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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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MasterDuke you know, i've never tested if --optimize=0 gives faster startup. but it won't be just for precomp 01:05
ugexe might have a suggestion 01:06
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avuserow --optimize doesn't seem to matter on 0 vs 3 01:33
MasterDuke hm. what about `--optimize=off`? there's a chance that will break things though, the current (i.e., non-rakuast) frontend actually does some correctness checking in the optimizer 01:36
avuserow That is actually a bit faster (roughly 14s vs 15s) 01:54
I just remembered the existence of --stagestats and it says I'm spending all the time in parse. 01:56
MasterDuke you also could try disabling the jit with these environment variables, MVM_JIT_DISABLE=1 for the whole thing, MVM_JIT_EXPR_DISABLE=1 to just disable the expression/template jit 01:57
that's not surprising. grammars are probably rakudo's slowest thing 01:58
my dream is that they'll get some hard-core attention after rakuast is finished, but it's not at all trivial 02:00
avuserow I'll give that a try in a bit, thanks for the pointers 02:03
MasterDuke np
avuserow Luckily this isn't a blocker for this project, I'm just interested in seeing if it can be better for a better developer experience. It's serviceable on a 10-year old laptop processor so that's actually not so bad 🤷‍♂️ 02:04
Maybe with RakuAST I could write some macros to lazy load modules in dev mode but eagerly in prod. 02:06
MasterDuke yeah, that might be possible 02:08
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melezhik o/ 06:47
hi tonyo is Toml modules is maintained ? I am looking to start using in one of my work projects ? 06:48
modules -> module
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xinming in `rakubrew available`, Some of the version will have D prefix, some doesn't, What does D mean in the output please? 'Downloadable" ? 16:27
librasteve Downloaded 16:30
'*' is the one you have loaded 16:31
patrickb * are installed versions, D are versions for which precompiled binaries are available. Those can be installed via `rakubrew download`. 16:37
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librasteve oh - sorry ... til 17:13
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xinming patrickb: 17:54
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xinming patrickb: thanks, that's what I thought too, But when I try to download, I saw `Couldn't find a precomp release for OS: "linux", architecture: "x86_64", version: "2023.11"` 17:55
El_Che lo 17:56
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patrickb that should work. I uploaded the releases some 20 or so hours ago. When did you try? 18:40
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tbrowder__ Happy Thanksgiving to all US Rakuuns (or Rakoons)🦃 20:04
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melezhik tbrowder__ ++ even though I no longer lives in US, I still remember the tradition, good memories ) 20:33
you're from Texas, if I remember correctly or I miss something? 20:34
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tonyo . 20:42
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tbrowder__ .tell melezhik thanks, florida, where did you live in us? 21:24
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to melezhik
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tbrowder__ tonyo: happy thanksgiving. i’m working on a pr for CVS::Parser 23:18
s/CVS/CSV/ 23:19
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