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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
antononcube @.vushu In case you are curious -- right now I am using "Proc::ZMQed" to connect to Wolfram Engine (WE) and generate chess position images with WE and then get them in Raku REPL session. 00:00
.vushu sounds really cool, I have no clue about AI 00:02
@antononcube I will some time try to see how I can generate a png, not what library to use 00:03
antononcube I tend to be very dogmatic about AI, so, my rants about should be taking with scepticism.
ab5tract vushu: I always add a dot to your name because it shows through the bridge as being part of your nick (or whatever discord calls it.. user name?) 00:04
wanted to make sure you got the ping :)
antononcube To be hones, I did not considered using chess as example, but people seem to be impressed by that examples, so, I dicided to put in one or two. 00:05
ab5tract the issue with the audio stream thing is related to NativeCall missing an abstraction, if I remember correctly?
.vushu ab5tract isnโ€™t it because Moarvm doesnt recognize the callback from another thread? 00:07
either i make an abstraction where i spawn the audio thread myself or I modify moarvm 00:08
ab5tract I must have misremembered the error message 00:09
.vushu Spawning the audio thread isnโ€™t trivial since raylib is using an external library called miniaudio which in turn spawns the thread
ab5tract sounds like modifying moarvm is the answer ;) 00:10
.vushu yeah I think thatโ€™s the answe but I have no idea how to do that ๐Ÿ˜‚ 00:11
antononcube Hmm... would you be in interested in a music retrieval demo and/or composition demo with AI and MIDI ?
ab5tract One of my goals in the new year is to start a Rakudo Delving Society where anyone who's interested can join in some collective code archaeology, with the eventual purpose of exploring, understanding, and documenting every nook and cranny of the Rakudo compiler and MoarVM runtime. 00:15
antononcube @ab5stract Noble endeavor. (I am not interested, though.) 00:17
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ab5tract that's too bad. I was hoping it might entice you as an AI tooling opportunity 00:18
antononcube And I was hoping people to be enticed to use AI tools I talked about to investigate nooks and crannies of Raku. ๐Ÿ™‚ 00:19
It should not be difficult to design certain prompts and workflows just for that, though.
ab5tract maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere :) I know you've tried to break it down a bunch of times but it still goes over my head. 00:20
maybe now that I have a non-trivial use case in mind, it will become less diffuse 00:21
.vushu ab5tract Im definitely interested in learning more about the compiler ๐Ÿ˜
antononcube Compelling examples are hard to find. People of this particular community have interests that do not overlap. (Except on "common" language topics.) 00:22
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For example -- when it comes to Raku's compiler -- I would be more interested to "try to see without looking." 00:22
nemokosch it's great to hear there is somebody trying to make compiler stuff more accessible... there is just no way around it 00:23
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today as well, Patrick asked a question - not sure whom he asked. Nobody knows anything about the topic. 00:23
antononcube ๐Ÿคฃ
ab5tract that sound sufficiently mystical to pique my interest
"try to see without looking" 00:24
antononcube @ab5tract I am writing an explanation right now.
That, of course, is how statisticians like to do things. (BTW, I distrust them.) 00:25
ab5tract nemokosch: yeah, it's a crappy feeling to want to fix problems but not have any way to get decent bearins on the problem
antononcube With "try to see withot lookin" I mean, making lots descriptive statistics over the code and making tests that are narrated or explained by LLMs and verify certain expected behavior. 00:26
nemokosch I can tinker with less obscure parts of the core but that's about it
also, if somebody knows how multiple dispatch resolution works...
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it's hard to say positive things under some circumstances, and it's not okay at all that multi dispatch resolution is black magic. That's literally basic user-facing behavior that should be taught to "beginners" 00:27
but how to teach it when nobody knows it?
