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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Geth raku.org: 2colours++ created pull request #184:
Mowyw replacement
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nemokosch still a draft ^^ not sure if I will have more time until next week sometime 00:07
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melezhik o/ 05:50
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nemokosch What's up? 08:03
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leont Suddenly mi6 isn't working well anymore. First it creates a .precomp in the root dir, and then it complains about a dirty git state. I can fix that with .gitignore, but that a test fails that doesn't fail when running raku -Ilib or prove6 -l. 08:15
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nemokosch what version? 08:36
> a test fails that doesn't fail when running raku -Ilib or prove6 -l. I would rather try to fix that 08:42
but I can't reproduce the problem. I don't have PAUSE. Added .precomp to the .gitignore, ran mi6 build and prove6 -l, it was all fine 08:50
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leont v2023.06. Mi6 3.0.2 (latest). I don't understand it either. 09:17
nemokosch the only difference is that I'm on v2023.04 Rakudo 09:22
leont Apparently I can reproduce it without the -Ilib, but why would mi6 do that? 09:44
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nemokosch anyway, what is the failure? 09:48
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leont Cannot find method 'generic' on object of type NQPArray 10:23
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nemokosch NQPArray??? xD 10:36
tbrowder__ ugexe: i have a module from another author that needs LibraryMake for linux and macos but NOT windows. he is trying to track down the source of that dependency. in the meantime i asked this question. 11:11
leont Yeah. Happens during compilation too, so I can't easily reduce it or anything. 11:12
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tbrowder__ leont: which module is being tested? 11:16
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hythm tbrowder, may be you need something like this github.com/azawawi/raku-file-which...6.json#L10 11:44
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ugexe you can optionally include modules as dependencies, but you still have to be anywhere they are used won't get run on e.g. linux 13:09
you can see what that entails in the full commit of File::Which - github.com/azawawi/raku-file-which...b8f71fb23e 13:10
still have to be anywhere = still have to be aware that anywhere 13:12
basically a conditional dependency implies that it will also be included in the code conditionally 13:14
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ugexe leont: is it failing its only test (which is literally pass "happy hacking!";)? 13:21
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ugexe leont: also are you using it on App::Mi6? I suppose there might be something going on with the fact that App::Mi6 uses TAP (probably an installed version) but also is trying to load the dev libraries (-I., -Ilib) for whatever distribution it is currently processing (which might be TAP itself) 13:38
using it on App::Mi6 = using it on TAP
github.com/skaji/mi6/blob/f58d8b6c...akumod#L10 13:39
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leont Apparently it's File::Temp related. I load it in the test and in a test helper module; if I remove it from the former the crash disappears 14:37
The problem disappeared entirely when I removed t/lib/.precomp 14:49
tbrowder__ .tell hythm thanks! i’ll try that 14:55
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to hythm
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ugexe librasteve: was your answer to stackoverflow.com/questions/768692...real-world generated by an LLM? 18:59
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PingDonga how to navigate with cursor key (up/down) in rakudo interective console ? 19:32
librasteve ugexe: errr, there may have been some element of that 19:45
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Xliff \o -- Does anyone have any blog posts about NativeCall on C++ 20:52
tellable6 2023-08-08T18:45:29Z #raku <vrurg> Xliff: I don't have time to read it all through, but in 6.e TWEAK is absolutely legal way to achieve your goal.
Xliff ?
.tell vrurg Thanks!
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to vrurg
vrurg Xliff: that's about what I expected when left you the message – that it would be hard to remember what it is about. :) 20:55
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Xliff vrurg: Now all I need is to learn how to get C++ classes working in NativeCall. Have any ideas? 21:17
vrurg Xliff: none. I barely an expect in NativeCall. All I remember is that there is special name mangling taking place for C++ method names. :) 21:18
Xliff vrurg: Same here. Thanks anyways. 21:20
librasteve vrurg: i've had some limited success with NativeCall & Rust where I make a raku proxy for a Rust object and containerize it
about line 49 21:21
sorry I have no idea if this is useful for C++ or for your neds
vrurg librasteve: it's more to Xliff. I hope I wouldn't need to do NativeCall any time soon... :)
librasteve oh sure - soz 21:22
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