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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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japhb Xliff: I'm doing something less awesome there, unfortunately; I'm using the where in multiple (MAIN) multis in order to give them all a common set of options that I can capture -- and then feeding that capture (from whichever multi variant) to a routine that does the destructure using its own signature. 01:04
Xliff: And if you wanted to have the same signature on multiple different routines, you could probably use the `.signature` of that destructuring routine in your where clauses.
I hadn't quite gone that far.
Although now that I think of it, that might be a useful idea 01:05
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guifa tonyo: I've played with that a lot 01:44
but haven't figured it out just yet (but I haven't tried just yet) 01:45
err 01:46
recently I mean
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Xliff japhb: Well, thanks for sharing. It's given me something to think about! 02:56
japhb :-) 03:10
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: 84a44fbc4b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | minutes/20230909.md
Add RSC meeting minutes for 2023-09-09
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tbrowder__ .tell antononcube A debian man gave me a bash script used to mock xclip. Maybe you can figure out how to use it for github testing for Raku::Clipboard. I'll gist it here later. 10:27
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to antononcube
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Xliff \o 10:53
How can I get the capture a routine was called with?
Or do I need to use a capture in the parameter list?
m: sub a ($a, $b, $c) { &?ROUTINE.signature.List.gist.say }; a(1, 2, 3);
camelia (($a, $b, $c))
Xliff I'm trying to get the above to return (1,2 3)
(I think I've asked this before and forgot about it ... or something) 10:54
lizmat the only way I know about this, is to do a capture
nemokosch same
lizmat m: sub a(|c) { dd c.list }; a(1,2,3)
camelia (1, 2, 3)
nemokosch fortunately, you can still keep your arguments as well
m: sub a(|c($a, $b, $c)) { dd $a, $c, c }; a(1,2,3) 10:56
Raku eval 1 3 \(1, 2, 3)
tbrowder__ yo, i just discovered cronitor.io for monitoring and displaying cron status. anyone heard of it or use it? 10:57
guifa 2. deprecate indirect object syntax (moved to problem-solving) 11:01
noooooooooooo i actually use this lol
lizmat well, make sure your opinion is known :-) 11:02
and why you use it
guifa the only reason I use it less right now is because Comma doesn't like it
nemokosch I think the comparison with .& was a bit baseless, though 11:03
lizmat yeah, it's a gnarly issue to fix with Comma, I've been led to believe
nemokosch .& is the reason you can use whatevercode regardless whether you have a subroutine or a method
it streamlines disposable lambdas
does this comma method call have a similar practical use?
guifa but just like we have "die if foo" and "if foo { die }" (sometimes one is better than the other), we can have "push @array: $item" and [email@hidden.address] $item", depending on where we want to the focus for the reader (plus it removes the need for providing subs. we have push @array, $item, but that's not needed because of the indirect syntax 11:05
but just like we have "die if foo" and "if foo { die }" (sometimes one is better than the other), we can have "push @array: $item" and "@array.push: $item", depending on where we want to the focus for the reader (plus it removes the need for providing subs. we have push @array, $item, but that's not needed because of the indirect syntax
guifa is off to $day-job
lizmat nemokosch guifa meant the Comma IDE 11:06
nemokosch and I meant colon 🙂
the word just got stuck
lizmat ok, understood :-)
nemokosch but at the same time, I also don't see some big practical issue that it's causing 11:07
lizmat well, it *is* causing an issue in the Comma IDE 11:11
nemokosch that should be their concern. Honestly, they are highly privileged within the Raku community
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lizmat nemokosch OOC, in what way ? 11:36
nemokosch they are pretty much the only ones who can financially benefit from the whole project overall, and given that, they don't give back a lot. There is a "community version" which is an IDEA plugin basically, and kind of a shareware version of the commercial product. 11:38
