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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff \o 04:18
I have a repl.it I'm trying to create that will allow me to parse a word between matching braces.
Code is here: replit.com/@Xliff/MatchingUnicodeB...#main.raku
Can someone tell me why I can't get %bracers.keys to match the first ❰?
Ah,,, I managed it... 04:42
Same URL.
Here's the quick solution:
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Xliff my token braced { $0<lhs>=@lhs {} :my $c=%bracers{ $/<lhs> }; <text>=.+? $<rhs>=$c } 04:43
my token braced { $<lhs>=@lhs {} :my $c=%bracers{ $/<lhs> }; $<text>=.+? $<rhs>=$c } 04:44
'%bracers' is a hash containing left hand character as key and right hand character as value.
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mark22k Hi, I would like to use the image of Camilla in a mod in UnCiv. Can I just do it like I do with an image under CC NC BY license? 12:19
I would like to use the original and not have to look for another butterfly under a suitable license. Who is the author of Camilla? 12:20
[Coke] github.com/Raku/mu/blob/master/misc/camelia.txt 12:24
That may be of help.
mark22k I am not familiar with the Artistic License 2.0. Hence my question. 12:25
irc.mk16.de/uploads/64dcdff35a247e...-30-14.png irc.mk16.de/uploads/189175a9d145c6...-30-39.png Something like that. 12:28
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[Coke] the text file I linked to mentions the license, but also mentions permission is granted. artistic is about making sure that you don't claim something as your own. Based on my non lawyer reading, you should be OK to use camelia on your app/project/page if it clearly is associated with Raku (originally called Perl 6, which is why the text in that older document uses it) 12:54
(if you modify something under artistic, you can't distribute the new version under the old name, e.g.) 12:55
for $dayjob, I throw any questions like this to legal. 12:56
(not everyone has that luxury)
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[Coke] (docker) Ok, I have that option available in docker app now, restarted, wonder if I have to add any flags to the docker commands in raku-land for this to work 13:05
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/06/12/2023-23-4-at-48/ 13:22
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[Coke] I think I'm ingesting everything with raku-land; some indication of overall progress would be great. Website generating 5xx errors, not sure if it's supposed to work while ingestion is happening. 13:28
In terms of ecosystem, is raku-land the preferred site at this point, the one we recommend? 13:29
I saw a bug there I thought I could fix if I could run it locally, and am now stuck in this rabbit hole. :)
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mark22k [Coke] Thanks for the answer! 14:49
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[Coke] raku-land has a docker compose instruction that uses "lorea" - anyone know what this is? 15:06
dakkar befonts.com/lorea-font.html ? 15:07
clearly not…
[Coke] unlikely, it looks like a command to be run: 15:08
dakkar raku.land/zef:jjatria/App::Lorea
[Coke] thank you! 15:09
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[Coke] lorea depends on "Text::ShellWords:auth<github:softmoth>" - that's in the eco as cpan:SOFTMOTH, but I have it installed as github:softmoth. why this disconnect? 15:37
dakkar maybe it's been "moved" since you installed it? 15:38
technically, they're different modules/distributions, since they're from different authors (even if they probably are the same person)
[Coke] bad metafile in shell words?
i *just* installed 15:39
dakkar that's also possible, but I'm not familiar enough with fez/ecosystem to have a useful opinion
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[Coke] if I try to change raku-land's dep on App::Lorea to get a newer version, it has an incorrect dep on text::Shellwords that cannot be resolved. 15:53
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tonyo [Coke]: i use podman on m2 extensively 16:00
docker gave me some trouble 16:01
[Coke] tonyo: I can't tell if I'm having docker issues or raku-land issues at this point. I opened a ticket on the shellwords in raku-land, because it works fine from the command line, just not from the docker setup 16:04
(and it's only this module causing trouble)
Now I'm committed to fixing the bug I saw in the queue if I can get this running locally. :)
happily, raku-land complains about it: raku.land/cpan:SOFTMOTH/Text::ShellWords 16:07
dakkar I feel fez should refuse such uploads… but this is not in fez ☹ 16:08
[Coke] opens github.com/softmoth/raku-Text-Shel...s/issues/1
dakkar [Coke]++ # shaving yaks and reporting bugs 16:10
[Coke] .seen softmoth 16:11
tellable6 [Coke], I saw softmoth 2021-05-04T17:59:00Z in #raku: <softmoth> It's probably too cute but something like DateTime::Ex::Gregorian
[Coke] dakkar: I really just wanted to fix a bug!
dakkar I know that feeling
[Coke] I blame tbrowder who mentioned about gitlab this week, so I went to raku-land's repo... 16:12
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tonyo what was the gripe with RL? 17:46
err gitlab
all of my repos were there but moved to GH early on because the early-ish META6 list didn't work well with it 17:47
[Coke] difficult to work with, IIRC. (wondering if raku-land could move to github) 17:59
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Tirifto In a fairly rare occurrence, I got a mysterious error from Rakudo: “Type check failed in assignment to $!name; expected <anon> but got Str” 19:44
tonyo tbrowder_: suggested that to them too 19:45
Tirifto I do have a class with the $.name attribute, and I am trying to pass a Str to the constructor, but I can’t think of a reason why <anon> might be expected. The attribute is not type-constrained, and the error persists even when it is type-constrained to Str. `o` 19:47
tonyo Tirifto: can you make a gist? 19:48
Tirifto Oh, nevermind! Just noticed what the problem was. 19:53
I did actually constrain the $.name attribute with “where { 1 ≤ .chars ≤ 16 }”, and the name I was trying to pass was indeed over 16 characters long. I guess that does make an anonymous constraint. x) 19:54
tbrowder_ [Coke]: what would DateTime::Ex::Gregorian do? 19:58
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