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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/11/21/2023-...m-devving/ 11:05
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librasteve yjh: what you see is to be expected ... first pass your C uses A and then uses B which in turn uses A ... so in first compile you are running the main block of A twice (raku runs the module so that you can put things like setup code in the outer block) ... the twist is that second and subsequent passes, nodules A and B are now precompiled (and stored in your .precomp dir) ... and the precomp launcher is smart 12:12
tellable6 librasteve, I'll pass your message to yjh
enough to remember that A is already compiled on both use's and to remember that is has already been run (from bytecode) when it is use'd the second time
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antononcube @lizmat Thank you for your latest weekly post! I did not do anything on “PDF::Tags”, so, I do not deserve any credit. 13:24
lizmat antononcube oops, copy-pasto, fixed! 13:25
antononcube 👍 13:26
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Geth advent: pheix++ created pull request #107:
Update authors.md
tbrowder__ lizmat++ also, for some reason (assuming i'm not going more senile), the weekly looks better in the email announcement. (my gmail client 14:44
i meant to say it looks better, full stop! 14:45
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lizmat tbrowder_: nothing I did there.... I guess WordPress spiffed it up 17:40
Geth advent/main: d078407618 | Kostas++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2023/authors.md
Update authors.md (#107)

  pheix: Dissecting the Geth (Go-Ethereum) keystore files using Raku tools
nemokosch The gazillion raku.org changes turned out to be rather painful to consolidate
okay, not as bad as it seemed first 17:50
the included frames are the most touchy 17:51
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melezhik o/ 18:44
I try to find the way to provide version information in META6.json through rakumod file
is it version_from or version-from ? 18:45
I just don't remember the syntax
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japhb JSON::Class tests seem to be very unhappy under 2023.11+ (or so say my last couple rebuild-all attempts) 22:34
nemokosch well, which one of the two? 22:45
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japhb What do you mean? 23:02
lizmat_: Do you have access to review/merge github.com/tadzik/Terminal-ANSIColor/pull/18 ? 23:06
lizmat_ I have, but would like to review it first, which will be after some shuteye 23:07
japhb Sleep well! 23:08
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lizmat japhb: thanks1 afk& 23:12
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ugexe anyone on windows able to run a spec test with and without github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/pull/1776 to see what (if anything) it breaks? 23:12
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ugexe i guess you don't have to be on windows either, as if someone was clever enough they could run it through some CI type system 23:14
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nemokosch which one of the two JSON::Class projects are you testing? 23:22
vrurg recently created a brand new one
one that is incompatible with the old JSON::Class, also as a kind of challenge on the naming system 23:23
japhb Looks like JSON::Class:ver<0.0.3>:auth<zef:vrurg>:api<1.0.2> is what was found
So ... sounds like my usual build list got run over by vrurg's test 23:24