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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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[Coke] 00:00
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su.shi yeah there is an echo program, but most shells (mine at lesat) have a built in verfsion that overrides it 00:12
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jdv and docker mucks with somethings, echo being 1 iirc 01:48
very irritating
but just the usual tool being dumb stuff... 01:49
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gfldex m: shell <echo xx>; 07:07
camelia xx
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librasteve thanks for all the reply - while I did use spurt well enough - I also would like to know how to make plan A work in future... here's where I got to... 08:39
shell <echo “xx” >> file.txt>
^^^ gives an error 08:40
Missing required term after infix at /Users/xxx/test.raku:8 ------> <BOL>⏏<EOL> expecting any of: prefix term
which I gather is due to the >> that prematurely closes the <> 08:41
this works...
shell ('echo', “xx”, '>>', 'file.txt')
and so does this 08:42
shell <echo xx \>\> file.txt>
so using shell instead of run was my first mistake! thanks!!
for my nefarious purposes I wanted to interpolate $x instead of xx and this only works with the old style argument passing of course 08:44
so, after some messing around I got qqx to work too like this... 08:47
my $x = 'yo'; my $cmd = "echo $x >> file.txt"; qqx`$cmd`; 08:48
where I like to use backticks (`) as the delimiters for old times' sake
thanks for all the thoughts!! 08:49
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Voldenet you could simply consider `shell qw{echo xx >> file.txt}` 08:58
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Voldenet instead of <> 08:58
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Geth ecosystem/main: 41c9943c08 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove Shell::DSL as it now lives in zef
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nemokosch hm, using shell instead of run was the right choice though, wasn't it 09:40
it's just they take arguments differently, in addition to functioning differently
it's actually surprising that it lets you pass in a list of words 09:43
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Voldenet on windows maybe, because args are single string 09:53
on unix it's obvious why this works
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nemokosch no i mean, there is not the slightest hint in the docs that it could be a list 09:57
SmokeMachine guifa: I don't know if the problem I'm facing is related only to exported functions from a sub EXPORT, but that's the summary of what's happening: irclogs.raku.org/cro/2023-07-17.html#02:19 09:58
Voldenet maybe it can't be a list on windows 10:00
surprisingly it works on windows too 10:01
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: 33762ec8d0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | minutes/20230715.md
Add minutes of meeting of 15 July 2023
guifa SmokeMachine I don't think it's ever been able to handle sub EXPORT, that requires actually running the code and I think it's trying to figure out export functions from a static analysis 10:36
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SmokeMachine guifa: that makes sense... :( thanks 11:04
does anyone see a way to avoid `no precompilation` here (github.com/FCO/Configuration/blob/...kumod#L2)? I tried some different stiff, but in all, when I try to use the exported functions it can't use the `$obj` (github.com/FCO/Configuration/blob/...kumod#L92) created when I called `generate-exports` here 11:08
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/07/17/2023-...-and-asts/ 12:39
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tbrowder__ SmokeMachine: i suggest, at least for debugging, create an exportable sub with the debugging data. not pretty, but it saves some angst. 13:39
i need a macos person to please translate this line from a githb workflows test yml for linux into one for macos (similarly for windows would also be appreciated): 13:47
sudo apt-get install -y fontforge python3-fontforge ttf2ufm 13:49
su.shi i dont know how to express that for macos or windows, but all it's doing is installing the applications listed after -y 13:50
where -y automatically says 'yes' to any prompts
tbrowder__ yes
su.shi windows doesn't have a standard package manager though, so im not sure if you'll be able to get a good command to match that 13:51
it has some but you gotta install them and I've honestly never met anyone who uses them
SmokeMachine tbrowder__: sorry, I didn’t get it… what do you mean? 14:03
tonyo . 14:06
tellable6 2023-07-09T21:54:29Z #raku <tbrowder__> tonyo i tried to 'fez remove' a module i just released today and was told it didn't meet the 24 hr window!!!
2023-07-10T10:44:36Z #raku <tbrowder__> tonyo disregard, i think the window is only 2 hrs (but should be imho)
nemokosch lizmat: how do you get the "titles" for posts and comments for the weeklies?