It wouldn't be completely unreasonable, given the circumstances, to expect that they do more about the editor and development tools situation in a way the whole community could benefit from 11:40
lizmat I'm pretty sure that "they" are operating at a loss 11:43
nemokosch and "we" aren't 11:48
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/09/11/2023-37-issuing/ 12:04
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antononcube @tbrowder Thank you! (I will gladly experiment with a debian mock-up of Xclip.) 12:43
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dakkar lizmat: in the latest weekly, the link «A lot more diverse by Aerbil313» goes to a HN comment stating that the author (Aerbil313) is «fundamentalist Muslim supporter of child marriage and Islamic Jihad»; are you sure we want Raku to be associated with that? 12:59
nemokosch it's almost like a bait tbh 13:08
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tbrowder__ www.irccloud.com/pastebin/w1yhM4Nc/ 13:47
done 13:48
^^^ xclip mockup for Debian 13:49
antononcube @tbrowder Thanks! 13:52
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@dakkar It might be just a manifestation, or use, or abuse, of Poe’s law… 13:55
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dakkar antoncube: might be, sure. it's still weird to see it linked from the Rakudo Weekly 14:18
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antononcube @dakkar I understand what you are saying. But, on the other hand, every recent Rakudo Weekly post is making a political statement, hence, it should not be that weird to have links to comments that proclaim political- and Raku affinities together. 14:28
dakkar it's the "I support raping children and killing infidels" that feels a bit excessive
tbrowder__ antononcube: yw, hope you can use it 14:31
antononcube @dakkar Again, 1) it is just a link to a comment, 2) the comment itself might be "just" a sarcastic response. 14:32
@tbrowder Yes, I am reading the code now.
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nemokosch actually... 14:35
why not ask the author? @aerbil313
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aerbil313 Uh… What’s going on? Don’t want to read the history here 14:40
antononcube @aerbil313 Is your handle related to the city Erbil? (This question is not that related to the history above..) 14:41
lizmat dakkar: I was in two minds about it. Yet I think it is important to realize Raku can be used by anybody, it's open source of course
aerbil313 Ahahaha you guys saw my comment on HN? I legit was waiting for something to happen since every day I wrote it… 14:42
antononcube @lizmat Yes, that is the point I try to convey too.
aerbil313 You think you’re gonna be associated with Jıhad in people’s minds because of that?
dakkar and child marriage, yes 14:43
you are, of course, free to publish whatever you want wherever you can
it's just the link from the weekly that feels off to me
lizmat aerbil313 you realize of course that one of the core developers is transgender?
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aerbil313 Do you think I2P project and Theseus OS are gonna think the same? 14:44
dakkar don't care, not relevant, tbh
aerbil313 You guys are just oversocialized. Look up its definition. Get over it. Taliban is using Linux and open source somewhere in its org. 14:45
dakkar I mainly wanted to make sure that lizmat (who does a ton of work and doesn't get praised enough) was aware of the content of the linked comment, that's all
lizmat I was aware of it, yes 14:46
dakkar then my "job" is done
aerbil313 There are muslims in every software community and at least %70 of them are supporters of Islamic Jihad and child marriage as well. They just don’t loudly proclaim like me.
thebb :D
dakkar again, you can write/publish/proclaim anything you want, I'm not stopping you
(not only I can't, I don't want to)
aerbil313 I like Raku, I thank you guys for the work you do for it. 14:47
It seems the most perfect mix of a language for small scale productivity.
I don’t see why ideology and politics are relevant here. 14:48
Ok dakkar, I undersand
* understand
antononcube @aerbil313 "[...] Get over it. Taliban is using Linux and open source somewhere in its org." -- Yes. And after they saw the version of "Debian" called "Lesbian" they decided to make a version called "Talibian". 14:49
aerbil313 I don’t believe that at all 14:50
I didn’t hear anything about Lesbian. They must have created Talibian it because it rhymes with Debian and Taliban.
