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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa_ Kueppo63: you can check with .WHICH to see if you're getting the same actual array 01:29
tellable6 guifa_, I'll pass your message to kueppo63
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rf . 03:21
holyghost . 03:23
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/06/19/2023-...llections/ 13:09
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[Coke] yawns. 14:05
lizmat sorry to not have anymore exciting news 14:16
[Coke] UNRELATED! 14:25
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lizmat I knew, no worries :-) 14:28
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kathe hello. :) 17:42
[Coke] hi 17:43
kathe hi. :)
does mr wall not visit here anymore? 17:44
hope he is well. 17:45
[Coke] he does not. 17:47
El_Che rakuweekly is a handy graphical tool to see if the war in the Ucraine ended 17:48
hi everyone! 17:49
kathe hi el_che. :)
coke: do you know if mr. wall is still in good health?
[Coke] havent been in touch, personally. 17:52
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tonyo tbrowder_: i'd reckon the best way to deprecate a module is to put that information in the readme. the dists, once uploaded to fez, aren't changeable after 24 hours and this window is for the "oops" scenario. using tags or something else might be inadvisable because it isn't alterable easily - what is the goal of deprecating those modules? 18:22
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molotov Hi, guys! I'm looking for an answer on the next question: is there a bitfields support in the CStruct? 19:30
If the answer is "no", then is there a way to emulate them? 19:31
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ugexe even if one wants to deprecate a module, that should not imply any change in behavior of resolving that dependency 19:49
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tonyo molotov: what do you mean by bitfields? 20:27
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to molotov
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tonyo if you mean an int:1 then it seems like a work around (assuming it doesn't _just work_) is to mask the first defined :1 for the field you want (eg if it's at position 2 in the struct: $mystruct.field2 == $mystruct.field1 ^+ 0b10) 20:30
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TheSkye Does anyone know how I can change the directory Rakudo uses for precompilation? I want to clear up my $HOME. 21:26
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