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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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nemokosch melezhik: do you have an idea why I can't get Sparky working on the new VPS on Debian 12? 00:42
tellable6 nemokosch, I'll pass your message to melezhik
nemokosch Sqlite3 doesn't work
I installed sqlite3, then I installed libsqlite3-dev as well, no use 00:43
guest912 Hi, I’m having an issue with the type checker. It seems I’m doing it correctly but I’m getting an error. 00:44
I have a sub like this (using my own custom subset type): sub foo(CustomType:D %bar) {}
And I’m trying to pass another hash to it of the same type: my CustomType:D %abc = …; foo(%abc)
But this gets me an error
> Constraint type check failed in binding to parameter '%bar';
> expected CustomType but got Hash[CustomType:D] ((my CustomType::...)
Am I doing something wrong?
My variable looks like “Type %name” and I accept the same “Type %name” in the sub signature passing that variable. Still the type check fails. 00:46
lizmat I think you have found a bug 00:47
m: my Int:D %h = a => 42; sub a(Int:D %f) { dd %f }; a %h
camelia Int:D %h = (my Int:D % = :a(42))
lizmat this works fine
m: subset Foo of Int; my Foo:D %h; sub a(Foo:D %f) { dd %f }; a %h # this does not 00:48
camelia Constraint type check failed in binding to parameter '%f'; expected Foo but got Hash[Foo:D] ((my Foo:D %))
in sub a at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat could you make an issue for this? github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/new 00:49
guest912 Will do, thanks for confirming 00:51
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nemokosch ah nevermind, maybe I was just stupid 01:00
db-init.raku is a thing
okay, now the db works but the build does not... 01:03
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japhb [Coke], ugexe -- Looks like from the conversation above that Terminal::LineEditor does *not* need to be fixed? Is that correct? 01:48
[Coke] it is more likely that the issue is at the termios level or lower 01:52
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guest912 What is the most straightforward way to append one list into another? 03:59
kjp @list1.append: @list2 04:03
Xliff_ Where can I get latest rakudo packages for Ubuntu? Is there an apt source? 04:09
guest912 kjp, thanks, that’s it. Can maybe somehow just list all the available methods of a value’s type? 04:16
Sadly not everything can be found in the docs. Though it doesn’t apply to this .append method, it was there. 04:17
Xliff_ Has anyone written a WebSocket client with raku and Cro? Could someone please point me to some examples? 04:29
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thowe Like with this? cro.services/docs/reference/cro-we...ket-client 05:22
kjp guest912: Well you can try "say Array.new.^methods", or go to docs/raku.org/types and find what you're interested in. (If there's a method not documented there, then that's probably a bug which should be reported on #raku-doc.) 06:44
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patrickb japhb: From how I understand the issue, it's a problem in Termios, but fixed in 0.2.7. Terminal::LineEditor pins it to 0.2.0 though. So one could argue that it's also an issue in T::LE. 07:09
guest912 If I define a package B below package A how can I refer to package B from package A? 07:19
Oh, nevermind, that wasn’t actually the problem, it works as-is. 07:21
I’m reading about “IO::Path::dir” in the docs: “Objects corresponding to special directory entries . and .. are not included.” 07:33
But I’m getting both “.” and “..” in the output 07:34
Am I missing something or this is a bug?
docs.raku.org/routine/dir 07:35
tonyo m: say $*TEMP.dir 07:53
camelia Dynamic variable $*TEMP not found
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
tonyo m: say $*TEMPDIR.dir
camelia Dynamic variable $*TEMPDIR not found
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
tonyo m: say $*TMPDIR.dir
camelia ("/tmp/.X11-unix".IO "/tmp/.ICE-unix".IO "/tmp/.XIM-unix".IO "/tmp/.font-unix".IO "/tmp/.Test-unix".IO "/tmp/.precomp".IO "/tmp/systemd-private-06a3200e6d844657b91fc513ecfce8ba-systemd-logind.service-uJ9Ysh".IO "/tmp/systemd-private-06a3200e6d844657b9…
tonyo m: say $*TMPDIR.dir.map(*.basename).join(", ") 07:54
camelia .X11-unix, .ICE-unix, .XIM-unix, .font-unix, .Test-unix, .precomp, systemd-private-06a3200e6d844657b91fc513ecfce8ba-systemd-logind.service-uJ9Ysh, systemd-private-06a3200e6d844657b91fc513ecfce8ba-ntpd.service-Clt95h, evalbot-file-G6GqQ2MYXj, evalbot-f…
tonyo m: say $*TMPDIR.dir.map(*.basename).grep(* ~~ '.'|'..') 07:55
camelia ()
Voldenet iirc . and .. are being filtered explicitly by the iterator, but I can't find relevant code 08:25
there it is > github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/main...umod#L1602 08:29
so, if you're running raku on moarvm, the newest version should skip . and .. 08:31
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librasteve m: my @a=[1,2]; my @b=[3,4]; say @a,@b; dd @a,@b; 10:01
Raku eval [1 2][3 4] Array @a = [1, 2] Array @b = [3, 4]
librasteve m: my @a=[1,2]; my @b=[3,4]; say (@a,@b) 10:02
Raku eval ([1 2] [3 4])
librasteve m: my @a=[1,2]; my @b=[3,4]; say |@a,|@b; 10:03
Raku eval 1234
librasteve m: my $a=(1,2);my $b=(3,4); say $a,$b; 10:04
Raku eval (1 2)(3 4)
librasteve guess you need comma and slip (|) to join two listy things 10:05
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melezhik @nemokosch hi! Do you still have an issues with SQLite/sparky on Debian 12? 10:17
tellable6 2024-01-03T00:42:36Z #raku <nemokosch> melezhik: do you have an idea why I can't get Sparky working on the new VPS on Debian 12?
