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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ .tell tonyo imho, it would make a useful document for sure 00:17
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to tonyo
tbrowder__ .tell ugexe thanks. i'll keep fiddling with it and come for help if need be. 00:20
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to ugexe
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thowe at some point in the past I managed to get raku syntax package into Atom... I can't seem to figure out how to do this again and all the old links are broken 04:16
Mojolicious and Raku packages not in the list 04:17
has everything just gone to crap since they are shutting the project down?
I guess vscode has the juice... 04:31
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wafflus i'm messing aroud doing some perl6 regex does anyone know how to do this in perl6 \b\w{4,9}\b? I tried doing what i thought was the perl6 way but i got weird results 06:53
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moritz_ Woodi: what have you tried? 09:51
erm sorry, meant wafflus, who has already left
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tbrowder__ .ask ugexe if i use module A in module B, does it matter in which depends block it appears in the META6.json file for module B? 10:39
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to ugexe
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Ergo444 hi 11:05
Can you help? I am getting this error... Missing serialize REPR function for REPR MVMContext (BOOTContext)
What is that error? 11:06
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lizmat Ergo444: before we go on: which version of Rakudo are you using? 11:10
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Ergo444 Welcome to RakudoÔäó v2023.02. 11:10
lizmat ah, and on Windows by the looks of it 11:11
Ergo444 It happens when a module used twice...   directly and indirectly
Not sure if that is all that is needed for that error
lizmat in technical terms it means that somehow something is getting precompiled that shouldn't 11:12
contexts are not something that can be pre-compiled, as they're a run-time concept
can you provide a gist?
Ergo444 what?
lizmat a shortened version of the code showing the problem
placed somewhere for people to see, e.g. gist.github.com 11:13
FWIW, that error should *not* occur in normal usage 11:16
we call it an LTA error (Less Than Awesome)
as it just states what went wrong, not why
Ergo444 gist.github.com/jaffa4/a2cc529f52a...4a642ccbc4 11:19
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Ergo444 low level error message 11:21
that is what I call it 11:22
lizmat well, it *is* low level indeed
issued at the moment the actual bytecode is being produced
commenting on gist, I don't have the native libs installed (nor do I want to) and thus cannot try your code :-( 11:25
Ergo444 When do you need that? 11:26
lizmat zef install Template::Nest::XS fails for me saying a native lib is missing
Ergo444 the code I gave you should be enough 11:27
in the gist
not need to install anything
just create a directory structure 11:28
lizmat it fails on "use Template::Next::XS" 11:29
because I do not have that installed
Ergo444 create the directories 11:30
Template\Nest\XS.rakumod 11:31
from the gist. 11:33
lizmat trying this on a slow Debian box atm 11:36
ok, can reproduce the issue. But only with Template::Nest::XS 11:38
Ergo444 does it use a reserved word? 11:39
lizmat looking at source code of Template::Nest::XS now, as you seem to be the author, right ? 11:42
Ergo444 yes
if you replace Xs with the xs in the git, it does not work 11:43
no need to test complicated code
I already simplified it
lizmat I simplified it to: lib/Container.rakumod containing just "use Template::Nest::XS" 11:48
and container.raku just containing "use Container" 11:49
and doing: raku -Ilib container.raku
so the problem is somehow inside Template::Nest::XS 11:50
Ergo444 but it is empty 11:52
almost empty
lizmat yes, so the problem isn't there?
anyways, I don't see anything immediately in the source of Template::Nest::XS 11:53
except maybe adapt the AUTHOR section ?
apart from suggestion making a Rakudo issue, I don't think I can do much more for you atm 11:55
Ergo444 that is start
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Ergo444 I found the line the causing it 12:34
my @comment_delims_defaults[2] = '<!--', '-->';
if I remove [2], the error disappears
lizmat ok, *that* is worthy of a Rakudo issue 12:41
looks like shaped arrays include something they shouldn't
Ergo444: are they considered to be constants?
if so:
my constant @comment_delims_defaults = '<!--', '-->'; 12:42
should do the trick
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lizmat fg 12:43
oops :-)
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Ergo444 hi 14:54
how can I get fez password?
andinus you can reset your password with 'fez reset-password' 14:57
Ergo444 ij 15:07
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tbrowder__ Ergo444: i would love it if a real windows raku user could create a cookbook recipe for installing and using raku on windows 10 or better. see a start at github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/main...windows.md 16:14
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to Ergo444
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ugexe tbrowder__: have you tried rakubrew? thats what i use on windows 16:15
tellable6 2023-06-18T14:48:01Z #raku-dev <tbrowder__> ugexe thanks, Nick.
