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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff timo: You may be correct. However I have yet to read a PNG spec that does not leave me without the desperate need for Aspirin with an Absinthe chaser. 01:53
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guifa peaks at the spec 16:13
egads 16:14
lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/07/03/2023-...g-rakudoc/ 16:20
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gfldex Is it possible to display some text if a use-statement fails because the module is not installed? 19:24
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lizmat m: CATCH { dd $_ }; require Foo 19:34
camelia X::CompUnit::UnsatisfiedDependency.new(specification => CompUnit::DependencySpecification.new(:short-name<Foo>))
Could not find Foo in:
Voldenet gfldex: (require NotInstalled) or say "Nope" 19:35
m: (require NotInstalled) or say "Nope"
camelia Could not find NotInstalled in:
Voldenet hmm 19:36
m: (try require NotInstalled) or say "Nope"
camelia Nope
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[Coke] I have written that as: 19:51
if (try require Uxmal) === Nil {
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ugexe technically "if a module is installed" is not the same as "if a module can be used" :P 20:07
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ugexe the other suggestions using `require` are may not be ideal if you are otherwising using the module in question, since it would be loaded (and error) before the runtime require 20:08
if you just want to optionally load a module though, then yeah that is probably what you want 20:10
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ugexe m: say so $*REPO.resolve(CompUnit::DependencySpecification.new(:short-name<Test>)) 20:12
camelia True
ugexe m: say so $*REPO.resolve(CompUnit::DependencySpecification.new(:short-name<XXX>))
camelia False
ugexe thats another way to do it at runtime
although that won't load it
[Coke] RAKUAST makes t/03-tests-valid.rakutest very unhappy 20:14
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tbrowder__ happy Independence Day for all US ppl here 21:24
ugexe: i have a module with 21:25
a Build that works fine on my dev hosts but not in workflows on github. 21:26
it is supposed to create or check file in a user's $HOME directory, and it does so for me. 21:27
however, it doesn't seem to do anything when run at github (i have looked at a debug r 21:29
should it work, in principle?
or is $HOME off base on github? 21:30
ugexe can i see your code? 21:33
tbrowder__ it's at github.com/tbrowder/FontFactory/Build.rakumod 21:34
i can gist it if you want 21:35
that link doesnt have 21:36
ugexe well, you don't have all your dependencies listed
github.com/tbrowder/FontFactory/bl...ist#L3-L10 21:37
are all of those listed in META6.json?
because your Build.rakumod runs that script, and so you'd need those dependencies installed
presumably they are already installed on your local system
but on a fresh system (i.e. github actions) they wouldn't be installed. and they won't get installed without being listed in META6.json
if you run zef with --debug it might show you whatever error it is getting 21:38
tbrowder__ i thought they were but i'll dbl ck. thanks. (actually i thought mi6 would catch those things). i'll report back results. 21:40
ugexe also i dont see you running `zef build .` in your github action
so its also possible the build step is never taking place that way
tbrowder__ oh? ok. i'll check that after seeing about the other stuff. thank you! 21:41
tonyo . 21:55
tbrowder__ i just added the missing build step.and some missing deps...now waiting 22:05
that worked as advertized--thanks for the help, Nick! 22:13
just in time for fireworks, hot dogs, and cold beer! 22:14
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