antononcube @nemokosch Try to use AIs !! ๐Ÿ™‚ 00:28
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ab5tract antononcube: I'd like an LLM to digest all of roast.git and then I'd like to discuss Raku with that context. is that even possible? 00:30
antononcube Yes, with the newest (preview) models -- they have 128k tokens as intake. Also, one can make custom "GPTs" based on certain collections of documents. 00:31
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ab5tract ok, interesting. 00:32
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ab5tract nemokosch: your point is well taken. I'm hoping to address it the only way I see it working... getting a group of minds together on it. 00:35
and _maybe_ also rewriting (portions of) moar in Zig in order to drive comprehension 00:36
antononcube @ab5tract We are talking too absractly about LLMs for Raku code / coding here. Ideally, you should try to use the Raku code writer prompt and how you can use that kind of interaction. 00:39
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ab5tract antononcube: it's really late and like I said, the AI stuff doesn't just click with me, so I have no idea what your suggestion actually looks like or what it would be effective at solving 00:43
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ab5tract but I look forward to getting into some specifics with you about it 00:43
antononcube: regarding generative examples. have you considered GL shaders? it might be cool to see some of those created by an AI 00:45
nemokosch being able to write moar code would also be kind of a game changer for sure
ab5tract yeah, opening that up to a wider contributer base is imperative at this point 00:46
it's kind of interesting too, when considering Zig's stdlib is considerably more batteries included than C. Could these essential datastructures and other functionalities prove useful in the runtime implementation? 00:51
okay, that's the final thought from me tonight. take it easy all. 00:52
antononcube I do not think I have heard of GL shaders before. 00:56
I assume this link is relevant: learnopengl.com/Getting-started/Shaders 00:57
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nemokosch good night 01:11
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antononcube You too! 01:15
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librasteve out of curiosity, why rewrite (parts of) MoarVM in Zig and not Rust? (also the MoarVM repo has 370k loc ... so I would suggest that there is a firm and agreed team objective) 11:34
nemokosch I suppose because Zig is way simpler, has out-of-the-box cross compilation toolchain and overall much smoother integration with C 11:56
.vushu Why not C++? I think it's a very viable choice, since you can incrementally port stuff to c++ and still compile the c code using c++ compiler 12:00
lizmat I think historically C++ was not chosen because C++ compilers where not available on may platforms 12:04
and a dislike of C++ by the founder of MoarVM :-)
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.vushu Today C++, is wide supported, ah yeah many people dislike C++, I use it at work and I find it quite pleasant to work with ๐Ÿ˜„ 12:05
leont C++ in practive is not a language but a family of dialect, much like Arabic 12:08
I like some dialects of C++, I hate others.
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nemokosch Like Raku itself 12:09
Except it has a standard and experts 12:10
leont librasteve: honestly VMs are dirty. I'm pretty sure that if you write one in Rust you'll end up using so much unsafe code it won't feel like Rust anymore.
nemokosch In the meantime, Zig is the polar opposite
Dull and just gets the job done
leont VMs might be the only application type where C is a much better choice than C++; what you actually want is more like a portable assembly than a high level language in many ways. 12:11
.vushu If you should use C++, then please only use the modern C++ no C like C++
LLVM is written in C++
and every new language is using LLVM 12:12
leont LLVM is not a VM in the MoarVM sense, it's really more of an intermediate
You don't run LLVM code
nemokosch I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean 12:13
But moarvm is in a pretty darn horrible state as of now
That's a given
leont It's a VM, they're supposed to be horrible
It's where you put all the horribleness so that the rest of your stack doesn't have to be 12:14
nemokosch no, I mean it's not good 12:16
it's still dog slow, it still has apparent memory leaks, it still crashes and leaks undecipherable error messages
it's kind of the elephant in the room 12:17
and we are talking about technology that 5 people have sufficient competence of, on the whole planet, and like 2 of them do some housekeeping, the others not even that 12:18
if there were anyone in the community with competence in designing a runtime, the rational choice would be to just ditch MoarVM at this point - but there isn't 12:19
any attempt to "torture" its code somehow has to be appreciated a lot 12:20
.vushu It could be fun project to a make new VM for Raku ๐Ÿ˜€ 12:21
nemokosch this reminds me... do you remember this funny issue where if $some-range { ... } and if so $funny-range { ... } didn't do the same thing? it was a couple of weeks ago 12:23
(changing the variable name on the way was accidental ๐Ÿ˜… ) 12:24
.vushu Doesn't sound good ๐Ÿ˜… 12:25
lizmat the problem was that Range.Bool was checking for concreteness of the Range object
in 6.e, it will check it it produces at least one value 12:26
nemokosch more or less; the way I remember it is that the bool check checked .elems which could turn into a silent False value on failure 12:27
but anyway, it turned out that the former piece of code doesn't use a high-level coercion but some NQP-level magic that has little knowledge of core settings 12:28
lizmat ??
