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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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japhb Tirifto: Which of these pairs can you see? ASCII: < > Latin1: « » WGL4: ◄ ► Uni1: ◀ ▶ Uni7: ⯇ ⯈ 00:10
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japhb ponders whether he actually knows enough at this point about terminals to create a separate Terminal::Capabilities module that doesn't suck ... 00:17
It turns out 60-year-old technology has a lot of nuance .... 00:18
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japhb Terminal::LineEditor now defaults to slightly more compatible scroll markers (Unicode 1.1 instead of Unicode 7.0). 00:52
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japhb Meh, "fortune favors the bold". Terminal::Capabilities:ver<0.0.1>:auth<zef:japhb> now created and uploaded. 02:45
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Xliff \o 08:51
multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a, $b) }; say 1‿2; 08:56
evalable6 (1 2)
Xliff multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3;
evalable6 ((1 2) 3)
Xliff multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { |infix:<,>($a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3;
evalable6 (1 2 3)
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Xliff multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>(|$a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3; 09:00
evalable6 (1 2 3)
Xliff multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>(ia ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3; 09:05
m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>(ia ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3;
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Expected a term, but found either infix ~~ or redundant prefix ~
(to suppress this message, please use a space like ~ ~)
at <tmp>:1
------> sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>(ia ~~⏏ Li…
Xliff m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3;
camelia (1 2 3)
Xliff m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say [1‿2]‿3;
camelia (1 2 3)
Xliff *snarl* 09:06
m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say [1‿2]‿3; [1‿2].^name.sayu
camelia (1 2 3)
No such method 'sayu' for string 'Array'. Did you mean any of these:
'say', 'raku'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Xliff m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say [1‿2]‿3; [1‿2].^name.say
camelia (1 2 3)
Xliff m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>( ($a ~~ List ?? |$a !! $a), $b) }; say [1‿2]‿3; 09:07
camelia (1 2 3)
Xliff m: say Array ~~ List
camelia True
Xliff m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a.WHAT === List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say 1‿2‿3; 09:08
camelia (1 2 3)
Xliff m: multi sub infix:<‿> ($a, $b) { infix:<,>($a.WHAT === List ?? |$a !! $a, $b) }; say [1‿2]‿3 09:09
camelia ([1 2] 3)
Xliff \o/
weekly, gist.github.com/Xliff/9ed2279ca10e...2ce19fe81d 09:10
weekly" gist.github.com/Xliff/9ed2279ca10e...2ce19fe81d
weekly: gist.github.com/Xliff/9ed2279ca10e...2ce19fe81d
notable6 Xliff, Noted! (weekly)
lizmat Xliff: maybe make it a r/rakulang entry, possibly with a crosslink to a BQN community ? 09:16
Xliff I generally write my stuff as a gist. 09:17
If you'd like I can just add a link to reddit.
lizmat the problem with gists is that they have limited discoverability 09:18
Xliff And unfortunately, I don't know any BQN community. I may have to look into one. The only reason I got interested in BQN is because of a codesection video.
lizmat I see :-)
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Xliff lizmat: There should be two entries. I can create a reddit post mentioning them both if you'd like. 09:19
lizmat A Reddit post I'll link to in the weekly :-) 09:20
Xliff OK.
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Xliff weekly: www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...s_in_raku/ 09:22
notable6 Xliff, Noted! (weekly)
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lizmat Xliff: meh, even Wikipedia doesn't know about BQN, although it redirects to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Array_programming 10:10
but that page doesn't mention BQN
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: a38a0b790f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | minutes/20230610.md
Add minutes of meeting of 10 June 2023
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tbrowder__ Xliff: very cool, i hope you have a module with it before too long. 12:20
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SmokeMachine m: multi sub infix:<‿> (*@a) is assoc<list> { infix:<,>(|@a) }; say 1‿2‿3 # Cliff, why not something like this? Or have I misunderstood your intent? 13:19
camelia (1 2 3)
Xliff SmokeMachine: Hmm... 13:21
multi sub infix:<‿> (*@a) is assoc<list> { infix:<,>(|@a) }; say [1‿2]‿3 13:22
evalable6 (1 2 3)
Xliff ^ That is wrong.
