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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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rikashore Ah okay I see 01:51
I was earlier also using the <sym> token to match stuff which was causing issues 01:52
But that looks great thanks a lot!
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nemokosch 🍬 09:21
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tbrowder__ g’day, all 12:49
nemokosch hello hello 12:52
tbrowder__ i started a thread over on raku-dev about renaming DISTRIBUTION.content to something more appropriate such as “.io-handle”
nemokosch yep, seen
tbrowder__ whadda ya tink? 12:53
my theory is the name was chosen early on when it was going to actually provide content, and it was late in the game when it was decided the method shouldn’t provide content but too late to change the name 12:57
kinda like some other names have been changed or aliases provided as the community grew 12:58
anyhoo, first time i’ve needed it 12:59
ugexe That’s not correct
it was called content because the Dsitribution interface is for accessing addressable content. That content might not be backed by a file 13:00
tbrowder__ ok
i need to look at docs again. i think it did mention that the user needed to know how to access the “content” and file handle was an example. thnx for reminder. 13:04
ugexe github.com/ugexe/Raku-Distribution...on--Remote Is one example 13:08
tbrowder__ thnx 13:24
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su.shi Has there ever been projects to compile raku to native binaries? I’m not sure if the nature of the language really permits this, but it’d be great to have. I like to use raku, but others I work with don’t and so asking them to install it as a dependency can annoy them. 14:10
ugexe i think someone got like "Hello, World!" working in a google summer of code years ago, but nothing more than that 14:15
even then i'm not sure if it was a stand alone executable... it might have just been runnable by moarvm directly 14:17
i suppose many systems have node installed. we could probably just buy out an author of a populate module for a few hundred or thousand, and hijack it to install rakudo. then in a few weeks 50% of all developers will have access to raku 14:19
i look forward to the future of malware 14:22
su.shi shame. maybe someday ill be bored/desperate enough to look into it myself 14:27
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jdv is the irc logs server down for anyone else? 16:12
coleman It has been unhappy today, yea updown.io/g280?autologin=true 16:26
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librasteve 0/ 17:56
tellable6 2023-09-02T21:55:12Z #raku <guifa_> librasteve: yeah, it will detect "1,234" as 1234
2023-09-02T21:58:34Z #raku <guifa_> librasteve: depends on the language
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