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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jdv and just did the same on a 3rd box which is ~2023.04. 00:02
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hythm >Merging GLOBAL symbols failed: duplicate definition of symbol SSL00:57 01:03
I remember seeing this issue when installing `Whateverable`. downgrading `IRC::Client` fixed the issue for me
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jdv i think i have current - IRC::Client:ver<4.0.9>:auth<zef:lizmat> 03:29
hythm: ^
hythm Ok Thanks for confirming, it was probably a different issue then 03:30
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etothepiiminus1 Hi all, i love the flexibility of the grammar and parsing functionality to easily create custom operators like sub postfix:<[]>(\terms) { 06:58
terms[0] terms[1]
my $result = (3, 4)[]; # Should return 12
say "Result in Raku: $result";
Likewise for easily chanfing json syntax etc. Is anyone aware of any textbooks ghat got into the theory of this? It would be ideal if raku were the language of example but just as interested in engineering/deigning custom formats.
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nemokosch I have seen this "Merging GLOBAL symbols" issue a number of times, not even sure if with SSL 08:53
lizmat .tell AlexDaniel could you confirm which version of IRC::Client you have installed ? 08:59
ah... tellable is OOO :-(
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lizmat AlexDaniel: looks to me that it dies on not finding the tellable-seen file ? 09:16
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El_Che (building linux packages for 2023.09 as we speak, sorry I missed the release. Thx tbrowder__ for the friendly poke :) ) 10:24
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El_Che t/09-moar/01-profilers.t , the bane of my existence 10:41
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tbrowder__ El_Che: yw! i think i've found a bug, do you have a place for filing issues? 12:13
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tbrowder__ specifically in one place file rakudo-pkg.sh is linked to rakudo-pkg_paths.sh and i'm not sure that's correct 12:19
sorry, rakudo-pkg_path.sh 12:20
El_Che issues I would say, but if it's an easy fix I could add it to this release 12:25
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tbrowder__ thnx 13:14
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tbrowder__ what is the preferred, ambiguous recipe for the root user to always install his or her module distros in '$some-dir'? 13:36
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tbrowder__ i'm always confused about diff between to=site/some/path and to=inst#/some/path. it's ugly, but to=inst#/some/path seems to be unambiguous 14:06
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melezhik o/ 14:23
I've successfully migrated sparrowci to new free hosting ... so new projects are welcome, at least I no longer pay for the hosting )) 14:24
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nemokosch it can be self-hosted as well, right? 14:50
El_Che weekly; rakudo packages releases for 2023.09 github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/releas...g/v2023.09 15:01
weekly: rakudo packages releases for 2023.09 github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/releas...g/v2023.09
antononcube Great! 15:04
ugexe tbrowder__: zef will by default prefix any regular path (like /some/path) with `inst#` because of complaints. I usually write inst#/some/path myself 15:35
tbrowder__ thnx, then why do you need the “site” method. isn’t that too much abstraction? zef docs could definitely use some shortening 😁 15:39
El_Che: ++ another smooth debian raku upgrade, thnx! 15:44
was there an error in the site path setting?
tonyo tbrowder__: --to is the best way to be specific 15:48
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jdv El_Che: did i forget to ping you about it? 16:03
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tbrowder__ tonyo: got it, thnx 16:05
El_Che: you mentioned it obliquely, yes 16:06
btw, what is the oldest debian release you are supporting? 16:07
El_Che tbrowder__: I need to have a proper look, because I do nothing special with zef. It's installed by root and there is a script to install it as a user. Nothing is changed or preconfigured. 16:36
tbrowder__: debian 11
I support what is not EOL
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ugexe m: say CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry.repository-for-name("site"); # tbrowder__ because in Raku core repositories can be referenced by name 17:01
camelia inst#/home/camelia/rakudo-m-inst-1/share/perl6/site
tonyo tbrowder__: envy is a utility i published that should help you have reusable/ephemeral CURs in raku 17:03
in case you're interested in that
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tbrowder__ El_Che: it's not a zef issue, it's the contents of the /etc/profile.d/rakudo-pkg.sh file 17:50
the site path does not exist
tonyo: thnx 17:57
El_Che: is your debian raku factory source publicly available? i have some older hosts that i don't need to update other than for raku 18:01
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Xliff \o 18:28
tbrowder__ tonyo: i looked at envy when it was first released, but didn't think of a use case for me. sales pitch you have?
