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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine is there something missing to make this GitHub action (github.com/Raku/setup-raku) work for 2023.05? it seems rakudo.org/dl/rakudo is not returning a linux (or a non src) platform. I'm not sure where that's coming from... 10:49
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CIAvash I've been waiting for the binary release, but it seems it has not happened yet rakudo.org/downloads 13:28
tellable6 2023-03-27T14:16:38Z #raku <tbrowder__> CIAvash i'm trying to fork Pod::Contents but I can't get an account on your git repo (no email sent to me). i'm trying to download it and will establish my "fork" on github for now.
ugexe Does anyone know much about make on OpenBSD? It appears that makefiles with `%` in a file path get turned into a different character and thus the make file won't work -- github.com/ugexe/zef/issues/457#is...1586021352 13:30
lizmat CIAvash: nxadm.github.io/rakudo-pkg/ seems to have them? 13:43
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CIAvash I update my AUR repo based on rakudo.org binaries, rakudo-pkg is built from source by nxadm using GitHub Actions if I'm not mistaken 13:48
lizmat that's my understanding as well, El_Che ?? 13:50
CIAvash rakudo.org's binaries are built by patrickb, I think 14:04
patrickb There is a yet unsolved issue with building the Linux binaries... 14:14
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tonyo , 17:22
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librasteve Tirifto: sorry for the slow reply, my initial sense is that the line sub getnstr(Str,int32) returns int32 is native(&library) is export {*}; in the raku NCurses module will not work as set out in the ncurses docs 18:47
I think that the module needs to provide for a C pointer to be passed to the library with somthing like this 18:49
use NativeCall; # C prototype is void create_object(void **object) sub create_object(Pointer is rw) is native('foo') { * } my Pointer $p = Pointer.new(); create_object($p); # pointer is set by create_object
from the raku NativeCall docs docs.raku.org/language/nativecall#...f_pointers
I suggest that you raise an issue on the module site as this looks like a bug to me ... it seems that there was some activity in Sept 22 so hopefully it is actively supported 18:53
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Tirifto @librasteve, thank you! I might try and play around with it some more once done with my current project. I have found a set of similar libraries more native to Raku for the meantime. :-) 19:20
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japhb Tirifto: Out of curiosity, what are you using now? 19:42
japhb has interest in terminal libraries ....
leont I think I got my async database stuff at a point now where I feel confident writing a presentation about it. 20:02
Tirifto japhb, at least for the time being, I’ve settled on Terminal::Print for printing characters on screen, Terminal::LineEditor for reading strings, and Terminal::ReadKey for key presses. 20:05
They don’t seem quite as complete or versatile as NCurses, but they should be enough for my needs. 20:06
Oh hey, you’re the author of Terminal::LineEditor, right? :D 20:09
And Terminal::Print co-author. Thought I had seen the name recently. xP 20:10
Thank you for working on those! Terminal::LineEditor was not behaving exactly as I needed, but it was fairly easy to change that in the source code. I found it pretty nice to read and navigate, as someone who doesn't do that very often. ^ ^ 20:16
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japhb Tirifto: Sorry, lost connectivity for a bit there. Glad you like T::P and T::LE. I'm working on more Terminal:: modules as well, but it turns out doing this stuff "right" involves shaving A LOT of yaks. 22:07
Glad to hear that T::LE was easy enough to fix. Is your fix something general? Happy to accept a PR. :-) 22:08
Tirifto Probably not. One change was to replace two Unicode signs (for horizontal scrolling) with ASCII ones (due to certain limitations on my side), and another was not to jump to the next line after reading input by default. 22:10
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Tirifto I guess one or the other might be nice as on-demand customisation options; in such case I might see if I could make a patch later. But I am fairly clueless when it comes to the internal workings of terminals. Which makes these modules all that more valuable. x) 22:12
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japhb Tirifto: The module suite I am currently working on, Terminal::Widgets, will include symbol set fallbacks. Probably not a bad idea to backport that technique to T::LE as well. :-) 22:38
Current WIP of terminal capabilities representation: github.com/japhb/Terminal-Widgets/...es.rakumod
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japhb Tirifto: Oh, and if your ASCII limitation is because you are using an assistive device such as a Braille terminal, raw console, or physical TTY, I'm very interesting in supporting such assistive devices better. (By coincidence, I literally spent the afternoon trying to understand what Debian-parented distributions support out of the box for assistive support.) 22:48
Tirifto Oh, it’s nothing like that, so I unfortunately shan’t be able to assist there. x) 22:49
japhb For the curious, it seems that Debian has decent support for assistive devices in the original installer and in the boot menu and such, but then after that, it varies depending on desktop variant between "Not too bad" and "OMG AUGGGH". Sounds like GTK 4 was a major regression after GTK 2 and GTK 3. :-( 22:51
Tirifto: Well, let me know how I can help anyway. :-)
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