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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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librasteve o/ 12:12
lizmat: I have refactored the Contact code (both the gh repo and the advent post) to sidestep the "circular use" impression previous version gave - I had to deschedule the wp post to make the updates ... please can you reschedule it? 12:14
lizmat librasteve done 12:15
librasteve ta!
tbrowder__ ugexe: i'm having zef report tests good on a devel distro in situ but it fails when i try to install it from its home repo. with zef --debug i can see the failing tests but i'm having trouble seeing why it would be different. 12:43
the tests do involve using tempdir and unlinking test files and counting same before and after testing, so maybe there is something there i'm not considering 12:45
but, what is different about the two test environments from zef's perspective? 12:46
oops, i see the problem, it's the old (and incorrect) use of ?RESOURCES after installation. fix should be easy after you showed the correct way to do it 12:58
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tbrowder__ ref: HowToUseModuleResources,i have solved the last piece of the puzzle: how to install executables in resources 17:30
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tbrowder__ briefly: get the bin file's contents, spurt it to a /usr/local/bin/myprog file, chmod the file with 0o755, and use it 17:33
that's on linux, procedure may change on mac and win 17:35
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tbrowder__ i haven't yet determined best way to handle sudo requirement 17:38
[Coke] aren't executables automatically installed along with bin scripts? 17:39
and permissions automatically handled by that?
tbrowder__ yes, but i have a special case that requires a system file and i don't want it as a regular user bin file 17:41
[Coke] that is, you have to make things executable, sure, but you do that on the copy in bin/ and those perms are copied - as far as sudo goes, if you need sudo, you run zef with sudo, not spawn a command from zef with sudo 17:42
I would be upset if you installed something into /usr/local from zef if I was installing to a specific install dir. 17:43
tbrowder__ hm, good points, maybe i got lost in the weeds :-( 17:44
i'll have to look closer at my use case
[Coke] Sure, not trying to shoot you down, more to understand. 17:46
tbrowder__ my thought was to hide the special executable because (1) is isn't designed to be used directly and (2) it's probably not easily availaable 17:48
available as a system file.
[Coke] is it something you can have a native dependency on ? 17:49
like we depend on `dot` in one of the docs modules?
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tbrowder__ i'm not sure, but putting the bin file in HOME/.bin or other such place would be better and not require sudo. 17:51
thanks for the excellent reality check!
btw, my wife is now excited about a Mac Air for Christmas and i'll be able to ssh in to it (i hope) 17:53
lizmat Settings -> Sharing 17:58
[Coke] I love the M2 macbook I got, very happy with it.
I've heard similarly good things about recent Airs! 17:59
tbrowder__ getting an m1 18:00
[Coke] nice. 18:01
tbrowder__ 2020
[Coke] "they're all good macs, bront."
tbrowder__ ok, so says my son 18:02
[Coke] :)
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tbrowder__ i went looking for the file again and its site is not responding. it came from a SUSE developer and i'm not even sure it's in their packages. file is "ttf-converter.py" 18:12
the $HOME bin file placement should work. i'll put it in ~/.bin unless anyone has a better non-system location for a python script 18:17
it converts PostScript .pfb font files to TrueType .ttf format 18:21
[Coke] same place you'd install the raku scripts? 18:23
then there's no worries about making sure ~/.bin exists or is writable 18:24
I think that would be "slightly odd" but ok.
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ab5tract tbrowder__: it may be more polite to use ~/.local/bin 18:58
I'd go with whatever is the XDG standard 18:59
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tbrowder__ ab5tract: good idea, i’ll ck it out 19:16
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Xliff \o 19:51
tbrowder__ ab5tract: yepper, gonna use ~/.local/bin, t'anks 20:05
env 20:15
oops, ff
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