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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa can you use the EXPORT sub to push out a multi sub without clobbering the other versions of it? 03:02
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_elcaro_ No reason who that shouldn't work 04:08
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su.shi custom operators are super slow to start up, is there anyway to precompile them or something? 12:35
seems like it's just the circumfix operator 12:36
i love this language so much 12:37
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now if only i could make a custom operator do word quoting 12:41
antononcube @sushi I assume you want unary operator. (Instead of using the Q-lang.) 12:45
su.shi i would like to be able to define something like sub prefix:<`>(*@a) {...} and use it like `my words to pass; instead of `<my words to pass>; 12:46
nemokosch yeah that sounds beyond what operators can do 12:52
basically you want to create a slang
antononcube @sushi Hmm... you might be able to do this: ` my words to pass; , say, using RakuAST. 12:58
su.shi ah not worth it for the little script im writing 13:00
ill have to look into it sometime thoguh
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antononcube @sushi Here is what the Yoda persona prompt of "LLM::Prompts" could generate: > Smart, choosing your battles is. Life, approach to, a wise one. 13:07
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leont getting pinged because I have a highlight for sushi (because of a very different channel) 😅 14:52
That's Audrey on the right, right? twitter.com/chheplo/status/1699766659060568487
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[Coke] wow, looks like! 15:21
[Coke] composes a name-drop email for the architecture team at work! :) 15:24
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[Coke] time.com/collection/time100-ai/630...drey-tang/ is the direct link to her. 16:01
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japhb audrey-tang++ # As usual! 16:16
El_Che impressive 16:28
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tbrowder__ is any mac user running any version earlier than Big Sur (11.7.8)? 20:51
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Xliff \o 22:07
Hi. I want to create a Promise that runs a piece of code that I can kick off at a later date. 22:08
tbrowder__ ok, what is the easy way with raku to copy a file. docs specify copying a path to a path. so to copy file "a/foo" to dir "b" we have to "copy a/foo, b/foo". what a pain. why can't raku "copy a/foo, b/"?
Xliff tbrowder: Why not make a sub? 22:09
sub copyFile ($a, $b) { $a.IO.copy($b) }
$a and $b are filenames
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Xliff gist.github.com/Xliff/976f3808165c...f5cd14aa85 22:30
antononcube @tbrowder " @Anton Antonov a sensitive question on yr recent speech in russia, any sense of Russian scientists' opinions on invasion?" -- The conference I attended (and gave presentation at) was in St. Petersburg, Russia, but I did my participation online. (I think 95% attended in person) So, it is somewhat difficult for me to judge what people think about the invasion, without having my own biases and 22:31
Xliff m: sub a { say 42 }; my @a = (); a( |@a ) 22:33
camelia 42
tbrowder__ Xliff: ah, a sub, that's a good idea, 22:40
antonantonov: thanks, i assumed you were there for some reason 22:41
Xliff: i'll try it but i don't think it will work with dirs 22:45
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tbrowder__ this is a kludge one-liner: copy $patha, "$somedir/{$patha.IO.basename}" 22:47
that works, but making that a sub is a good idea. but still, raku should handle it better 22:48
i think i filed an issue long ago and it got shot down 22:49
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tbrowder__ no, i didn't. so what do ppl think about having raku's "copy" allow coping to a directory? posix does, why not raku? 22:57
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tbrowder__ antononcube: ^^^ 23:14
antononcube @tbrowder Thank you for your interest! 🙂 23:17
@tbrowder I am "in the middle" of using "Text::Utils". 23:18
tbrowder__ antononcube: i bought wolfram’s giant book not long after it came out. i thought he had solved the universe with his magic. you have piqued my interest again in the wolfram products. prices have come down a lot and the relations/transforms you’ve shown between raku and wolfram are intriguing. 23:42
i know a woman who uses an excel spreadsheet in weird ways to create weekly schedules for our local senior center. i tried to help her with automating some of the process with raku but didn’t have much luck. wolframs ability to wrangle data from multiple binary sources may make a relook worthwhile. 23:47
antononcube @tbrowder Yes, WL can help. I just released today another version of the WL paclet "DataReshapers": resources.wolframcloud.com/PacletR...Reshapers/ . 23:49
@tbrowder My point is actually, that WL has a more general take on what datasets are -- they do not consider tabular data that important. (At least initially.) Hence, I have been make some paclets and presentations on how to streamline data wrangling in WL. 23:51
Well, I apply the same workflows in Raku too.