nemokosch I couldn't actually find the backing code but it's very possible it was implemented straight in the VM some way
lizmat Ranges are a HLL thing, I don't think there's any specific VM code for that ? 12:29
nemokosch implicit boolish coercions overall 12:30
the story is telling either way: either there was no easily applicable fix to invoke the actually valid core setting - which is probably an architectural problem - or actually there was, except nobody to actually trace it down and fix it 12:31
lizmat apparently there were plenty of people to talk about it :-(
nemokosch to be honest, this also seems like the kind of thing that could be fixed for good in RakuAST: if should just mandate a boolish coercion in the HLL, not escalate anything towards the VM 12:34
lizmat but that was exactly the problem: 12:38
m: dd (1..5).Bool
camelia Bool::True
lizmat m: dd (5..1).Bool
camelia Bool::True
lizmat m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; dd (5..1).Bool
camelia Bool::False
lizmat m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; dd (1..5).Bool
camelia Bool::True
nemokosch that's not a problem 12:39
the problem is that nqp::istrue keeps reporting 1 for (5..1)
even with use v6.e.PREVIEW 12:40
and the even bigger problem is that this is what high-level if's care about, for some reason
so that's two wrongs that add up into one wrong at the end of the day 12:41
inb4 no, nqp::istrue is apparently not a defined-check; it can return 0 for empty string and stuff like that 12:42
(if that wasn't the case, if '' { ... } or if 0 { ... } would have been faulty the whole time) 12:43
lizmat not true: 12:45
m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; use nqp; dd nqp::istrue(5..1)
camelia 0
nemokosch then this has been fixed
lizmat it has been fixed because the Range.Bool was fixed 12:46
nemokosch well, double-fixed
because it was already right in the HLL
and that in itself is rather alarming
one can check the behavior in 2023.09 for example, that's what I have installed 12:48
say so 5..1 is False, nqp::say(nqp::istrue(5..1)) is 1
so then, where did the two behaviors part?
lizmat I originally fixed it in 6.d as well, but that caused ecosystem breakage 12:49
so I moved it to 6.e
nemokosch bisectable: from=2023.09 use v6.e.PREVIEW; use nqp; nqp::say(nqp::istrue(5..1)); 12:50
bisectable6 nemokosch, Will bisect the whole range automagically because no endpoints were provided, hang tight
nemokosch there were endpoints provided ๐Ÿคก
bisectable6 nemokosch, Output on all releases: gist.github.com/c324790012af6ca194...f1976ec0b6
nemokosch, Nothing to bisect!
nemokosch bisectable: help 12:51
bisectable6 nemokosch, Like this: bisectable6: old=2015.12 new=HEAD exit 1 if (^โˆž).grep({ last })[5] // 0 == 4 # See wiki for more examples: github.com/Raku/whateverable/wiki/Bisectable
nemokosch lol
bisectable: old=2023.09 use v6.e.PREVIEW; use nqp; nqp::say(nqp::istrue(5..1));
bisectable6 nemokosch, Bisecting by output (old=2023.09 new=f562e6b) because on both starting points the exit code is 0
nemokosch, bisect log: gist.github.com/1e65bba1f70713bba8...e2fbd21174
nemokosch, (2023-12-07) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/4e...bbc85b5029
nemokosch huh, why is that a fix 12:53
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why did this code cause anything in NQP land to return False 12:54
lizmat perhaps because nqp::istrue calls .Bool on HLL objects? 12:55
nemokosch > Not exactly sure why this fixes #5490 but this also apparently > makes say nqp::istrue(1..0) output 0 in 6.e, which appeared to > be the underlying issue. 12:56
Geth advent/main: c38e1b6868 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2023/authors.md
Swap 22/23
nemokosch I don't know, I can't see anything in this code that implies any True value changing to False
only the other way around
only the is default could explain it, ie. this function didn't get called previously 12:58
ab5tract vushu: somehow missed your message about being into the compiler delving idea last night. I was hoping you'd say something like that! 13:00
nemokosch: that's how I interpreted the patch at the time. I do find the commit message evokes a sense of mystery around the whole thing though 13:01
lizmat well, yes, it had a sense of mystery for me as well :-) 13:03
nemokosch yes... the "it worked... WHY" moment
lizmat did some spelunking: it goes back to the "boot-boolify" dispatch logic in nqp/MoarVM/src/disp/boot.c 13:09
.vushu ab5tract: Yeah you can count me in ๐Ÿ˜„ 13:11
lizmat which ultimately winds up in Perl6::Metamodel::BoolificationProtocol's publish_boolification_spec which specifies to call the .Bool method 13:13
for any object that doesn't have a specific boolification_mode
nemokosch how did you find it? 13:17
"the chase is better than the catch"
lizmat rak ยงistrue nqp/src 13:19
vi nqp/src/vm/moar/QAST/QASTOperationsMAST.nqp 13:20
rak emit_object_boolify nqp/MoarVM
rak emit_object_boolify nqp
rak boot-boolify src
rak boot-boolify nqp 13:21
vi nqp/MoarVM/src/disp/boot.c
rak boolification_spec src
vi src/Perl6/Metamodel/BoolificationProtocol.nqp 13:22
that's basically the chase
m: dd Range.^get_boolification_mode 13:25
camelia (NQPMu without .raku or .perl method)
lizmat % nqp -e 'nqp::say(Mu == 0)' 13:26
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ab5tract nice dive! 13:59
vushu: awesome :D 14:02
antononcube One reason not to use C++ is that C++ changes too much, too often. 14:10
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"<leont> I like some dialects of C++, I hate others." -- Self-confessed C++-connoisseur !!! 14:12
.vushu @antononcube C++ aims at being back compatible so old code never breaks, you can compile old legacy C++ code with new compilers, so the only change that is done is adding features. 14:16
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antononcube I get it -- that was C++ mission from the start, to introduce OOP into C and C-world. ("Reuse, reuse, and reuse" as a main principle.) 14:20
But currently what coding in C++ is is fairly different from say 12 or 20 years ago. 14:21
.vushu Very different, I think there is an entirely new language within the old language C++. But I reckon that the language is getting very big. 14:23
I think that's just natural that it get this big given the time it has been used. 14:25
antononcube @ab5tract I will make a video on "Raku coding with AIs" just for you. (So, you won't have any excuses for not using LLMs after that...) 14:27
Yeah. That is why I liked @leont 's analogy with Arabic. 14:28
.vushu Indeed. 14:30
ab5tract atnononcube: don't get me wrong, I think it is exciting to see the AI write some code. But what I really want is an LLM that is trained on the codebase and the roast spec
antononcube Doable, but I am doing anytime soon. I am more interested to show how it can be done that doing it myself. 14:32
ab5tract as well as several dozen textbooks
That's fair. Where would one start? huggingface?
