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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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guifa timtoady gave permission / encouraged color variations 11:10
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El_Che I'll be nice and shut up about the mascotte/logo :) 11:27
nemokosch lol 11:30
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El_Che not all heroes wear capes, I would say 12:50
nemokosch I mean, think of Go 😆 12:53
but then most C-family languages don't even have a logo 12:54
antononcube “not all heroes wear capes, I would say” — Yeah. Some wear robes: imgur.com/a/W1eozJX 13:09
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jjatria patrickb: I was playing around with WebService::GitHub and I can see tags for 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 in the repo, but zef cannot find them (at least not on my box...) 15:43
Is this something you are aware of?
lizmat PSA: the weekly will be published tomorrow 15:47
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yjh Should new / changed files be loaded twice when used in multiple locations? 20:02
file A.rakumod with:
say 'A';
evalable6 A
yjh file B.rakumod with:
use A;
say 'B';
evalable6 B
yjh file c.raku with:
use A;
use B;
and the output when first run:
and on following runs:
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patrickb jjatria: Thanks for the poke! I was aware and then forgot. I'm basically sitting out a `fez upload` bug. I can actually give it another try right now. 21:17
El_Che so, how are we with the new release? I should add the new fedora release to rakudo-pkg 21:24
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jjatria 🤞 21:42
patrickb Nope. The indexer still doesn't like it. 21:55
jjatria, if you are interested enough you could clone the repo and run `dev-scripts/generate-module` 21:56
off to bed for me
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