Xliff I'm currently running through dev tests (dev-t) in my GLib package, and am running into memory issues with dev-t/10-hashtable.t 18:29
I'm getting flapping behavior for it. Would love it if someone else could take a gander and see if it's something completely obvious.
pakku add GLib; git clone github.com/Xliff/p6-gLib; cd p6-GLib; raku dev-t/10-hashtable.t 18:30
^^ Installation instructions.
If you aren't on Debian or Ubuntu, you will run into installation errors, which are easily resolvable. I just don't have the data for other distros. 18:31
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gfldex Xliff: How much RAM is available? 18:34
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AlexDaniel Some of the bots are back up! 🤗 I'm still working on the glibc issue so the other bots will be brought up a bit later. 18:37
tonyo tbrowder__: no real sales pitch for it, it's helpful for say, someone like me or ugexe, who end up installing a ton of stuff we don't really need in an effort to debug. it could also work in the same as python's virtual envs where rather than polluting the global namespaces you want to localize those installs to the project directory
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tbrowder__ gotcha, it's a tool maker's tool! 18:40
tonyo yea, and useful for module developers as well 18:46
tbrowder__ El_Che: disregard my question on src avail 18:48
Xliff gfldex: What do you mean? My current box has 32G
Hmmm.... I should make a Docker image with all of my ready stuff available. 18:51
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melezhik Nemokosch: yes SparrowCI could be self hosted 19:18
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Xliff I can't stand dealing with Docker. 19:34
Too many hassles.
Is there an official rakudo docker image? 19:37
If so, where can I find information on it?
tonyo: Heya! What distro is the tonyodell/rakudo-nightly based on? 19:40
tonyo Xliff: i have nightlies, wouldn't call it official though
Xliff :) 19:41
tonyo hub.docker.com/r/tonyodell/rakudo-nightly
nightlies since 2019
Xliff Righto... what Linux distribution? 19:42
tonyo ubuntu
Xliff \o/
Thanks! I think I'll use yours, then. 19:43
tonyo size is about 50mb, it does some tricks to keep the size low
Xliff I want to use it as a base for my GLib packages
El_Che tbrowder__: I haven't cleanup upthe repos, old packages are still there 19:45
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Xliff tonyo: Damn. I ran out of space on the container. Do you know how to increase? 20:12
tonyo stackoverflow.com/questions/324857...disk-space 20:13
Xliff Hmmm.. I do not have a /var/lib/docker 20:17
tonyo are you using podman or docker?
Xliff docker
tonyo if you're using the docker ui it's easier it looked like, i use podman so i'm not too sure how to increase with docker
Xliff Yeah, I think I found it. 20:18
Aaand... it sits there and spins. 20:19
Aaand now I have to reboot.... 20:20
*sigh* -- bbl
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nemokosch there are several Rakudo Docker images, Daniel Mita also tends to update a git repo 20:53
tellable6 2023-05-09T08:51:21Z #raku <Voldenet> Nemokosch: zig introduces a lot of good ideas into the language, for instance @frame/suspend, slices, comptime things, function pointers compared to C…
2023-05-09T10:38:48Z #raku <El_Che> Nemokosch: with Perl family background etc, let's say the eye of the beholder applies :)
2023-05-22T22:02:00Z #raku <guifa> Nemokosch: I don't think it was so much weak typing with methods, as weak typing for when you do a quoted string list (akin to perl's @foo = qw(a 13 b c 93) ) so that they always pass the string test when passing to subs
2023-07-06T19:55:43Z #raku <rf> nemokosch: TCL is basically string theory
2023-07-09T12:31:53Z #raku <xinming_> nemokosch: Thanks, Even there is no such thing, knowing the name for this operation is good enough for me.
hey nemokosch, you have a message: gist.github.com/970cf88fcb55e8b7a0...36de01a944
AlexDaniel interesting 21:10
why did it only deliver the messages now 21:11
nemokosch because I'm not on IRC using this handle 21:17
and it didn't use to trigger for the bridge
(rightfully so, I'd say)
AlexDaniel hmmmm 21:18
ping me if it's causing problems 21:19
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nemokosch it's not really causing problems, it's just strange that it changed 22:03
and it's kind of pointless because if the bridge works, the messages will get stored either way, and if it doesn't, then I will miss it anyway 😄 22:04
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tbrowder__ El_Che: thanks. i do need to do ver upgrade, though. 23:16
just a pain 🙃 23:17
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