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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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leont At some point I'm going to have to write my own tool I guess 00:02
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nemokosch kind of the reason I wanted to adopt Ddt 00:20
well, the time hasn't come, at least not yet, when I was bothered enough 00:21
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tonyo leont: issues with fez? 02:50
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Geth ecosystem/main: a4e3fee84b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove YAMLish

It lives in the zef ecosystem now
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Geth advent: 8731179cae | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2023/authors.md
Update authors.md
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tbrowder__ leont: when i have bad xt tests, i just git mv them to another directory. 10:44
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tbrowder__ and i usually prep for release with "mi6 test" which will exercise the existing xt tests 10:49
i'm not sure if "zef test ." does that 10:50
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tbrowder__ pretty sure it doesn't 10:53
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SmokeMachine Hi All! About TRC, should I send a video with my talk or should I do that live? 13:02
tellable6 2023-10-26T18:19:17Z #raku <melezhik> SmokeMachine: build is not good with the latest Rakudo version - ci.sparrowhub.io/report/3732
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nemokosch I think you better ask ash about it 13:13
I tend to text him on Telegram
SmokeMachine I don't have that contact... :( 13:20
nemokosch The conference has a Telegram
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SmokeMachine oh! thanks! Let me try that 13:34
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jdv is there audio? 15:03
nevermind. ff doesn't work. chrome does. 15:06
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leont How do you say "current class" again in a signature? 16:07
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lizmat ::?CLASS ? 16:07
leont Yeah that one! Thanks 16:09
Apparently I can't use that in a role, bummer
lizmat ? 16:11
::?ROLE ? 16:12
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ab5tract_ leont: $?CLASS should work in roles 19:14
lizmat ab5tract_++
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ab5tract_ m: role R { method r { dd $?CLASS } }; R.r 19:14
camelia R
leont What I'm trying to do is multi foo(::?Class $o), that doesn't seem to wrok 19:15
ab5tract_ Ah, signature
lizmat ::?ROLE not sufficient ?
tonyo it's a method or sub? 19:17
ab5tract_ tonyo++ 19:18
tonyo m: role AA { multi method what () { dd ::?CLASS; } }; class BB is AA { }; dd BB.new.what # this is a weird one 19:21
camelia AA
tonyo in the signature: 19:22
m: role AA { multi method what ($a = { ::?CLASS }()) { dd $a; } }; class BB is AA {
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Missing block
at <tmp>:1
------> LASS }()) { dd $a; } }; class BB is AA {⏏<EOL>
tonyo }; dd BB.new.what
m: role AA { multi method what ($a = { ::?CLASS }()) { dd $a; } }; class BB is AA { }; dd BB.new.what
camelia AA
tonyo that seems like it should be BB though 19:23
ab5tract_ Yes it really does 19:24
ugexe i dont think so 19:34
`is AA` would pun the role into a class
i think anyway 19:35
m: role AA { multi method what () { ::?CLASS; } }; class BB does AA { }; dd BB.new.wha
camelia No such method 'wha' for invocant of type 'BB'. Did you mean any of
these: 'WHAT', 'WHO', 'WHY', 'what'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
ugexe m: role AA { multi method what () { ::?CLASS; } }; class BB does AA { }; dd BB.new.what
camelia BB
ugexe m: role AA { multi method what () { ::?CLASS; } }; class BB is AA { }; dd BB.new.what
camelia AA
ugexe does vs is
tonyo oh, yea forgot about is/does 19:43
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jdv the zoom chat jumping all over the place cause peeps are carrying on multiple distance convos i could do without 19:51
ab5tract_: nice talk
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ab5tract_ jdv: thanks! Glad you enjoyed it 20:32
In retrospect it probably deserves even more time. Like a workshop perhaps. 20:33
I originally wanted to cover 4-6 different nodes
lizmat perhaps a series of blog posts ? 20:34
jdv i would be into that 20:40
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[Coke] tried a fresh build of raku.land on my m2 mac. now it's hanging in the docker build when trying to run zef. I disabled the docker friendly BUILDKIT option so I should be getting the output of the commands, added a verbose to the zef... no output, it just spins after starting that command. 20:52
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tonyo using `raku -e 'use Zef::CLI'` will let you run raku flags 20:57
ugexe there is also RAKUDO_CLI_OPTS or some such 20:58
[Coke] ... it's not that zef isn't generating output, as far as I know, but that the docker build is hiding any 20:59
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ugexe can you pick which version of zef it uses? 21:01
the latest version of zef (0.20.*) had a change to the workflow, and i wonder if it could be related to that 21:02
[Coke] ... maybe
what's a "safe" version? 0.19?
gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/b...=heads#L36 21:03
tonyo leont++ .. going to look at that postgres module for the zef eco backend.
ugexe yeah 0.19.1 21:04
[Coke] making 0.19.1 the highest it uses doesn't seem to help 21:12
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SmokeMachine lizmat: this is the error: www.irccloud.com/pastebin/QaPqYP3c/ 21:26
lizmat ok, doesn't help me immediately 21:27
do you have a localization file added ?
SmokeMachine yes 21:28
lizmat could you gist that?
SmokeMachine sure, but if I remove that, the error continues... 21:29
lizmat weird 21:30
SmokeMachine lizmat: www.irccloud.com/pastebin/lHN3Y3kR...FL10N%2FPT
(I copied italian and changed some words to portuguese...) 21:31
lizmat works for me :-( 21:33
SmokeMachine odd...
[Coke] lizmat: any plans/possibility for a translation script to convert betwen L10ns?
lizmat did you see my lightning talk ?
[Coke] maybe a local install is needed? 21:34
lizmat it's all on core atm
[Coke] Apparently not the whole thing!
i mean to say: if I have a program using one of the localizations, can I convert it to english, for example.
I didn't see that bit, but I was in and out for some of these, sorry. 21:35
lizmat yes, $filename.IO.slurp.AST($lang).DEPARSE
[Coke] very cool. Thanks 21:36
lizmat even $filename.IO.slurp.AST($input-lang).DEPARSE($output-lang) 21:37
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jdv if c was christmas and d was diwali what is e? 21:52
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[Coke] I think it was up for discussion still. Easter, Eid, and several others were floated 21:54
jdv ah
[Coke] but the discussion was... pre covid, maybe? 21:55
jdv i remember, now, that 6.e was primarly predicated on ast so that's why the delay, right? 21:56
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leont tonyo: I hadn't expected you to have such an impressive beard 22:00
tonyo thanks, been at it since february
nemokosch drawn in paint 22:01
tonyo haha
ugexe www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/oi1uqwvd3lo...l&dl=0 Get your very own tony-o beard tshirt 22:02
tonyo yea i wish i made it to that pts 22:09
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[Coke] tbrowder__: your message on zoom went directly to me. 22:34
My mac is hanging, so zoom is up but I can't type or anything 22:35
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tbrowder__ yep, sorry, i resent it to the group immediately after 22:50
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tbrowder__ not real comfy with zoom. but happy to see yr real face! 23:31
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