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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine .tell lizmat I was trying to run that on HEAD but using an old raku... I've build main and that worked... thanks... sorry for that 01:53
tellable6 SmokeMachine, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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Xliff \o 02:13
tellable6 2023-10-27T02:54:19Z #raku <japhb> Xliff Since we're going back and forth super slowly and I'm on really weird hours right now ... how about opening an issue in the GitHub repo for your questions, and we can have the discussion there?
2023-10-27T18:34:09Z #raku <gfldex> Xliff I got rewarded with "Stage mast : Object does not exist in serialization context", while building Rakudo. #raku-dev could not help.
Xliff .tell gfldex That usually stems from when you try to serialize an object that isn't a @, % or Cool-based $ 02:15
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to gfldex
Xliff .tell gfldex You'll get that if you do something like: "unit package A; class B { has $.c }; our $c; BEGIN $c = B.new"
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to gfldex
Xliff .tell gfldex That also extends to the contents of any @ or % value you are trying to cache at BEGIN time. 02:16
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to gfldex
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Xliff vrurg: Are you still working on Vikna? Is currently uninstallable 02:30
vrurg Xliff: no, it's abandoned. 02:31
Need an addition to the README, actually.
Xliff vrurg: So it's not usable at all? Do you have a recommendation for something else?
Shucks! Found www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXg2y4_3W4w and got excited... 02:32
vrurg Certainly not usable. It never really was as it was incomplete from the start.
Xliff Ah, well.... thanks for the talk. Is there another project you could recommend for TUI?
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vrurg Not sure. Look for Terminal::Widgets, don't know where is it now. 02:33
Xliff Thanks.
vrurg Heh, but it was really fun with Vikna. 02:34
Xliff I might try and take a stab at it. 02:42
BTW - Term::termios has a broken build plan.
I had to grab the distro and install it manually... :/
Yeah. I need a ScrollView and simple frames.... :/ 02:45
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Xliff .seen hythm 03:29
tellable6 Xliff, gist.github.com/7e983053784e78c78f...cadde8a327 03:30
Xliff .tell hythm How does Pakku calculate it's bargraph for the STG phase? It's not working as I'd like for my second project. 03:32
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to hythm
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hythm .tell Xliff calculates it by just lookingat how many modules defined in `provides` section in META6.json files, whenever a module is precompiled then advance the bar. if you could create an issue describing the problem I will take a look 04:09
tellable6 hythm, I'll pass your message to Xliff
Xliff hythm: Actually, precompilation is a bit of a pain. My projects are large enough that if there are sub precompiles it throws off the bargraph. 04:10
hythm: My current module doesn't advance the bargraph at all until it completes precompilation. 04:11
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hythm can you share your current module, I will try to reproduce and take a look 04:12
tellable6 2023-10-29T03:32:48Z #raku <Xliff> hythm How does Pakku calculate it's bargraph for the STG phase? It's not working as I'd like for my second project.
Xliff hythm: github.com/Xliff/p6-GIO
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Xliff hythm: I think it's how the modules are compiled. It looks like it goes through <provides> in alpha order of the key. 04:13
It's better if it goes in dependency order, but the only way I can think of doing that is adding to META6.json
hythm: Going by alpha order means it hits the ::Application class first, and that subcompiles most of the distro. 04:14
hythm hmm, let me take a look at p6-GIO 04:15
Xliff Thanks!
hythm not related but looks like p6-GIO depends on `p6-Glib` but there is no a distribution with that name 04:19
I think you meant `Glib`. the depends section should list the name of the dependency as its specified in the `name` key in META6.json 04:20
Xliff LOL. I just committed that fix.
hythm haha ok
not able to install p6-GIO due to compilation error 04:35
`No such method 'absolute' for invocant of type 'Slip' 04:36
at /home/hythm/dev/Pakku/home#sources/888BC1ED2CFFC693C6A146153A6439F37272DBB9 (GIO::Raw::Types):13
I'm running debian 10
If you like we can discuss this in github issue instead of going back and forth here in the channel 04:38
Xliff Hrmmm....
What is the location and name of your libgio.so file? 04:39
Currently I only have library data for Ubuntu because that's what I am on. 04:40
Is yours a symlink to libgio-2.0.so.0? 04:41
hythm: Can you make an issue for this on github.com/Xliff/p6-GIO ? 04:43
I'll fix it, tomorrow. Thanks!
