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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tonyo tbrowder__: that's alright, i'm using those older modules as test beds for fez 01:56
much appreciated though
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tonyo m: class ABC { has $!a; method AT-POS(Int:D $idx) { return-rw $!a }; }; my ABC $a .=new; $a[5] = 1; say $a[5]; # tbrowder__ 02:14
camelia 1
tonyo if you need the assignment to have a type constraint:
m: class ABC { has Str $!a; method AT-POS(Int:D $idx) { return-rw $!a }; }; my ABC $a .=new; $a[5] = 1; say $a[5]; # tbrowder__ this will type constrain the assignment 02:15
camelia Type check failed in assignment to $!a; expected Str but got Int (1)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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eugene hello. i'd like to update my rakudo installation. but when try 'rstar instll' after 'rstar clean -s && rstar fetch -l' got errorĀ  about previous version isn't found. but i already got newer. 06:40
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lizmat PSA: there will not be a Rakudo Weekly this week 09:37
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leont Thanks for taking good care of yourself :-) 10:04
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lizmat getting up at 6am is not my strong point :-) 10:24
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tbrowder__ tonyo: many thanks! that should do it. i'll report back. 10:54
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tbrowder__ .tell tonyo the "return-rw" mod to AT-POS was the missing link. i though that was in the docs but i could never find it. thank you so much. 11:29
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to tonyo
tbrowder__ i will be releasing that class as "Index1Array" in my planned new module "AlgorithmsIT" as a collection of functions from "Introduction to Algorithms", Third Edition. (y'all could suggest better names i'm sure). it will be online in my github account later today. 11:35
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[Coke] . 14:27
tellable6 2023-06-06T23:12:33Z #raku <Xliff> [Coke] Thanks! Edited.
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tonyo tbrowder__: ++ 15:09
tellable6 2023-06-07T11:29:29Z #raku <tbrowder__> tonyo the "return-rw" mod to AT-POS was the missing link. i though that was in the docs but i could never find it. thank you so much.
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librasteve I just noticd that the docs docs.raku.org/language/variables#The_!_twigil say my class Point { ... } 16:14
I know that this works, but it seems to be an unnecessary (and potentially confusing use of my) , shouldn't it read class Point { ... } 16:15
unless someone tells me that I am missing something, I'll file as a doc bug
oh - I found this stackoverflow.com/a/66056086/9146565 very thorough reply from jnthn - so not to worry 16:23
Voldenet but it is confusing
librasteve we can probably debate which option to put in the docs, and probably chunks of the jnthn guidance need to be in there too 16:24
Voldenet doc examples should not add unrelated complexities
dakkar OTOH, doc examples should show "best practices" throughout
tellable6 2023-06-02T00:00:05Z #raku <uzl[m]> dakkar The gamification sounds like a good idea, although I'd be interested on how many Rakoons are interested on that haha
librasteve but I don't suppose it is that bad to steer consumers of the docs to default to my class
Voldenet I default to `class` because it's shorter though - what's the use of having `my` near the class? 16:28
apart from highly dubious code like `{ my class foo { } }; { my class foo { } };` 16:30
dakkar in a library, it makes sure that the code that uses the library can't see that class
librasteve yeah, well class is package (our) scoped by default and my class is lexically scoped 16:31
dakkar so you can be sure that changing any aspect of that `my class` can't break other people's code
librasteve ^^ ++
dakkar as jnthn says in that stackoverflow linked above, such a class is an implementation detail, not part of the api of your library 16:32
librasteve I noticed that fez is now inspecting .rakumod package names and warning when classes are not in the provides
dakkar nice!
Voldenet that makes sense
dakkar so it's harder to accidentally leak names, good 16:33
librasteve so (untested) probably if I switch to my I can hide all the implementation details from META provides
dakkar disconnects, end of the work day
librasteve: that would be my expectation, yes
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tbrowder__ i just blew away and restored github/AlgorithmsIT because i messed up pushing a new repo to it. someone had started watching it, but you'll now have to click "watch" again if you want to watch it. sorry for the trouble 19:19
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tonyo what's that class doing tbrowder__ ? 20:11
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uzl[m] <dakkar> "OTOH, doc examples should show..." <- Agreed! 21:04
tellable6 2023-06-06T14:43:00Z #raku <tonyo> uzl[m] oops - merged and published
uzl[m] Awesome! 21:05
I'm planning to document so and not as specified here (github.com/Raku/doc/issues/4139), it seems straightforward enough. I'm unclear how to proceed though. In the sub definitions for so (github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/2022...89-L1392), the signatures have types Mu and Bool. Does that mean I'd need to document it on both types? 21:10
Alternatively I was thinking they might need to go in the "independent routines" section but what's an independent routine anyways? Like isn't everything associated with an object in class so how subs be independent? 21:11
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tbrowder__ tonyo: so far so good, the array class is doing its job. but the actual algorithm for the two functions is not quite right. works fine for a single match, but not for multiple matches. i'll update the repo on github if anyone wants to see it.... 21:46
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[Coke] I believe inherited methods don't need to be duplicated, but if a method exists independently on two classes, yes, dupe it. You can see it by looking for a common routine and the generated page refers to all the places it's doc'd. 21:54
e.g. docs.raku.org/routine/close 21:55
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tonyo tbrowder__: if you need some help lmk (post a gist of how i should run it, too please) 22:04
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tbrowder__ .tell tonyo: my suspicion is correct, the book's pseudo code is misleaading and my tests prove it. i'll update the repo in a minute. 23:45
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to tonyo
tbrowder__ ok, repo updated 23:49