if I can decode the file, and as soon as I have a decoded file, I (clean it up because it might be JSONC and not pure JSON) call JSON::Fast to convert it to a Raku object from JSON. 15:33
ugexe I think as part of fixing long paths on windows we might want to normalize path separators to forward slash on windows 15:37
since \\.\ style paths have to use forward slash unlike C:\ style paths
and if we want to just prefix all paths with \\.\ they will have to be normalized anyway
[Coke] Any modules/core functionality to let me search through nested hash-like things for a key at any level? 15:39
Woodi [Coke]: stackexchange says: undetectable, sometimes manual intervention needed even if load success...
[Coke] Woodi: you mean, if you have to guess the encoding rather than knowing for sure? 15:40
Woodi you can guess wrongly becouse numbers can fit into incorrect encoding. knowing is only way :) 15:46
but maybe in 99% guesses could work :) 15:47
human intervention needed, so far AI can't help :) 15:49
[Coke] CATCH question: I have a script with a loop; inside that loop is a CATCH; also inside that loop is another loop with it's own CATCH. If an exception is thrown in the inner loop - should both CATCHs fire? 15:56
lizmat only if the inner CATCH doesn't handle it?
[Coke] ok. 15:57
Weird: using File::Find to get a file; one file is now throwing an adhoc error about no such file or directory when then trying to open it. Doesn't look like it's because of LONG_PATH. 16:00
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[Coke] .... I really am at a point where I need to do all this in a linux VM instead of trying to make it work on windows. :( 16:00
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Nemokosch it is what it is 16:44
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kathe hello. :) 16:51
Nemokosch oh hi
kathe when is a good time to mention something while affording maximum reach? 16:52
[Coke] it's IRC, so whenever and people can react in backscroll if they're not here... but EU work day is probably when you get most people online here. 16:53
kathe okay. can you suggest time in 'gmt'? 16:54
[Coke] no. just ask the question. :)
kathe i fully acknowledge your comment about backscroll.
i do not have a question.
[Coke] not that I don't want to, but no one has that specific info.
kathe but rather, i want to apologize, publicly. right here. 16:55
around 1~1.5 years back, i had ranted against raku on this channel itself.
i had also thrown around attitude due to my large experience year count. 16:56
i had belittled raku and dissed a few people.
for all of that, i apologize.
this is an unconditional apology, and i offer no excuses.
lizmat kathe: thank you for your words
what nick where you using then ? 16:57
kathe i don't remember.
i had 3 and have deleted 2 and retained on this one now.
[Coke] Thank you. I'm sure people will see this in backscroll, thank you. 16:58
lizmat well, I guess it's all water under the brdge
kathe if anyone wants to trace my identity, my website is at kathe.in/
i have to leave now. but, i'll pop in occassionally. 17:00
currently too tied-up with family's health issues.
hope and expect to engage more meaningfully around 4~5 years from now. 17:01
i just didn't want to wait all that long to apologize. hence now.
lizmat kathe: I guess this is you? irclogs.raku.org/search.html?oldes...annel=raku
kathe yes yes. that _was_ me. 17:03
how come my handle still exists in spite of being deleted?
'irc' continues to mystify me.
lizmat kathe: it exists in the logs that were kept 17:04
and that website makes them searchable
kathe just a tip. get a copy of "irc hacks" by mutton. amazing book.
lizmat: cool. thanks.
bye all. 17:08
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[Coke] ~~ 17:10
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lucs lizmat: I seem to remember a multi-part tutorial App::Rak tutorial you wrote, but google is not being helpful. 21:13
Yeah, a tutorial :)
gfldex lucs: I believe that is it: dev.to/lizmat 21:15
lucs gfldex: Yep! Thanks.
gfldex The search term was "lizmat dev.to", obviously. :-> 21:16
lucs Riiight :)
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guifa [Coke] You can check initially for a BOM, if present, it will guarantee format of the text file 22:04
0000feff or fffe0000 is utf32, feff or fffe is utf16, and efbbbf is utf8 22:05
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guifa Otherwise, if yuo can make assumptions about the text, you can probably figure it out via various heuristics. 22:19
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