antononcube Mostly, because I simply do not know what is a good or bad outcome using the corresponding LLM persona.
ab5tract good = helpful in the hunt :) 14:33
antononcube Huggingface is just another LLM. I am not aware for support for it in Raku. (Although, I plan to do it at some point.) 14:34
ab5tract but I would expect any LLM trained on roast to be able to create working code even while hallucinating
antononcube My statement above assumes that you want to use Raku for doing the LLM-persona (let us named, "Rakust" or something...) 14:35
ab5tract antononcube: okay, I'll stick to one you have already added support for
antononcube Not "Rakust", "Rakoast"...
ab5tract Let's codename this Project Firefly 14:36
fire because roast
also, fireflies are badass 14:37
antononcube @ab5tract I hope I am no being obnoxious here, but I think you have to follow a plan that has a dual purpose: (i) to get you acquainted with LLMs usage, (ii) get something practically useful.
ab5tract yup, I was already thinking the same thing 14:38
antononcube I also assume that you are want (anxious, eager, and willing) to use Raku for making that kind LLM tools. 14:39
"Eat your own dog food", etc.
ab5tract Sure am
antononcube Currently, Raku has "WWW::OpenAI" and "WWW::PaLM". I plan to implement "WWW::MistralAI" soon. 14:40
ab5tract I have a basic OpenAI account. Never used or heard of PaLM 14:41
Any reason to choose one or the other for our use case? 14:42
antononcube I would say using OpenAI is the most obvious choice, with biggest impact on the dual purpose/goals above. Additionally, it is easier to communicate to others (non-AIs) using ChatGPT and OpenAI examples.
PaLM is Google's equivalent / response to ChatGPT. It is good, but in a different way than ChatGPT> 14:43
MistralAI is "closer" to using Huggingface.
ab5tract both will allow me to train an LLM with my own texts?
antononcube Yes. PaLM is very contemporary -- within days of committing something to GitHub I can see responses of PaLM that include code or documentation from those commits. 14:44
Look at "gpt-4-1106-preview" : it allows the use of 128,000 tokens in prompts. (This roughly means 256K characters.) 14:46
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ab5tract Just to be clear, I'm asking about this: "Also, one can make custom "GPTs" based on certain collections of documents." 14:48
antononcube I plan implement the facilitation functions of using ChatGPT tools and making ChatGPT assistants soon.
ab5tract nice!
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antononcube Well, yes. But that has several sides. Or multiple angles / approaches to achive it. 14:49
I need to write down and document those offline. (I.e. not here and now. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) 14:50
ab5tract okay :)
then let's pause here for a minute as I need to run anyway
great chat so far, thanks antononcube 14:51
antononcube @ab5tract Please install "WWW::OpenAI" and see can you use it. Then I would advice to install "Jupyter::Chatbook".
Ok. Same here!
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ingy yamlscript.org/posts/advent-2023/dec-20/ 19:39
tonyo tells me he's working out the raku bindings
tonyo i yam.
ingy :) 19:40
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nemokosch yaml was meant to be a data format, no? 19:52
ingy It was meant to be a language agnostic serialization format. then it became a lowly config format. now it's decided it wants to become a velociraptor. 19:56
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nemokosch I have bad feelings about this ever since the very legitimate and reasonable demand to allow flattening of list references went neglected 20:01
it seems like a complete misunderstanding what the project got entrusted with
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melezhik .tell vushu: SparrowCI build fails for raylib binding - ci.sparrowhub.io/report/3851 20:07
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to .vushu
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