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ugexe lrakubrew.org/?platform=win 16:15
tbrowder__ no, but i still need a cookbook. i guess i should put that in the other doc. i haven't looked lately, but the raku home page really need an in-your-face entry for windoze users. 16:17
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ugexe that link basically is a cookbook in that it tells you exactly what commands to run 16:18
tbrowder__ i'm trying to get younger folks interested but the linux gap is too much jump for noobs
like my grandson. they're having a "coding camp" this summer for 6th graders and i almost guarantee they won't have a linux computer there (or mac) unless i can sneak in :) 16:21
oh, i didn't know rakubrew.org existed (or forgot or ignored it). i'll definitely ck it out 16:23
ugexe the good thing about using rakubrew is the installation workflow is the same regardless of windows or linux, so if they get comfortable enough to run `bash` on their windows box (which runs the linux thing windows ships with) they can install raku the same way
tbrowder__ great! thanks 16:24
El_Che I don't think beginners have a good programming experience on Windows for non MS languages, libs tend to suck 16:25
specially if make is involved
tbrowder__ yes, for sure. ref the "linux" thing, i really need to check that out because that's been a show stopper for me, too, getting it without much pain on win 10 16:26
ugexe i'm pretty sure you just have to type `bash` and it will work 16:27
El_Che ugexe: you're assuming most people run wsl
most don't in my experience
ugexe i thought it would be turned on by default by now heh 16:30
El_Che Even @work where people are IT people and most get a windows laptop, only the people that are geeky, but not geeky or rebel enough to get mac or linux, get the wsl. Most other devs and admins just struggle with Windows and remote shells to linux infra 16:32
ugexe: I problem I encoutered that centrally manage laptop lock people out of installing wsl 16:33
tbrowder__ yep, i retired just as our takeover company IT dept started doing that to us bought-oughtees. good time to leave, it was. 16:41
course that was when dual boot wasn't so grabby, either.
now i feel like i have to carry 2 laptops on the road if i want windows around :-( 16:43
ok, checked out rakubrew.org. one problem in my view: it's not real clear what os is being shown until i start looking at the shell script name 16:47
the highlight on the selected os is barely distinguishable to my eyes. 16:49
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tbrowder__ issue filed... 17:44
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tbrowder__ also updated an old but open issue on the raku.org home page "Download" button 18:03
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rf Afternoon folks 18:39
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lizmat rf o/ 18:45
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rf How are you liz? 18:49
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lizmat rf: pretty good... although the weather could be a bit cooler 18:53
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lizmat looks like we're in the middle of a 20+ day heatwave here 18:53
which means high temperatures not getting below 25 celsius 18:54
rf It's around 33C here
Pretty crazy year so far for weather lol
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lizmat yeah: remember this year, it will be the coolest of the rest of your life :-( 18:55
rf ;( 18:56
Hopefully we'll still have a habitable planet 18:58
Ideally :) 18:59
El_Che rf: if by habitable planet you mean Mars, sadly Musk is full of s* 19:15
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rf Idk, I think it would be neat to travel to mars one day, but I'd prefer if earth was still an option 19:23
El_Che rf: that would be ideal
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leont Much of The Netherlands hasn't seen any rain since May 13th, it's all quite worrisome (rain is predicted for next week) 19:46
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lizmat we had about 10 drops today 19:54
you had to watch ver carefully
leont Apparently it has to be at least a millimeter to count 19:56
lizmat yeah, it was about .1 mm / hour for about 10 minutes 19:58
rf We've gotten loads of rain this year which is uncommon, wish I could send it to you 20:03
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leont Oh the irony. On my evening walk and just now it finally starts raining. 21:01
nemokosch evening for sure 😛 21:21
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corwin way to take one for the team there leont 21:48
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tonyo . 22:54
tellable6 2023-06-18T00:17:25Z #raku <tbrowder__> tonyo imho, it would make a useful document for sure
tonyo heh. we have snow forecasted for tomorrow 22:55
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lucs tonyo: Wow. Whereabouts? 23:04
tonyo east oregon 23:57