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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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librasteve opened a doc issue to cross ref these sections github.com/Raku/doc/issues/4408 11:13
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El_Che jdv: thx, will start building 11:28
tellable6 2023-12-21T23:25:28Z #raku-dev <jdv> El_Che release happened
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antononcube @lizmat I plan to publish the first draft of "Streamlining AI vision workflows" today. 14:33
lizmat great!
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antononcube @librasteve "App::Crag" does not know Chemistry, it seems. 15:21
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In think there is "no reason" Crag's users to use sigils (like '$') for the variables. This feature is most likely easy to support. 15:25
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El_Che I have *never* had a rakudo build without failing tests (for around 20-25 distro and version combinations). Today was the first. Congrats team! github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/action...7302141391 17:38
(I mean I have to keep building until everythin passed, it takes around 3-5 builds most of the time) 17:39
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[Coke] are you building in parallel? 19:04
# of builds shouldn't matter unless something's getting missed, no?
ugexe It is a bit weird that we have a reproducibility test that is flakey. A flakey reproducibility test essentially means it is failing. Rerunning that test is only working around the issue 19:26
otherwise just get rid of the test 19:27
because it is just providing a facade
I woild
I would be interested in knowing if it wasn’t always flakey though, and if not what commit broke it 19:28
I kind of suspect it has always been flakey though
[Coke] so hard to bisect for flakiness 19:34
or, at a minimum, annoying
El_Che new rakudo-pkg in the repos (except for Ubuntu devel) 20:01
(cloudsmith needs to add the repo dir)
[Coke]: I build in parallel, but the packages are only uploaded if everything is built ok 20:02
[Coke]: the number of builds is very relevant because it's a matrix. There is always 2-3 that fail randomly
[Coke]: lukily github added the option to only rebuild failed build. You had to rebuild everything in the past 20:03
librasteve antononcube: thanks for the fb ... I am inspired to dust off the Stoichometry (sp?) integration 20:04
antononcube: on App::Crag sigil removal, in crag it is no strict 20:29
crag '$h=450;$w=1520;$d=2315;$v=$h*$w*$d; say "$v cu mm"'
crag 'my \h=450;my \w=1520;my \d=2315;my \v=h*w*d; say "{v} cu mm"'
personally I prefer the sigil $ 20:30
antononcube @librasteve Yes, but you mentioned that you were inspired by a "beginner's request" to make "App::Crag". So, I would say no sigils at all should work. 20:49
I think this is much clearer to a "beginner": crag 'h=450; w=1520; d=2315; v=h*w*d; say "{v} cu mm"' 20:51
librasteve beginner in raku, not in coding (the guy who thinks we are all gremlins) 21:07
the idea is to do raku in a line in a rich library setting, not to redefine raku as, errr, python 21:09
anyway this is for fun and I do not have spare tuits to write some kind of parser
to redefine how raku does the basics 21:10
Geth ¦ problem-solving: raiph assigned to rba Issue Inbound P6/Raku URLs are currently broken github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/413 21:13
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: raiph assigned to codesections Issue Many inbound P6/Raku URLs are currently broken github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/414 22:04
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