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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ Voldenet: thanks 01:23
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/08/21/2023-...-exercism/ 11:23
tbrowder__ .seen nxadm 11:24
tellable6 tbrowder__, I haven't seen nxadm around, did you mean nadim?
lizmat you probably mean El_Che 11:25
tbrowder__ yes, thanks
El_Che: why does rakudo-pkg have the embedded zef directory? it seems to conflict with using zef with the root user, at least for me. 11:27
let me start over: in the rakudo-pkg installation, how can the root user use zef without its installed modules being used by normal users (including myself when i am not acting as root). is it all done via proper path settings? does a normal user really need a path below /opt/rakudo-pkg/bin/raku? can i just create a symlink from /rakudo-pkg/bin/raku to /usr/local/bin for normal users? 11:48
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librasteve I would like my Physics::Unit module to pick up the locale from the machine to choose the units as us-gallons or imp-gallons - is there a handy way to get the "USAness" of the machine? eg. to inspect the keyboard config? 12:36
ideally OS neutral, of course
ooh look I found this in the env LANG => en_GB.UTF-8 12:40
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think I'll use en_US as the selector for now and allow an override to be set in the ENV export RAKULANG='en_US.*' 12:43
^^^ the wildcard intended to mean I will not care about this part 12:44
should I propose this as a new rakudo feature?
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Xliff WTF? 13:37
I'm getting this when running one of my rakudo scripts:
Unhandled exception in code scheduled on thread 4
no space left on device
However my drives have plenty of space. Any ideas as to how to best debug this?
Turns out the problem was NOT drive space, but open apps. 13:44
antononcube @Xliff Linux or Windows? 13:51
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Xliff antoncube: Linux 15:10
Latest Ubuntu (pre-release) 15:11
antononcube Good to know.
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Xliff Um. Exercism is STILL broken for Raku. 18:52
m: sub hello { "Hello, World!" }; say hello
camelia Hello, World!
Xliff It has been broken for over a year. Has anyone even gotten started on the Raku track, yet? 18:54
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tonyo exercism ? 19:13
jdv i've never seen the movie 19:22
nemokosch that's The Exorcist... 19:24
I think ask Daniel Mita if you want to confirm something with Exercism
tonyo what even is it 19:27
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El_Che tbrowder__: it would be a good idea to agree and document how modules work. It can be confusing with the compiled in path en path sets by users or assumed by zef (eg home) 20:33
tbrowder__ yes, i agree. i’m working on something like that in general that to have debian sudo/shell expert critique it. 20:36
*in general like that
El_Che does debian do something special, now? 20:37
librasteve itsa educational tool for many languages with coaching exercises - like glot.io but with directed examples and pathways 20:39
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antononcube @SmokeMachine "RakuCron" is probably the "right" solution for my main Literate programming workflow. Does "RakuCron" allow specification to run a process when, say, a certain file changes? 21:19
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SmokeMachine antononcube: not yet, but it can be done… ( it currently watches the configuration file to (re)start the rules using Configuration github.com/FCO/Configuration). But it’s easily done using “/path/to/file”.IO.watch (docs.raku.org/routine/watch) 22:07
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tbrowder__ El_Che: it may not be new to you, but the way sudo is handled now is apparently not th 23:14
*the way it's supposed to be. i think the major problem i'm having is first figuring out how root is supposed to use zef and how to access it. particularly with the rakudo-pkg file layout (my preferred way to maintain system raku). 23:19
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