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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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nemokosch does anybody know who is operating the raku.org site these days? "asking for a friend" 11:48
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antononcube @nemokosch Please, start your own! (Can’t help it to suggest again “raku.stan”.) 12:55
nemokosch raku.stan will be something else... 13:01
I'm counting on you with that idea 😛
for raku.org, I just thought maybe if it wasn't an obscure Perl-generated static site, contribution would get easier 13:02
but that doesn't matter yet, I'd just like to know if it's realistic to deploy anything differently from how it is currently, and who could know the answer to that question
[Coke] operating? If you mean infra, there is a raku infra team, if you mean content, anyone with a commit bit. 13:07
(commit bit: anyone in @Raku/raku group) 13:08
nemokosch - I'll go through some of the open tickets this weekend, thanks for the ping. 13:09
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antononcube Hmm… I do not know anything about that process setup… 13:12
nemokosch I rather mean infra 13:18
The question is, is it realistic to get some Raku modules into the process and replace most, if not all, Perl tools with them 13:19
cue docs site where we couldn't deploy for some time even if we wanted to
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lizmat nemokosch I would welcome an update of the raku.org site to get rid of its ancestry 13:29
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nemokosch I don't want to jinx it so it's only a sort of investigation of the possibility 13:32
but the templating part seems feasible, that's the main reason I picked Template6 up
by the way huge kudos to Moritz Lenz, of course besides creating this whole workflow 13:35
the great social/leadership skill was that he made some rather clear declarations about these projects, the doc site and the general site alike 13:36
"Content on raku.org should be up-to-date rather than comprehensive"
if somebody reads this with the intention of changing something about the content, they can decide whether it's in the intended direction, this is a really good thing 13:37
SmokeMachine cool! raku-lang.ir has a part of Red docs as example... 13:40
nemokosch raku-lang.ir is nice but since there didn't seem to be any interest in adopting that, I became counter-interested in suddenly changing direction and take that site anyway 13:42
contentwise, though, it can clearly serve as inspiration for the future
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if I want to be really sentimental, I've been binge watching Boruto and the whole message of the Narutoverse is that making bonds and achieving things together is a superior approach to trying to achieve perfection on your own 13:50
this is why I would prefer any banal Raku-based tooling that people can gradually improve, over a ready-made Hugo solution 13:51
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[Coke] yes. Raku based tooling (eating our own dogfood) would be great. 14:13
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tonyo tooling around what, exactly? 15:15
[Coke] some of the websites are using p5 to generate content. 15:16
nemokosch I'm not 100% certain but it seems like two things mostly: one is to fetch some stuff from the RSS feed of "Planet Raku" that will show up on the main page, the other is to (re)generate the content using mowyw, a static site generator written by moritz 15:23
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tonyo sounds like a nice job for Ryml : ) 16:42
does it use template toolkit in p5? 16:43
nemokosch mowyw has its own (seemingly template toolkit inspired) template language 17:12
again, one of the reasons I picked Template6 of all the funky templating tools 17:13
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xinming Hi, Just now I saw that we have remove-P5 branch, is this branch used to remove all P5 related things? 18:10
lizmat xinming: it's a branch to remove all :P5 regexes from roast
see also: github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/378 18:11
xinming thanks 18:12
So no P5 regexes in raku in the future, right?
lizmat well, the current :P5 implementation is really from Perl 5.8, so it is outdated
by removing :P5 we lighten the burden to move to RakuAST 18:13
and let the module space handle other regex slangs, see e.g. raku.land/zef:guifa/Polyglot::Regexen 18:14
xinming Yea, I think raku should be a modern language without any historical burden.
lizmat well, then please a comment at github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/378 :)
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nemokosch "raku should be a modern language without any historical burden" sounds very cool but whether it is realistic, I don't know 19:12
I think that ship sailed with Rakudo's support model, or rather the lack of it 19:13
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[Coke] adios 19:33
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gfldex My next blogpost better finds more the 40 readers. I spend an hour on 40 lines of code. To my defence, those lines do sport EXPORTHOW. :-> 19:39
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antononcube @gfldex Wow! My posts rarely get more than 15 readers. 20:00
Some, of course, get more... 20:01
gfldex I'm at 191 posts in total. Big targets are easier to hit. :) 20:02
With 26,838 views in total. But don't ask me how good wordpress is with filtering out non-humans. 20:03
antononcube, you may want your blog get added to planet.raku.org/. That is where the blog box on raku.org is been fed from. 20:06
antononcube @gfldex Yes, thanks for the tip. (You or someone else might have adviced me to do this before.) 20:07
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librasteve how can i do this? 22:38
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