And I'll create an issue for Pakku. I'd like to get that issue solved, if possible. 04:44
hythm sure 04:46
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ab5tract_ codesections: Your presentation is already impacting the way I revise one-liners :D 09:40
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melezhik o/ 11:00
tellable6 2023-10-26T22:16:49Z #raku <SmokeMachine> melezhik thank you! I’ll take a look shortly
melezhik .tell tonyo: cool beard 🧔)))
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to tonyo
melezhik When rakuconf videos will be available? 11:01
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tbrowder__ interesting talks yesterday, sorry i was unable to stay the whole time 11:30
i have so far been unable to hide the exception msg with try or CATCH or both 11:31
one place in docs says: "try { something } // False" should contain the error but i can't make it work (at least in an installed distro) 11:33
m: try { die "
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unable to parse expression in double quotes; couldn't find final '"' (corresponding starter was at line 1)
at <tmp>:1
------> try { die "⏏<EOL>
expecting any of:
argument li…
tbrowder__ m: try { die "boo" } // True 11:34
camelia ( no output )
tbrowder__ m: try { die "boo" } // say "it works" 11:35
camelia it works
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tbrowder__ back to drawing board... 12:12
no, i cannot get that to work inside an installed distro. is that a zef or raku bug? 12:14
or can someone get it to work? 12:15
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tbrowder__ my code is in github.com/tbrowder/Demo.git 12:18
i'm fi 12:19
maybe a work-around for the installed version is to check the %meta... 12:20
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tbrowder__ no, .meta only has keys of ver, auth, and api 12:27
leont Finally had some proper sleep, wish i had had that a day earlier 12:38
nemokosch What was the matter? 12:41
lizmat knowing leont I'd say conference stress would be a large part of it 12:44
tellable6 2023-10-29T01:53:42Z #raku <SmokeMachine> lizmat I was trying to run that on HEAD but using an old raku... I've build main and that worked... thanks... sorry for that
lizmat .tell SmokeMachine *phew*
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to SmokeMachine
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nemokosch Uh oh 12:47
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ugexe tbrowder try doesn’t return an error on failure 13:43
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ugexe and you can access other keys from .meta that you aren’t seeing because they are lazily generated 13:44
but .meta<provides> works 13:45
All the tools you are working with work. If they appear not to work, then you’re doing something wrong 13:46
Are you sure you’re even seeing an exception and not a warning? 13:47
You have a CATCH block still despite using try 13:48
Just assume that the distribution related code works, and any issue you see isn’t related to it. That is going to allow other people not familiar with the distribution code to feel more comfortable giving you suggestions 13:49
m: try { die 123 }; CATCH { default { say $_ } } 13:51
camelia ( no output )
ugexe it looks like that is one thing you are doing
lizmat m: die 123; CATCH { default { say $_ } } 13:52
camelia 123
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
ugexe To be clear the above (Lizmat’s comment) is not what you are doing tbrowder 13:55
I’m honestly not sure how putting CATCH in the mainline works either like you have 13:56
normally you would put a catch block in the most specific scope possible. So in your case somewhere inside the resource-exists function itself 13:57
I’m typing on a phone so I’m a bit short 13:58
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tbrowder__ speaking of yesterday and PR, i so far don't see mention of the RSC on raku.org 17:27
i have prettified the Demo module with corrections from @ugexe 17:29
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tbrowder__ a good place for PR for non-raku coders (esp. Windows) is to submit a suitable raku intro to codeproject.com. seem like pretty informed windows coders with lots of pythonistas 17:33
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tbrowder__ i asked about such a thing and the project ppl there are willing if i/we submit one adhering to their submission format. note the person i talked to said they don't normally have intro atticles but, given the fact that raku is so little known, they are willing in this case. 17:38
tonyo tbrowder__++ 18:04
tellable6 2023-10-29T11:00:34Z #raku <melezhik> tonyo: cool beard 🧔)))
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tbrowder__ and you should add an Amish farmer’s hat when on yr bike 😂 18:08
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melezhik tbrowder_: exactly ! 😀 20:10
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justthisguyaz Hi All! Is there any way to set up a local repository and get zef to install local modules specified in "depends" in META6,json? Maybe something similar to Pinto in Perl (metacpan.org/pod/Pinto )? 23:38
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ugexe the zef config allows adding other repositories and ordering them in the way you think is more appropriate. you basically give it a module and implement the interface and it will dynamically load it github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/782cdda3...g.json#L26 23:44
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justthisguyaz Thanks! Is this documented anywhere? I spent a while trying to find something, but had no luck. Could just be that Google sucks nowadays. 23:46
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ugexe no one has written step by step instructions, no. i guess you can read www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...stand_zef/ and i've answered other such questions elsewhere with similar answers 23:51
justthisguyaz Cool! Thanks for the help! 23:52
ugexe i know there is a github issue under zef somewhere with similar (and maybe more) info but my search-fu isn't finding it
justthisguyaz OK, I'll take a stab at finding that as well. Thanks again! 23:53
ugexe the main thing is creating that repository yourself 23:59