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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ well, some raku core person made my day! looking at the docs trying to see current state of "copy" i see file ".extension" is now in core, hooray! 10:59
i must have missed the announcement 11:00
lizmat yeah, there are some good people working behind the scenes :-) 11:01
tbrowder__ i was going to guess it was you, liz
how about copy, then 11:02
copy /a/b, /b => /b/b
it would be a chore to do full *nix semantics, but the simple case maybe... 11:03
for myself, that is the most-used, and a pain with current method. i tried working on a File::Copy years ago to argue for that but i got lost in the weeds 11:06
i may revisit the module and make it lighter... 11:08
nemokosch it was probably liz 11:10
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tbrowder__ looking at File::Copy. it was removed from CPAN. 11:23
and marked with a danger warning
;-( 11:24
lizmat there's BackPAN I think? 11:25
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tbrowder__ oh i still have the code. i’ll see if i can reduce the warning and put it Zef 11:47
maybe back off to the simple sub / simple case
it’s in my github at File-Copy 11:49
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opoku hello, i'm having trouble evaluating a heredoc inside of an emacs Raku REPL buffer. Pasting the same here doc in a Raku REPL in a terminal works fine. Gist showing error here: gist.github.com/opoku/626a0a49ee54...1de2748851 12:07
lizmat heredocs in the REPL are currently not supprted afaik 12:09
nemokosch I wonder what you did that it worked fine in a Raku REPL in a terminal 😄
never managed to use it 12:10
opoku i just copied the text and pasted into a repl running in my terminal 12:21
nemokosch didn't work for me 12:22
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opoku typing it out didn't work but pasting it did 12:25
lizmat: thanks for the clarification 12:26
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tbrowder__ fyi, i'm getting successful windows testing (without prove6)/with a bash script and raku -I. iterating over the test files in t/ 14:49
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tbrowder__ for f in t/* ; do raku -I. $f ; done 15:08
put in yr windows.yml for github actions 15:09
antononcube @tbrowder So, you have a windows machine to experiment with Raku packages? 15:13
@tbrowder If you answer yes, I am going to ask you to figure out or test the copying to the OS clipboard with Raku. 🙂 (Using the package "Clipboard" : raku.land/zef:antononcube/Clipboard .) 15:22
tbrowder__ no, not yet, but i rely on github's test vm 15:44
one thing i do is separate github workflows testing so the badges show green or red for each os and it's easier to work each os separately. 15:46
if you use my Mi6::Helper you can see with a new Foo module how that is done and mimic it. 15:47
i'll take a look, though, i also now, thanks to [Coke] look at Chocalatey for windows packages that may need to be added 15:49
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antononcube @tbrowder Thanks, good to know points. 16:00
tbrowder__ erg, trying to release an update and getting failures with Digest::SHA2 again. any workaround? 16:27
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nemokosch what are the failures? 17:06
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tbrowder__ i’ll sen gist in a bit 17:13
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tbrowder__ um, never mind, test is OBE, don’t ask 18:40
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guifa making a local alpha token was surprisingly easier than I thought 19:40
with RakuAST I mean 19:41
(actually, it's much easier than doing it with EVAL by probably an order of magnitude lol)
Only reason I haven't released it yet is I found a bug in Intl::CLDR and decided a part could use some better architecture to enable exactly what I'm trying to do better hahaha 19:49
(CLDR abbreviates the alphabet for languages with ranges. i was expanding them. cool for English et al. Japanese and Chinese have some very large ones and expanding is wasteful since regex will compress them back into a range definition) 19:51
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antononcube 🤔 20:05
tbrowder__ btw, i forgot bash is not on windows, so i just add one exe line for each test file, something in the win.yml like: run | raku -I. t/test1.t \n raku -I t/test2.t ...
name each test file explicitly, one per line followin the "run |" 20:07
you can see it in action on the community modules repo with my PR for File::Find 20:12
good test on windows!
nemokosch yes, you fixed it... but at what cost. Using a more than a year old Rakudo 20:17
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tbrowder__ i don't know why you say that 20:54
nemokosch isn't it simply true? 20:55
tbrowder__ the vm is using rakudo-latest
and so am i
nemokosch I thought we were talking about this: github.com/raku-community-modules/...ae63030167 20:56
tbrowder__ oh, you're right--forgot to change that part. doing that now 21:02
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nemokosch oh, so that wasn't it 21:04
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tbrowder__ thnx, corrected, fingers crossed 21:08
and tests ok 21:10
it doesn't solve the prove6 problem, but it's a valid alternative imho 21:11
nemokosch nice ^^ 21:16
On a different note: I would be thankful if somebody could explain to me what the point of a "test harness" even is 21:19
tbrowder__ now if someone can provide a powershell equiv to the bash thing. a short raku prog or one-liner should do it... 21:22
ugexe zef will test like that if you invoke it with --/prove --/tap-harness 21:25
i.e. run `raku -I. -Iother-depends t/my-test1.t`, `raku -I. -Iother-depends t/my-test2.t`, etc
one thing a harness does is aggregate 21:26
nemokosch so it could be changed to zef test --/prove --/tap-harness . ? 21:31
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