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uzl[m] If you've a StackOverflow account, do you mind voting to re-open this question (stackoverflow.com/questions/766242...ass-in-r)? I flagged it as duplicate but then librasteve brought up a good point, which is explained in the comments and in an edit I made to the question. It's 2 votes but it needs 5 I think. 14:08
leont has reopened it 14:11
uzl[m] Thanks, leont ! 14:12
Also (silly) question: stackoverflow.com/q/76705230/10824322
Ok back to work... 14:13
leont On stackoverflow privileges are reputation based, I have have 30k reputation so I can do everything except the things reserved for moderators ;-) 14:14
lizmat nemokosch my thumb 14:15
nemokosch more seriously: I read the posts and comments and try to find a tagline for it 14:30
tbrowder__ SmokeMachine: i may not understand your need, but i've done this for debugging: in the class definition file, add an exportable subroutine whose output will be a data structure of values you are interested in seeing for debugging. or add a debugging class method to do the same thing. 14:36
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nemokosch lizmat: natural intelligence, huh? 😂 15:02
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lizmat nemokosch my own personal hallucinations :-) 15:53
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jdv is there a ctags generator for raku yet? 16:42
SmokeMachine tbrowder_: my problem there is that if I don’t use `no precompile` when I create the $obj calling `generate-exports` from Test1Config.rakumod and try to use it from 2 different files, it does not exist in at least one of them… 16:48
(Sorry for the delay… I’m both trying to find the solution for that (with out a computer) and late going to the airport…) 16:49
tbrowder__ ok, i have never used "no precompile" but, at least in my setups, i have not had such a problem. when i am working on a new module, i am now in the habit of creating the new repo with mi6-helper. then i create a "dev" directory at the top level. in that directory i often build individual scripts that test something i want to put in the module. as pieces are workiing, i move them to the appropriate module and add "use lib 17:14
<../lib>; use MyNew
Module". i can do that with multiple files and generally have no problems. 17:15
(until i go crazy with class hierchies)
*hierarchies 17:16
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tbrowder__ fyi, the two lines for my github workflow for mac and window are: 18:01
brew install fontforge 18:02
choco install fontforge
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tbrowder__ those lines apparently include the contents of the second required linux pkg: python3-fontforge 18:04
i found the required information by going to rakudo.org and lookingb 18:05
looking the the info for Mac and Windows (found 'brew' and 'choco'), followed the subtle links to Choclately and Homebrew where one can search for packages. at each i found "fontforge" alone, both of which worked in the yml file. 18:08
i searched for one more package i wanted but couldn't find it. both sites have provisions for submitted packages, so it would be nice to have a Raku goto person who would take package build requests for those two OS's 18:11
antononcube @lizmat and @nemokosch Here are limmericks Liz could have used in the latest weekly post in the section about new Raku module: # ================================================================================ # Raku SDK for Resend # -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # There once was a coder named Raku, # Who created an SDK that was new, # With Resend it could be, # 18:30
The perfect tool, you see, # For developers to make projects true. # ================================================================================ # A module that allows true inline use of Brainfuck code # -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # There once was a clever module, # That made Brainfuck code inline stroll. # With syntax so strange, # It could rearrange, # And make
programmers' minds rock and roll. # ================================================================================ # ML::FindTextualAnswer provides function(s) for finding sub-strings in given text that appear to answer given questions. # -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # There once was a function quite clever, # To find answers, it did endeavor. # With ML it did work, # In
text, it did lurk, # FindTextualAnswer, a treasure forever!
SmokeMachine tbrowder__: your dev dir is kinda of my examples dir… 18:31
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librasteve maybe we need a no ML rule (for a better class of limeric) 19:23
In a world of colors so bright, Two hues danced in pure delight, Two colors so bold, Nemokosch, we're told, Their harmony was quite a sight! 19:25
^^ maybe not ;-)
Apologies for the confusion! Here's an updated limerick for Raku, the programming language: In the realm where coders unite, Raku shines with its linguistic might, Syntax flexible and neat, It's a language truly elite, With power and elegance, it takes flight! 19:27
antononcube For the record, I used OpenAI with a specially “engineered prompt": github.com/antononcube/Raku-WWW-Op...s_woven.md 19:29
tbrowder__ you bards need to go an a road show 😁 19:42
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jdv can we shorten the nick len for the discord bridge? on my phone its 1/2 the term width 19:51
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jdv instead of "< discord-raku-bot> <antononcube>" could it be "antononcube_d" or what ever works... 19:54
tbrowder__ i second the motion 19:59
librasteve yeah and on discord, we get [BOT] Raku bridge 20:21
on every other line
gfldex jdv: if you are using irrsi, this might help: github.com/irssi/scripts.irssi.org...replace.pl 20:34
jdv seems like a bandaid but thanks 20:42
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