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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
antononcube Thanks! 00:32
Same to you!
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Xliff vushu: LOL! Really? OK, I'll check it out. Thanks! 02:25
(I hadn't even really started work on it yet... :D )
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Xliff vushu: Added the bunnymark example. Take a look! 02:28
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.vushu @Xliff that’s really great! Cool to see how many bunnies raku can manage 😁 06:25
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: librasteve assigned to codesections Issue dd does not show coercion type on scalars github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/415 11:31
¦ problem-solving: lizmat unassigned from codesections Issue dd does not show coercion type on scalars github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/415 11:32
Xliff vushu: Could probably manage more than that with optimizations. 11:42
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librasteve o/ 12:19
did Grammar::Tracer get from from star bundle 2023.10=>11 maybe (or maybe I am hallucinating)? 12:20
^^ dropped
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.vushu @melezhik I've added github.com/vushu/raygui-raku to sparrow, but the badge keeps saying BUILD | Fail, even tough the build now is ok for all except the first commit where I forgot sparrow.yaml file. 15:38
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melezhik This is well known GitHub related issue where it caches images embedded into Markdown, try to rewrite badge url adding and query in the end of URL , like ?foo=bar , it will break cache and make GitHub render image every time , see this github.com/melezhik/SparrowCI/issu...1676383488 as an example 16:44
antononcube @vushu Change of plans -- I will troll you with chess position images. 16:53
The examples in the README of "FEN::Grammar" do not run "smoothly". So, issues coming your way... 17:02
.vushu @antononcube hehe you welcome to troll me any time 😁 17:05
@melezhik okay thank you for explaining 😃 17:06
melezhik vushu: ++
antononcube @vushu You got an issue. 17:09
librasteve raku-Contact/bin > rakubrew download moar-2023.12 Downloading rakudo.org/dl/rakudo/rakudo-moar-20...ang.tar.gz Couldn't download release. Error: 599 Internal Exception 17:56
^^ seems to be an issue with rakubrew ...
stanrifkin_ librasteve: had the same problem 18:11
<librasteve>: What version of Perl are you using? 18:12
<librasteve>: If you're using perlbrew switch back to the system Perl or earlier version.
librasteve no perlbrew 18:16
~ > perl -v This is perl 5, version 38, subversion 0 (v5.38.0) built for darwin-thread-multi-2level Copyright 1987-2023, Larry Wall 18:17
anywho, rakubrew build seems to have done the trick
stanrifkin_ ok
librasteve have raised an issue here github.com/Raku/App-Rakubrew/issues/78
tx! 18:18
stanrifkin_ good, I wondered why there is none
antononcube @.vushu Here is what I have so far (the image corresponds to the example in "FEN::Grammar"):
I have to productize it and submit to raku.land. 18:19
librasteve ++ 18:20
and rakubrew build-zef 18:22
.vushu @antononcube that’s great what did you use to draw the board? 😃 18:27
antononcube D3.js — see “JavaScripdt:D3”. Same package I use for the random mandalas video. 18:32
.vushu ah cool interopting with js, I will try it out some time! 18:34
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antononcube At this point, I am not sure should "JavaScripdt::D3" depend on "FEN::Grammar". So, the first version is going to use hash-based chess position specs. 19:21
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.vushu I thought i was a new thing like chess2png or something which depends on those. 19:49
antononcube Maybe working on "raylib" biases your thinking. 20:08
@.vushu It looks like "FEN::Grammar" does not parse the examples here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forsyth–Edwards_Notation . Hence, a new issue is filed. 20:09
.vushu @antononcube yeah I know it doesn't parse the rest, since I made It so it only focused on the position, since that what is your use case for drawing it right? I can easily add the rest if needed. 20:12
antononcube From my perspective, if you just ignore the rest that is fine too. 20:13
.vushu @antononcube if you or other people someday need it I will ofcourse implement the rest. 20:14
antononcube @vushu I am not that interested in chess, but since I plan to do some comparison of Raku and other systems (say, using LLMs) over chess, I might request full parsing soon. 20:17
.vushu @antononcube no problem 👍 20:18
antononcube You can see here that white pieces are transparent -- I am not sure is this a feature or a bug. 20:23
.vushu Is unicode chess pieces right? 20:24
antononcube I think, this how they come from the "default unicode system" on my macOS.
.vushu yeah I think white are transparent also on my machie
kinda annoying
antononcube Ok, let us say it is a feature and declare victory. (For now.)
.vushu yeah sure 😄 20:25
antononcube This chessboard plotting is opportunistic -- it is too much work to make snow animation using convolution and D3.js. But, since I implemented last night "heatmap plots" this morning I realized they can be easily converted into chessboard images. 20:27
.vushu ah that's clever
antononcube Thanks! 20:30
@vushu I did not understand from you comments -- I are you going to implement the ignoring of the rest of the FEN notation arguments? 20:58
.vushu If you wish to have the state I can implement it
antononcube Actually, please, implemented at least that. Then I can make chessboard demos by just copy-and-paste "random" FEN strings from diffrent sites. 20:59
.vushu alright I will take a look at it, I probably just add it as optional, so if you don't have it it still will parse the positions 21:00
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