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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine m: proto bla {}; say &bla.^attributes 00:36
camelia (List @!dispatchees Mu $!dispatcher int $!flags Mu $!inline_info Mu $!package List @!dispatch_order Mu $!op_props Mu $!phasers Mu $!why Code $!do Signature $!signature List @!compstuff)
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Xliff m: Method.^attributes.map(*.name).gist.say; 02:51
camelia (@!dispatchees $!dispatcher $!flags $!inline_info $!package @!dispatch_order $!op_props $!phasers $!why $!do $!signature @!compstuff)
Xliff Yeah, so .candidates uses Method::@!dispatchees... and I currently have yet to find a way to access that without nqp. 02:54
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nemokosch if there's a way using nqp, that's not all that bad 09:32
this is really within the guts of the language, or better said, not even the language but the runtime
the language most probably doesn't say anything about doing something like this 09:33
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Xliff nemokosch: True. I'd just add it and see what happens, but I am worried about the particular order. 10:42
I think it might be OK, if I just copy one proto's @!dispatchees to another...
Now if only I knew how to do that! :)
nqp is not my thing quite yet.
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melezhik . 10:50
tellable6 2023-07-10T13:39:09Z #raku <SmokeMachine> melezhik: I’m also playing with configurations: github.com/FCO/Configuration
melezhik SmokeMachine - thanks
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melezhik what's up in Raku world? I am thinking about publishing short SparrowCI post on testing modules against multiple versions of Rakudo - 10:57
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nemokosch that sounds great 11:04
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tbrowder__ .ask antononcube can you say what os and supporting equip you're using for producing your mathematica and raku work as shown in article above? thnx 11:47
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to antononcube
lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/07/10/2023-...mposition/ 11:50
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antononcube @nemokosch As I promised I LLM-generated an R article, “R is arcane, designed by a committee, and LISP-curseless” : github.com/antononcube/RakuForPred...ss-PaLM.md 13:08
It is short, and not very acidic.
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@tbrowder I almost exclusively work within macOS. I write / make the Mathematica and Raku packages and articles with Apple MacBookPro's (with Apple Silicon M1 chip or Intel chip.) 13:50
tbrowder__ antononcube, thank you, i appreciate your contributions to the Raku community 13:54
antononcube @tbrowder Thank you, good to hear! (And I appreciate your contributions and enthusiasm.) 13:55
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[Coke] maybe you can if you recompose? 16:44
guifa got an evil idea from TPRC but doesn't know how he might be able to pull it off (might not be doable at all) 16:45
[Coke] hopes all tprc have a very good conference </bugs bunny meme>
guifa Someone made a module called goto::file, when it hits that, it continues processing code from that point onward at the top of a new file, potentially even to include recursion
why? I don't know. Feels like an interesting challenge to do though given raku's grammar parsing 16:46
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xinming_ Now, I'm learning neural network things, really wish to have a raku lib for neural network design 17:25
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tbrowder__ antononcube: you should use that tool to create a draft of an article on why one should prefer raku over python 17:32
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antononcube @tbrowder I attempt that. 17:50
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tbrowder__ this is a broad question i know, but here goes: without testing, do you thinks it's more efficient to read a large hash (3000 or more keys, plus several subkeys with long strings as values) from a compiled rakumod file or a JSON file? 18:05
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tbrowder__ i guess the advantage of the json file is it can saved with any new data versus the static rakumod file. but the json file would need a reliable home on disk. 18:09
japhb tbrowder__: My suspicion is that CBOR would be faster than JSON, and I would *guess* that compiled Rakumod would be even faster, but I haven't actually done that comparison (I compared the speed of a number of data formats a year or two ago, but I didn't include "compiled Raku code" as one of those). 18:10
tbrowder__: github.com/japhb/serializer-perf 18:11
tbrowder__ thnx, was that an advent article? it sounds familiar. 18:12
japhb (Note that the .raku/EVAL was treating it as a data file, *not* as a precompiled module, for pretty much the reason you pointed out -- I was only measuring things that were easy to R/W.) 18:13
I don't think so ... but it might have been in an RWN or mentioned in a talk or some such.
Geth docker/2023.06: 7cae2b1fce | (Daniel Mita)++ | 5 files
Bump to 2023.06
docker: m-dango++ created pull request #55:
Bump to 2023.06
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[Coke] huh. I can get to twitter.com/liztormato/status/1677...6858804224 without a twitter account, but not the tweet itself. 18:23
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[Coke] (I knew the latter, am surpised by the former) 18:27
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tbrowder__ japhb: i do remember that. maybe i can add a test for read-only after converting json data to a rakumod file for compiling. 18:31
japhb That would be great, tbrowder__ ! Thank you in advance! :-) 18:41
tbrowder__ you are welcome. i might have to ask for help, so there's that. 19:16
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japhb Heh, no worries. :-) 19:30
tbrowder__ how about changing the repo name to the name of App-SerializerPerf per the name at Raku.land: 'App::SerializerPerf'? 19:42
nemokosch distribution names were always meant to be system path friendly, isn't that right? 19:45
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tbrowder__ i'm not sure it is a rule, but good practice imho 19:49
if it were up to me, i would be stricter in current module requirements. 19:50
nemokosch I don't think it's possible to teach people to feel responsible for something if they genuinely have no urge for it 19:55
tbrowder__ maybe 20:01
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japhb tbrowder__: The repo was named differently pretty much for historical reasons: at first, it was just a script, without library modules. 20:09
Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever renamed a GH repo that I wasn't transferring to another org. 20:10
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lizmat weekly: codeberg.org/gfldex/raku-local-github-issues 20:32
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
tbrowder__ if you can rename the repo i can take care of the rest in the PR 20:33
which i've started as App-SerializerPerf 20:34
leont Yeah, colons aren't valid in path names on Windows, so generally a bad idea around git repositories 20:37
tbrowder__ well afaik github won't accept colon 20:38
s, raku takes care of the colon parts naturally ("organically?") 20:39
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nemokosch within namespaces yes, for distributions I wouldn't be so sure 20:43
a distribution name might pop up in a file path during installation
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tbrowder__ well even 21:04
was gonna say even zef needs apostrophes around module names with adverbs 21:05
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japhb tbrowder__: Repo name changed. Was actually less painful than I expected. 21:31
tbrowder__ i just saw that, thanks! i'm on it... 21:50
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