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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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[Coke] tbrowder_: ? 00:09
Why are you asking me that question?
emphasis on me
tonyo hey all, fez v52 just uploaded. i thought i'd shipped it a week or two ago but it turns out i didn't. a lot of the depends stuff is fixed in that, next version will have it added back and enabled _only when AST is available_ and hopefully working better 00:41
is finanalyst in irc? 00:46
[Coke] not usually 00:52
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tonyo m: "use Test".AST; 01:03
camelia ( no output )
tonyo m: dd "use Test".AST;
camelia use Test
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tonyo m: "sub XX($i) { use ::($i); };".AST; 01:20
evalable6 (exit code 1) 4===SORRY!4=== Er…
tonyo, Full output: gist.github.com/1e52f139e788289355...0069ccf98f
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tonyo m: 'sub XX($i) { use ::($i); };'.AST; 01:21
evalable6 (exit code 1) ===SORRY!===
Could not find ::($i…
tonyo, Full output: gist.github.com/fe5000747f9c072591...3fdfbd1d1d
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tonyo m: 'sub XX($i) { use Fez::($i); };'.AST; 01:21
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tonyo m: say 'sub XX($i) { use Fez::($i); };'.AST; 01:21
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tonyo hmm 01:21
camelia ===SORRY!===
Could not find Fez::($i) in:
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tonyo is that a known problem ^? 01:22
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tbrowder_ er, you mentioned it earlier like you needed a special datetime module 01:58
[Coke]: ^^ 01:59
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leont Converted a piece of code from regex concatenation to RakuAST, and it turns out to be slower in the test. I'm guessing this means regex compilation is faster than AST evaluation and not a runtime issue, but it's still surprising. 13:19
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[Coke] tbrowder_: that was a bot responding to me about softmoth. 13:41
I was trying to find softmoth because of a module distribution issue.
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[Coke] .seen jjatria 14:39
tellable6 [Coke], I saw jjatria 2023-04-24T22:13:14Z in #raku: <jjatria> Thanks! Will upload. lizmat++ tonyo++
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patrickb Stackoverflow survey results are in. Raku pops up in multiple unexpected places. 14:52
lizmat survey.stackoverflow.co/2023/ 14:58
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tonyo love that delphi dot. i wrote in that 20 years ago haha 17:00
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comborico1611 This channel was created a day after my birthday. Yes, I'm only two years old. 19:06
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guifa_ leont: interesting. I think the regex RakuAST stuff is some of the more recent bits, so little to no optimization 21:09
tonyo got fez working mostly with finding depends with rakuast, it doesn't seem to like dynamic `require`s yet though so a little difficulty testing correctness 21:11
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ugexe Noice 21:52
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