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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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wayland76 Hi all! Does anyone know why, a) it's complaining about both sides of the comparison in line 9, and b) why next can't return the $dfn variable? gist.github.com/wayland/367998a78d...30aa1f062d 11:47
If there's something I should be using instead of Nil, let me know! :)
nemokosch I don't think next could return a value in v6.d 11:51
lizmat m: my $a = Nil; say $a # NOT Nil
camelia (Any)
lizmat also: $prev == Nil is a bit of a weird comparison 11:52
nemokosch numeric check
lizmat I would probably write that as: "next $dfn without $prev" 11:53
is the check is really about it being instantiated or not, is my impression
nemokosch anyway, it would require v6.e.PREVIEW language version
wayland76 Yes, agreed. I'll try the "without" option you suggested :) . 11:54
lizmat still the code feels ... weird
why the NEXT phaser ?
wayland76 Oh, just want to ensure that $prev is always the previous iteration's $dfn. 11:55
possibly irrelevant to the example -- sorry.
And, you're right -- it's 6.e.PREVIEW. Is there an easy way to get that (with a "use" statement or something), or is it still to experimental/non-existent for that? 11:56
(ie. next returning values is 6.e.PREVIEW) 11:57
lizmat add "use v6.e.PREVIEW" to your code ? 11:58
or "v6.*" :-)
wayland76 OK, great, I'll try it :) .
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wayland76 Yay! Now I can go to bed happy :) (it's 10pm here). Thanks! 12:02
lizmat yw :) 12:03
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Geth raku.org: ash++ created pull request #185:
Raku Conf date update
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Geth raku.org: 53fa2c33c3 | (Andrew Shitov)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/index.html
Raku Conf date update (#185)
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tbrowder__ anyone using neovim with raku? 19:08
is there a plugin or other object for it to help raku coding? 19:09
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ugexe m: int(1) 20:07
camelia Cannot find method 'is_dispatcher' on object of type BOOTCode
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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nemokosch sadge 20:40
antononcube Did you mean "badge" ? 21:02
nemokosch nop 21:03
antononcube "Sad and depressing" ?
jast I'm guessing this: knowyourmeme.com/memes/sadge 21:16
antononcube @jast Thanks! Apparently, I did not know ⎡my "sadge" meme⎦. 21:18
jast well as long as you realize that it's your property :) 21:20
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tbrowder__ 22:44
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