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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff_ .seen vushu 02:13
tellable6 Xliff_, I saw vushu 2023-12-21T06:20:00Z in #raku: <.vushu> @melezhik it works now thank you ! ci.sparrowhub.io/report/3855 🙂
antononcube @Xliff I plan to troll vushu and ab5tract soon. 02:14
Xliff_ .tell vushu I have started with the creation of an OO interface for Raylib::Bindings. Please check out my fork on the oo-interface branch @ github.com/Xliff/raylib-raku -- I have beefed up the number of examples in the examples/ dir 02:15
tellable6 Xliff_, I'll pass your message to .vushu
antononcube @Xliff Does your package work on macOS ? 02:17
Xliff_ If Raylib::Bindings does, then mine should. 02:25
antoncube: How are you planning on trolling? lol 02:26
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antononcube With better, more interesting, multi-layered snowfall animation that completely does not use "raylib". 02:28
And, yes, I have had problems installing "Raylib::Bindings" in the past. 02:29
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Xliff_ antoncube: Raylib isn't that bad, really. 05:32
It is a bit annoying to install, though. There are instructions for OSX.
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.vushu @Xliff wow this is so cool! really impressive work! Is it possible to make it import/use Raylib::Bindings::OO which also imports all the OO wrappers like Color, Vector, Rectangle, etc, so as a user I only have to import Raylib::Bindings::OO, to explicit state that now we are using the OO interface. 06:37
tellable6 hey .vushu, you have a message: gist.github.com/f7aa13c1350bfe4de3...ba4b207a1e
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ab5tract antononcube: did I do something to bother you? why do you seem to be gunning for me? 08:37
anyway, more snow is always welcome as far as I'm concerned 08:39
gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2023/12/25/autoarraying/ 08:58
Published 200, Wordpress just told me. That's how big Raku is. :-> 08:59
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ab5tract gfldex: now that is a nice solution indeed :) 10:43
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epony Happy Christ Nativity! 11:32
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nemokosch feliz navidad 11:38
re gfldex article: "its" is tricky but it really should be "Its immutability (...)" 11:44
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librasteve gfldex: nice 13:54
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/12/25/2023-...nal-magic/ 14:26
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antononcube @ab5tract "did I do something to bother you? why do you seem to be gunning for me?" -- Obviously, because you did not bother me enough! You would have, if you used any of the Raku LLM packages. 14:45
So, if I make better snowfall than yours, then you might be more incentified... 14:47
Well, I was very impressed by the simple snowfall animation Mathematica code here: mathematica.stackexchange.com/a/16889 . So, I wanted to replicated with Raku. 14:49
Here is the related animation:
That is why I implemented two new distributions in "Data::Generators". (BernoulliDistribution and BinomialDistribution .) And I plan to make a new package for transforming data with convolution and other data transformations. (Like window smoothing, etc.) 14:53
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.vushu cool why was I also mentioned😅 15:28
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Wow thats really cool now that i saw every snowflakes i mathematical drawn😁 15:52
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antononcube @vushu Well, so far I plan to be able make the simple "one liner" version, in which snowflakes are just disks. 16:31
@vushu The "mathematically drawn" snowflakes is something that can be done in Raku already. See here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=THNnofZEAn4 16:33
.vushu that amazing 😄 16:39
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antononcube Thanks! 16:44
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thowe neat 16:49
tellable6 2023-12-24T19:40:16Z #raku <melezhik> thowe: maybe no exactly what you are after but you could spin up a Sparky cron job to watch file changes and react upon
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tbrowder__ Before the Christmas and Hannukah season is over, I send many thanks to those who contributed a Raku Advent article, and profuse thanks to those who contributed multiple articles! 17:27
antononcube @tbrowder I support that -- thanks to all Raku Advent Calendar contributors. 19:23
tbrowder__ And mucho thank to lizmat for helping 19:56
me and doing the scheduling! 19:57
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librasteve lizmat: great weekly and day 25 - thanks for all the efforts!! 20:10
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Xliff \o 20:31
Happy Birthday, Rakudo!
And Merry Christmas, #raku and all rakoons everywhere.
vushu - Once done, I think it becomes a matter of simply moving all of the OO compunits to the OO namespace, then writing a Raku::Bindings::OO that will just "need" all of the OO compunits. 20:33
I think it's doable!
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.vushu @Xliff sweet that would be nice! 😃 20:53
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@Xliff i noticed you were doing raygui in your branch I already have done it in a seperate module github.com/vushu/raygui-raku 23:17
I just need to fix the action a bit since I haven’t added the new stuff from raylib-raku 23:19
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gordonfish I want to wish you all a very merry and warm Christmas🎄! 23:48
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