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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tonyo . 18:49
guifa antononcube: any luck? 19:01
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antononcube @guifa Yes, I was able to install "Intl::Token::Number" last night. (The installation seemed too heavy on dependencies...) And yes is great. 🙂 19:37
@guifa Here is an example: 19:38
tbrowder__ guifa: i concur with blessings for dwarring !! 19:40
antononcube @guifa Which set of raku.land uploads of yours should cite: "zef:guifa" or "github:alabamenhu" ? 19:46
@guifa The former seems larger than the latter... raku.land/zef:guifa
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nemokosch the other is for the old ecosystem 20:02
the "p6c" ecosystem
antononcube @nemokosch Yeah, but guifa's most recent submission is in both. So, I decided to ask, "just in case..." 20:05
lizmat ah, they shouldn't be in both 20:08
that's an artefact
Geth ecosystem/main: 64ec6f79b1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove Intl::Token::Number

It lives in the zef ecosystem now
antononcube @lizmat Thanks! (And this the other reason I asked. 😎 ) 20:13
guifa lizmat: ty! I forgot to remove it 20:17
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lizmat guifa: no worries :-) I would have otherwise noticed it tomorrow doing the weekly 20:41
guifa What I now need to do is a localized regex mode. I was looking over some engines and they will tie, e.g., <alpha> to the locale 20:45
such that English it's [a..zA..Z] but Spanish it's [a..zA..ZáéíóúüñÁÉÍÓÚÜÑ] 20:46
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guifa easiest would be <local-alpha> but I'm also wondering if maybe I could pull off 20:46
grammar Foo does LocalClasses[langtag] { … } and use that to add in overrides for alpha digit punct and friends 20:47
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