nemokosch No, turns out it was all stuff I just forgot to set up. However, I commented to the JSON::Tiny issue because I still got "can't find JSON::Tiny" errors while running sparkyd 10:18
melezhik Yeah, I have fixed it already , please install the latest version of Sparrow6 from zef 10:19
And please upgrade Sparky from master
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nemokosch Okay, thank you, right now the workaround works fine but I will get to doing it the clean way ^^ 10:21
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melezhik Sure 10:23
I am going to release Spary quite so, the version that does not use JSON::Tiny 10:24
nemokosch I drastically turned all testing off during installation because apparently Cro testing just hung 10:25
these are sad things
melezhik Yeah, you mean cro tests hang ? Or CEO’s dependency’s tests hang ? 10:26
nemokosch it looked like Cro's own tests
melezhik Ah, ok
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I honestly for that reasons often use —/test flag when install stuff 10:27
Tests are slow and broken )))
nemokosch my migration experience was pretty much expected. Node is easy to work with, no matter the amount of jokes about node_modules. Raku is... well, something is always gonna happen, sadly. But at least I know what to do so all it takes is patience really. And Python is total embarrassment 10:28
Python doesn't even seem to have an appropriate default way of package installation, it immediately insists on this virtual environment crap 10:29
melezhik Yeah. By the way , I have an experimental Raku alpine packages repository , which partly mitigates this issue
When a user does not need to recompile stuff 10:30
Just use binary packages - quick and simple
But only works for alpine
nemokosch Rakubrew downloads didn't work, neither was the versioning of rakudo-pkg good
so I hand downloaded the right deb, registered it to rakubrew and ran build-zef, that worked
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I should check back because I'm pretty sure I ran the suggested commands for rakudo-pkg but there was a point where the instructions branched 10:31
okay, I checked, that was supposedly only about OS version 10:32
so I have no idea why it was stuck at like 2021.05
El_Che hey 10:44
somewhere in the past, rakudo-pkg moved to new repos at cloudsmith
and along the ways non-supported version of distros are dropped 10:45
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Xliff_ . 10:54
Has 12.2023 been made into a binary, yet? 10:57
nemokosch yes, at cloudsmith 11:02
I did all the instructions for apt and rakudo-pkg still installed some severely outdated version
does that mean the instructions themselves are outdated?
lizmat El_Che ^^ 11:16
El_Che normally nog 11:19
the script picks the correct os version
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lizmat perhaps the OS needs updating ? 11:19
El_Che i can try to reproduce with docker if you give me the os + version
if the OS version is EOL, I drop it 11:20
so it stays on an old version forever
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melezhik If someone is interested I have upgraded SparrowCI to the latest version of Rakudo 12:25
Xliff_ Where are the instructions for Cloudsmith? 12:47
lizmat nxadm.github.io/rakudo-pkg/ has all the necessary links? 13:29
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tbrowder__ hi, anyone use Nextcloud? if so, is it truly cross-platform including ipad and iphone? 14:49
hm, looks like it, but servers i see so far are outside us 14:54
ah, takes me to owncloud… 14:57
melezhik I am going to add support of old Rakudo versions to SparrowCI, if someone is interested in testing Raku modules against old Rakudos ? 15:02
nemokosch re rakudo-pkg: this was on Debian 12 "bookworm" 15:03
I did the "or ... you can manually configure it yourself before installing packages:" steps 15:04
melezhik fosstodon.org/@melezhik/111692668750720808 15:14
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.vushu @melezhik wouldn’t this be useful for raku in production, to test if the code still works as intended after migrating to a newer rakudo? 16:38
El_Che nemokosch: have a look at the generated sources file. What version of debian it targets there 16:41
nemokosch: or that it isn't commented out during am upgrade 16:42
melezhik @.vushu - makes a sense , here is the list of available versions to test against - github.com/melezhik/SparrowCI/blob...ker-images 16:56
.vushu @melezhik very cool ! 😎 16:59
El_Che Architecture: x86 is weird. Do they mean amd64 or x86_64? 17:00
.tell melezhik: Architecture: x86 is weird. Do you mean amd64 or x86_64? 17:01
melezhik El_Che - I mean x86_64 17:08
x86 is kinda short term / casual term , but I can change the doc to be more accurate 17:09
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nemokosch What even is the difference 22:39
I think amd64 and x86_64 are different names for the same thing. 32bit x86 would be different, or arm64 obviously 22:41
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El_Che amd64 is the name debian uses, x86_64 is the name red hat uses 23:27
potato - potato
x86, however, means 32 bit. It's no shorthand 23:28
(in the context of linux/windows/macos naming, not an historical absolute (it used to be 16-bit)) 23:29