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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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nemokosch hehe 08:33
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antononcube Not all languages make a clear difference between plural and singular — see Chinese or Japanese. English does not provide clear difference between nouns and verbs. 10:01
Always existed in Mathematica. 10:10
nemokosch yeah the linguistic point is quite good; sometimes it does seem Raku is kind of anglo-centric actually 10:15
the outrageous example being any() in my opinion
antononcube If you live or work in the Anglo-Saxon world .
nemokosch any() and also kinda sorta none() 10:16
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2023/08/14/2023-...mlin-time/ 11:39
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antononcube @lizmat I am sorry for being lazy here -- do the articles here dev.to/lizmat/series/20329 correspond to the Markdown files "it's-time-to-rak-1..4.md" here: github.com/lizmat/articles ? 13:30
lizmat yes 13:31
so you can haz a preview :-)
antononcube @lizmat I see -- thanks!
@lizmat I am trying to publish this: github.com/antononcube/RakuForPred...uals.ipynb 13:32
lizmat but?
antononcube It is a Jupyter notebook "TLDR LLM solutions for ~not reading~ software manuals" based on the "App::Rak" articles.
But converting to Markdown is a chore ... I might not have not put all references correctly. Hence, lazy questions... 13:33
@lizmat Does this Markdown reference seem good ? > [EM1] Elizabeth Mattijsen, "It's time to rak! Series' Articles", (2022), Lizmat series at Dev.to. 13:36
(Non-lizmat people can voice opinions too..)
lizmat perhaps this is a better URL? dev.to/lizmat/series/20329 13:38
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antononcube @lizmat I use both links -- one for the "App::Rak" series and one of lizmat series. 13:39
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lizmat ok :-) 13:40
antononcube References are the hardest. This the next Rak-LLM project I am going to do -- getting references on Raku articles, modules, and repositories quicker. 13:42
lizmat :-) 13:43
antononcube @lizmat Ideally, there would be a system that hallucinates "App::Rak" commands, executes them, and files GitHub issues if it thinks the results are sub-par. 13:46
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All authomatically. 13:46
lizmat ideally, yes :)
and automatically fix them, even better! :-)
antononcube @lizmat Of course, but that is another system, I would say. 13:47
BTW, this is a nice study project -- Stress testing "App::Rak". I am not discussion it in the notebook, but I might at TRC-2023. It is a very fruitful project, example-wise. 13:50
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@lizmat This command does not find files in the parent directory: rak --find .. -- is this a bug or a feature? 14:08
lizmat that's a bug
antononcube Ok. Including it in the issue I am filing... 14:09
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lizmat afk for a few hours& 14:10
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tonyo librasteve: rust has some really interesting ideas, lifetimes and variable scope (borrowing) being one 16:46
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SmokeMachine rcron now have a `-e` option... usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 18:07
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SmokeMachine 3 different ways for using rakucron: usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 18:38
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nemokosch www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSbq0KE6fVA 22:26
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