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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ antononcube: for using raku with mathematica/wolfram, which buying option is best of the three offered to hobbyists? and which product? 12:18
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librasteve ^^ good question, I would like to test drive also (is there eg a 30 day trial?) 12:45
tbrowder__ lizmat: i'm getting a failure with your module 'are' on a debian 11 VM with an installed raku 'v2020.22' (it's the debian latest, ugh). would you expect that for such an old version (i hope so)? 12:54
lizmat lemme check 12:55
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tbrowder__ it's on digital ocean, btw 12:56
lizmat what's the error ?\
antononcube @tbrowder and @librasteve On getting and using Mathematica (in general): 1) Download Mathematica’s trial versions (I think it is 14 days) 2) Buy Mathematica Home Edition (I think it is less than $200) (in some promotions is ≈$150) 3) Get the Wolfram Engine — it is free for developers (requires registration with email) 13:00
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The free for developers Wolfram Engine (WE) can be used with Jupyter. I.e. there is a Wolfram Language Jupyter kernel. 13:01
Raku can connect to the Wolfram Engine via “Proc::ZMQed”. 13:02
Alternatively, Raku can be used in Mathematica notebooks via the paclet “RakuMode”. 13:03
lizmat tbrowder_: I don't see anything in the "are" code itself that could cause any problems
tbrowder__ sorry, i will have to tell you later..,happened earlier this am and something changed in my fumbling
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antononcube @tbrowder I discuss using Wolfram Engine (Mathematica) in Raku here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWeGkJU3wdM 13:06
@tbrowder For the other way around — using Raku in Mathematica — I made this paclet : resources.wolframcloud.com/PacletR.../RakuMode/ 13:07
tbrowder__ hm, does Jupyter have a raku kernel? 13:12
didn't see one.
replit.com does 13:13
antononcube @tbrowder Yes, there are two Raku packages that provide a Raku kernel for Jupyter: 1) "Jupyter::Kernel", 2) "Jupyter::Chatbook" . The latter is based on the former. 13:15
tbrowder__ thanks! 13:16
antononcube For the Raku in Mathematica connection ("RakuMode") I used "Text::CodeProcessing" which borrows heavily from "Jupyter::Kernel". (Written by Brian Duggan.) 13:17
Related, I plan to make another "Jupyter::Chatbook" demo movie today. 13:18
@tbrowder and @librasteve You might find this Reddit discussion interesting: www.reddit.com/r/Mathematica/comme...epository/ 13:26
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tbrowder__ thnx 14:53
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librasteve ditto 18:38
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antononcube 👍 18:49
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[Coke] sub baz is native(LIBBAR) { * } - why does this *invoke* a raku sub LIBBAR? 19:48
if i have a script with this, and run -c on it, it invokes the sub. 19:49
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tonyo m: say 'sub baz is native(LIBBAR) { * }'.AST 20:45
camelia ===SORRY!===
BEGIN time calls only supported for simple constructs so far
ugexe because you can pass a Callable to `native(...)` 20:56
although if there isn't an actual LIBBAR callable then yeah that would be strange
antononcube weekly: rakuforprediction.wordpress.com/20...lmprompts/ 21:09
tbrowder__ ugexe: can you add that use of zef you showed us for testing to the zef README? 21:22
lizmat: i've revisited File::Copy and think i can make it work. the original intent was to demo doing it in core but that was a disaster, i should have made a PR in core. now i'm making an exported sub 'cp' instead. 21:25
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tonyo tbrowder__++ 22:32
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