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SmokeMachine :+1 13:24
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/06/12/2023-23-4-at-48/ 14:20
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tbrowder__ lizmat++ 14:36
i wonder if we can convince the author of Raku.land (@JRasspass) to move to github. it badly needs some love but gitlab is not a good place for PRs and such imho. 14:42
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coleman Come on, it's not so bad 14:50
tbrowder__ btw, the only functions in module "AlgorithmsIT" at the moment are for string pattern matching. maybe useful somewhere in core. algo is by Dr Knuth et al. 14:51
coleman: maybe for a young person :-)
coleman :) 14:52
lizmat tbrowder__: have you considered making ArrayOneBased a subclass of Array? 14:56
class A1B is Array { method AT-POS($pos) { $pos ?? nextsame !! die }; method iterator() { callsame.skip } } 14:57
which would just not use slot 0 in an array 14:58
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[Coke] I just submitted a PR for raku.land on github after not using gitlab for like 10 years. 15:17
... not true, I commented on some stuff 4 months ago 15:19
Tirifto japhb, I could see all of those! Running Hexchat on Debian 12 right now. :-)
[Coke] tries to get raku.land running locally, but the docker requirement is a showstopped on m2 macs, I think. 15:26
avuserow Docker desktop should run on the apple silicon macs 15:30
tonyo [Coke]: i use podman on mac silicon 15:31
japhb Tirifto: Ah good! So I take it your normal working system is *not* Debian 12. :-) 15:34
Tirifto japhb, it is, actually! Personally, I experience few issues with Unicode. It’s just that the program I’m writing should, of its own volition, output ASCII only. x) 15:35
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japhb AH! 16:24
Now I understand.
Tirifto: Now that Terminal::LineEditor can adapt its symbol usage to a Terminal::Capabilities object (see latest version of both), you should be able to just tell it you have an ASCII terminal and should automatically downgrade. 16:26
Tirifto japhb, oh, that sounds very useful! Does that affect its ability to read Unicode whatsoever (if the terminal does support Unicode, but I just want it to prefer ASCII characters for whatever reason)? :o 16:29
japhb Tirifto: Nope, it's only affecting the symbols it uses for its own output; input (and in particular, correct Unicode handling) is unchanged. 16:30
Tirifto japhb, thank you, I’ll be sure to give it a try then! :D 16:32
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tonyo lizmat: are we submitting grant applications through TPF still? 16:43
lizmat I think so, yes
tonyo bless 16:44
[Coke] Do we have any raku folks left on the committee? 17:00
lizmat I think moritz was the last ?
[Coke] he was stepping down, I thought.
lizmat yeah :-( 17:02
[Coke] avuserow: ah, thanks I had old info. 17:12
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[Coke] when running raku.land locally, does the zef deps install thing save state over invocations (it's very slow the first time) 17:55
ugexe you can pass --serial to have each module install one-by-one after their tests pass instead of installing all modules only once all modules tests have passed 17:57
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ugexe you can also try setting --test-degree=5 or some such to test in parallel (although since parallel module loading can segfault --test-degree defaults to 1) 18:00
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[Coke] ugexe - does --/test imply serial? 18:06
guessing no, and it probably shouldn't (other issues can occur besides test failures) 18:07
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ugexe serial only happens explicitly with --serial 18:28
Xliff Any vids from TPC Canada? 18:50
lizmat Xliff: 11 July, not 11 June 18:55
you're a month early, roughly :-)
Xliff Oh, LOL! 18:56
uzl[m] Interesting presentation titles for TPRC 2023. Will they be recorded? 👀 19:05
lizmat I would think so 19:07
uzl[m] re youtube channel: Will the channel be managed by the Raku foundation or is it simply a contributors managed channel? I can set it up easily but I'm not sure what it entirely entails 19:08
Awesome!!! 19:09
coleman isn't there already a TPRF channel? 19:10
lizmat I think we should have someone actively involved with that
and perhaps even make sure that the curated video (links) do not get lost, e.g. by putting them in a /raku repo
uzl[m] Right, there's www.youtube.com/@therakuconference6823 19:12
Tangentially, those videos in youtu.be/pvDZUlNHGCw could be benefit from timestamps
lizmat indeed 19:13
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tbrowder__ lizmat: ref ArrayOneBase, i thought about it but my way was easier for me. i have no experience with and no real understanding of callsame and frienfs 19:18
*friends. 19:19
PRs welcome, though!
what about 19:20
ignore that, pls
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[Coke] ok, 'make dev' in raku.land is complaining "Failed to spawn process --start-service: no such file or directory (error code -2)" 19:30
I will volunteer to help with timestamps and captions, as that is something that bugs me when it's not done. :)
gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/48 19:34
coleman Coke plus plus 19:35
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librasteve yes Docker Desktop runs ok on Apple Silicon ... it now defaults to --platform=linux/arm64 ... 21:03
^^^ the instructions to enable --platform=linux/amd64 via rosetta on Apple Silicon 21:04
tonyo m: class A { method hi-from-a { 'hi-from-a'.say; }; }; class B is A { method hi-from-b { 'hi-from-b'.say; callsame; }; }; B.new.hi-from-b; 21:23
camelia hi-from-b
tonyo oops
[Coke] librasteve - there is no "use rosetta" option on my install 21:39
(I'm on 4.20.1, article says 4.16.1 is the version required) 21:41
ah, need to upgrade the OS, which maybe I'll do after I get home and am not sitting in the chinese takeout. 21:42
guifa uzl[m] and lizmat I believe the plan is indeed to record 22:04
If for some reason there is an issue, please everyone bug the crap out of me that weeend and I'll try to do an offline recording and upload somewhere
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