[Coke] .seen codesections 14:52
tellable6 [Coke], I saw codesections 2022-03-29T20:41:00Z in #raku: <codesections> I don't have a release date for epee yet, sorry ☹
aerbil313 We have a version of debian ourselves in Turkey called Pardus, rhymes with the Turkish name of Anatolian panther, Pars. 14:53
antononcube Here is a relevant link: www.lesbian.mine.nu
I think it has a Turkish translation too.
aerbil313 Yes plenty of West-lovers here 14:54
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antononcube Russian culture lovers too... 14:55
aerbil313 Taliban would not be offended because some people online create Lesbian, that’s all I’m saying. We get offended for more serious things like the burning of the Quran.
lizmat and about LGTBQ people... :-( 14:56
aerbil313 And LGBT walks in our own lands.
antononcube A few of my former Turkish students were much better versed in Russian literature than me.
aerbil313 Many of Russian novels are obligatıry reading in many schools here.
I read many
antononcube @dakker Yeah, I also do not think Taliban would be offended by burning Lesbian. 14:57
(On a CD, or otherwise...) 14:58
aerbil313 Nah we don’t burn people
antononcube I did not say that!! 🙂
aerbil313 > …otherwise ? 14:59
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antononcube Why would think of a person? Not, say, a manual for the "Lesbian" distro? 14:59
lizmat anyways: I'm pretty sure that I would live in a country with Shariah law, I would already be dead
" In the teachings of Islam, the transgender phenomenon has been existed in the early days of the development of Islam, and it has been forbidden strictly. The Islamic view about this issue could be found in the prophet’s hadith explicitly." 15:01
from: www.researchgate.net/publication/3...ransgender 15:02
aerbil313 I don’t mean to be rude, but Westerners have a view of Muslims as idiot simple savages. We have a very clear and comprehensive unified universal legal and moral system. We don’t act with any hatred nor any mercy in implementation of our law. Those barbarian savages you’re looking for, those who are acting emotionally, killing and genociding every “other” in their society are Hindus. 15:08
lizmat ok, I think this has gone far enough off-topic here to continue 15:09
japhb aerbil313: Kindly stop trolling.
lizmat: You mean "discontinue"?
aerbil313 I’m not trolling 15:10
Going to #politics in discord. Gonna write there.
lizmat please do
japhb: I mean it had to stop 15:11
japhb Ah, gotcha, and agreed.
lizmat funny how "child marriage" is always about young girls and older men, and never about older women and young boys 15:12
*sigh* 15:13
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vrurg lizmat: I'm not be so sure about "always", but anyway it's not far from the reality. 15:14
*I'd not be 15:15
aerbil313 funny how off-topic means “things the in-group doesn’t like”. wrote the homosexuality punishments in islam at #politics 15:18
antononcube I think that was one (or five) of the points people made in the thread you commented in at YCombinator. 15:19
aerbil313 Yeah that thread and post was very interesting. Did you know people belonging the Blue Tribe or the Red Tribe can be detected while they’re doing literally nothing, sitting on a chair, with their brain scans? 15:20
nemokosch the discord bridge will be blocked again, bruh 15:21
japhb aerbil313: You have correctly chosen to move your discussion to #politics, please keep it *all* there.
antononcube @nemokosch I feel your pain !! 😀
Basically, if you get Nemokosh discord-deprived (in both senses) he goes to New Zealand. 15:22
(To be a "kiwi.")
Yeah, but that has always been the case. 15:23
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jdv smells like indecision. in any case i dont get why the absence meaning current is bad. 15:49
wrong chan
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tonyo a new grunge song by nirwanna 16:32
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gfldex .tell Xliff I did spend some thinking time on your reusability question. You don't even need a macro. An EVAL in a BEGIN inside a module won't get a performance hit, thanks to precomp. 19:36
tellable6 gfldex, I'll pass your message to Xliff
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guifa oof 23:50
I wrote a thesis on the indirect syntax LOL 23:51
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