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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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nemokosch I drafted the presentation(s) intended for the conference 13:15
feels like a lot of material xd
lizmat nemokosch today is the last day for submissions! 13:31
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nemokosch mehh 14:36
why would you add the first date after, rather than the last date good to go 14:37
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tonyo nemokosch: what's your talk on? 17:01
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nemokosch the submission should show up now 17:33
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antononcube @nemokosch So, are the topic(s) of your talk a secret? 18:50
nemokosch no, quite the contrary, it should be public
I even linked the drafts 😄 18:52
antononcube Ah, yeah, I see a talk titled "City dwelling losers, pear-shaped." 18:53
nemokosch I think you're looking at the Wolfram conference
antononcube LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
WTC-2023 is two days after TRC-2023. 18:54
Today I have been trying to start preparing for WTC-2023, but I keep ending up preparing for TRC-2023... 18:57
nemokosch better than the other way around 19:04
antononcube 🙂 🙂 19:05
nemokosch at some point, the default date format changed to contain fractions of a second 19:15
I wonder just how many tests this change alone broke
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Nemokosch bisectable:  say DateTime.new: :1year, second => 1.134565 19:20
bisectable6 Nemokosch, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
Nemokosch, ¦6c (72 commits): «0001-01-01T00:00:01.134565Z␤»
Nemokosch, Nothing to bisect!
Nemokosch then what exactly is needed to reproduce it? it clearly didn't always add the fractional part for cases that are tested for 19:21
this is the second time a random module has test cases broken because of the fractional part
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mst gah 20:35
other people's languages should steal .= already 20:36
foo = foo.method(...) just isn't as nice
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nemokosch what languages do you use? 20:51
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antononcube I think "other languages" that adopted monadic operators -- forwared feed ==> in Raku -- are more convenient to make pipelines with. =. can be chained, but that produces unexpected results. 21:02
@nemokosch I have a Hungarian question. 21:04
nemokosch sure? 21:05
antononcube Does this translation seem correct, faithful? 21:09
Mmmm... that example is too wordy, I will change it. But still it is good to know is the Hungarian correct.
nemokosch there are strong calques for sure 21:11
"let me tell you" - I don't know if there is an expression like this that doesn't slip to a more pedantic, "journalist" stylistic layer 21:13
but in any case, nobody would actually say "engedj elmesélni"
that's really just a naive calque
"átöleltem a őrületet" - this is like the last nail 21:14
wrong article and completely undecipherable word-by-word translation 21:15
"embrace" has a meaning that is really hard to translate
this is the problem with all translations, in my opinion
one just doesn't speak the same way
I don't phrase things in Hungarian in a way that would require a verb like "embrace" 21:16
antononcube Well, the LLM persona used is named MadHatter, but that does not mean wrong grammar or style.
nemokosch in English, actually I do, it can be acquired
antononcube Ok, good to know! 21:17
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