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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
AlexDaniel nemokosch: it's not too strange that it changed, I think the version on the server was a bit outdated compared to the repo and the bot didn't know the name of the bridge bot 00:18
the functionality is still cool, if you want to ensure that the message gets noticed, you can .tell over the bridge 00:19
I open discord once every few months so I don't keep up with all the notifications
nemokosch this bridge even turns usernames into tags 00:20
if the logger is able to figure out that I'm online on Discord and won't just practically double the messages whenever somebody uses it, then it's fine 00:22
AlexDaniel if somebody .tells explicitly, then the behavior is the same 00:27
for users over the bridge there's no auto-.tell
nemokosch I hope that's true because it wasn't true previously
AlexDaniel when's that? :) 00:28
ahh, those messages
nemokosch those messages predominantly came from "IRC tags", not .tell calls
AlexDaniel yeah… maybe at the time when you were on IRC? I don't know… I'm not sure 00:29
but clearly there would have been a lot more messages if this was a consistent problem, hmmm
nemokosch but... why would it .tell right when I am at IRC? this doesn't add up either way 00:30
AlexDaniel if you're on IRC but then leave and switch to discord, then it'd still remember you as an IRC user 00:31
until your next discord message
nemokosch At some point, this stacking up was a regular sight 00:35
AlexDaniel oh
nemokosch I don't mind if the resolution is that it simply won't save messages as it apparently used to
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jerome70 Hello, are there any resources to use parquet files in raku ? 07:55
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NemokoschKiwi Patrick Michaud is such a respectable and humble person that it's really hard to just tell him what I have been thinking for quite a while now 12:20
Namely that everything I have seen from him in discussions on Github more or less directly reassured or contributed to the messy and hard to approach nature of the Raku community 12:22
antononcube @jerome70 I don’t think so. 12:45
tellable6 2022-11-12T14:05:06Z #raku <tbrowder> antononcube: can you get a centered string in Markdown?
2023-07-11T11:47:58Z #raku <tbrowder__> antononcube can you say what os and supporting equip you're using for producing your mathematica and raku work as shown in article above? thnx
2023-09-11T10:27:51Z #raku <tbrowder__> antononcube A debian man gave me a bash script used to mock xclip. Maybe you can figure out how to use it for github testing for Raku::Clipboard. I'll gist it here later.
antononcube @jerome70 In general, Raku’s data ingestion capabilities from data science perspective are not that great. I personally very rarely use parquet, so it is not in my TODO list to work on related Raku readers/writers. 🙂 12:49
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@tbrowder I don’t think I have seen (and answered) the Markdown question of yours: Markdown should be able to center-align a string using HTML specs. As far as know native Markdown does not support alignment specs. 12:52
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tbrowder__ correct, it doesn't. too bad. 13:25
at least i haven't found that it can. 13:26
Voldenet markdown was designed with extreme simplicity in mind, but it can be quickly converted to html which can be adjusted later 13:33
whenever I needed something slightly more advanced than markdown, I went path of just writing html 13:34
nemokosch Rakudoc! 😄 13:54
but yeah HTML is solid tech for a great variety of things
from the XAML-ish use case to documents 13:55
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tbrowder__ um, xml is horrible for ppl to use. 16:08
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tbrowder__ i was wrking fr dod contractor when they discovered xml as the solution for everything, yuck 16:10
rikashore heya, so is there any reason the action corressponding to a grammar would produce Nil, for context I have an action that looks like method dot ($/) { make Dot } where Dot is a role definition that looks like role Dot does Token {}, now when I'm parsing this via the grammar, it produces Nil as opposed to Dot 16:16
Voldenet XML is horrible, but html is hardly xml 16:17
tbrowder__ well, not much better for a markup language imho 16:25
but that's a personal pref, i really prefer rakupod
in a variant i hope the new raku doc team proposes before too long 16:27
nemokosch hello, right back at you... 16:32
I just wanted to add that HTML is mostly XML-compatible and iirc this is a very typical scenario of "how you use it" 16:33
I remember that a creator of SGML criticized XML for being too bloated which was funny because SGML was basically a superset of XML 16:34
and eventually the criticism was mostly about the way XML is often used, i.e it is too bloated for data
while iirc SGML was intended to describe documents 16:36
> role Dot does Token {} I can't see anything called Token, where does that come from? 16:37
rikashore uh thats a role defined in the same module 16:38
although I think I've figured out the issue
I use a longest match alternation rule called tok which has no corresponding action
now I'm not sure how to get the made value from it 16:39
nemokosch made is just an attribute attached to the match, right? 16:40
rikashore yeah but that seems to be nil in this case
method tok ($/) { say $/.made } when I run this I just get Nil printed
wait let me put the entire thing onto a paste service 16:41
paste.myst.rs/hpih91dz 16:42
nemokosch huh, I'm starting to understand the idea 16:46
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and how do you invoke it? 16:53
rikashore my $match = Lex::Lexer.parse('.', actions => Lex::Tokenizer); say $match.made; 16:54
just the usual way
nemokosch > Match.new(:orig("."), :from(0), :pos(1), :hash(Map.new((:dot(Match.new(:orig("."), :from(0), :pos(1), :made(1))))))) 17:00
dd $match<tok>[0]
that :made is at an interesting place...
rikashore I don't know how to read that 😅
nemokosch dd $match<tok>[0].<dot>.made; 17:03
okay... this is indeed 1
I think something went wrong with the nesting 17:04
rikashore right so from some debug printing 17:05
inside the tok method, the match has the value set for whatever was parsed
so say a . was encountered $<dot> is set
nemokosch one would expect the tok itself having the ast set
but that clearly doesn't 17:06
rikashore yeah I suppose, but something about the alternation regex messes that up
nemokosch there are things that it does seem to mess up but this would be too much...
but now that you mentioned it - have you considered turning tok into a proto? 17:07
rikashore that causes issues with uh parsing multiples 17:08
that was my original solution
but it causes some weird infinite loop(?) as in it would just infinitely do nothing when I tried to run it
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nemokosch anyway, I think the problem is simply that the action of tok itself should make the link to whichever rule matched 17:09
I guess this is really why protos were invented 😅
like one can hardcode make $<dot>.made in method tok but that doesn't really scale well 😄 17:11
the other way I've seen in people's code is that they add this imperative handling straight into the token 17:12
without any parser class
... which doesn't mean that I could do it right 17:13
let me try to turn it into a proto anyway 17:26
rikashore okay, if you get something do ping me! It's getting late here and i need to hop off 17:31
nemokosch okay, sure 17:32
I've definitely gotten somewhere 17:47
@rikashore gist.github.com/2colours/94f345b3b...6832dcfdd5 can you read it? 17:49
I made it into a monolith but other than that I think you can see how I modified the grammar and the parser 17:50
and this does give me [Dot]
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