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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ m: class F { has $.id submethod TWEAK { say self.^name }}; my $o = F.new 15:15
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> class F { has $.id⏏ submethod TWEAK { say self.^name }}; m
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
tbrowder__ m: class F { submethod TWEAK { say self.^name }}; my $o = F.new 15:17
camelia F
tbrowder__ eggscellent 15:18
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noob123 I am having trouble installing zef from source.  I type raku -I. bin/zef install .    per the instructions on the zef site.  I get an error message of "No such method 'remove-artifacts' for invocant of type 16:16
'CompUnit::Repository::Staging'".  How do I resolve this?
(this is on ubuntu 22 running on WSL on windows 11)
ugexe what version of raku are you using? raku -v 16:18
noob123 Welcome to Rakudo™ v2022.02.
Implementing the Raku® Programming Language v6.d.
Built on MoarVM version 2022.02.
as installed by apt install raku
nemokosch for what it's worth, apt sources are not really kept up to date 16:21
noob123 ok - so, it sounds like I should avoid the apt version and install per the instructions on raku.org ?
ugexe ideally yeah. alternative I suspect you could install zef v0.19.1 and it would work 16:22
noob123 any opinions regarding the use of rakubrew ? 16:23
worth learning for a noob?
ugexe personally i would recommend it to anyone wanting to use raku 16:24
noob123 ok thanks ! 16:25
wow - using rakubrew was actually easy and zef works like a champ! 16:29
nemokosch rakubrew is probably the best way on Linux
haven't really seen it working on Windows unfortunately
noob123 Seemed to install fine under powershell but unable to install linenoise because it apparently needs a C compiler. 16:33
aka dependency on nmake 16:34
Still, I appreciate y'all help.  Thanks! 16:36
nemokosch I tried under batch and powershell alike on many different machines with no success... 16:45
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noob123 @nemokosch interesting. On my Windows 11 pro using powershell 7.3.6 (slightly out of date), I am able to rakubrew mode shim; rakubrew download; and then raku -v  shows v2023.12 and both raku and zef seem to work.  As in, the help pages display.   Is there some additional aspect for which I should be on the lookout? 18:03
nemokosch I don't know, I'm happy if it works for you. I tried it on different Windows 10 machines and it always failed the way it is described in one of the GH issues 18:05
also it insisted that I'm in batch even when I was in Powershell
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