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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff \o 01:04
tellable6 2024-01-17T13:36:32Z #raku <ugexe> Xliff_: but yes, you can slurp a resource, and you can use a resource directly in a is native
hey Xliff, you have a message: gist.github.com/a97e18e8a9e2cd230d...d5d1ae6640
Xliff ugexe: When I attempt to use a Distribution::Resource in this form: "is native(&subname)" where subname() returns that Distribution::Resource, I get the following error: 01:05
This type cannot unbox to a native string: P6opaque, Distribution::Resource
in method setup at /home/cbwood/.rakubrew/versions/moar-blead/install/share/perl6/core/sources/C2A04A287139FDA9DBF2B3A9A160B040FB27D294 (NativeCall) line 296
in method setup at /home/cbwood/.rakubrew/versions/moar-blead/install/share/perl6/core/sources/C2A04A287139FDA9DBF2B3A9A160B040FB27D294 (NativeCall) line 366
in sub raku-nativecall at /home/cbwood/.rakubrew/versions/moar-blead/install/share/perl6/core/sources/B7A8A3BB8F916D9DC9EF34B47D440C8234E7FCB2 (NativeCall::Dispatcher) line 46
I am defining a sub that is then used in an INIT block. Commenting out the INIT block prevents the error. 01:06
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Xliff And when I am talking about editing a resource, you keep saying it should not be editable. Why can't I distribute a CSS file (or any file for that matter) and not edit it? 01:08
Consider: theme files distributed with a themeable application. 01:09
Are you implying that I should look for another mechanism for such resource distribution, then?
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yoo14 what is this for 02:05
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ugexe The same reason you shouldn’t edit source files that are installed - anything that is precompiled would not pick up those changes and would still effectively be using the old code / resource 02:35
So yeah if you want editable files you should not use %?RESOURCES, you should use some path your application can control like ~/.myapp 02:39
you could store the originals under resources, copy them to ~/.myapp in a Build.rakumod, then reference ~/.myapp/some-resource-name in your app instead of %?RESOURCES<some-resource-name> 02:43
%?RESOURCES isn't a good match for html like stuff anyway. consider resources/foo/bar.css will get installed to like site/resources/91j019j2e09j109je019j2e.css (with files from other distributions in the same site/resources directory). so any e.g. html docs that reference resources/foo/bar.css (or tries to service resources/foo as a directory) isn't going to work right because those files are renamed 02:47
sure you can write a handler on %?RESOURCES to route things appropriately but thats not what most people want to do for status content 02:48
if returning a %?RESOURCE<foo> from a Callable doesn't work with `is native(&callable-name)` then I think thats a bug with somewhere in lib/NativeCall.rakumod 03:01
if changing some INIT fixes that problem it is probably some interaction with how NativeCall creates compile time roles 03:03
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lizmat weekly: github.com/Raku/Raku-Steering-Coun...0240117.md 11:12
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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El_Che autch 11:28
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nemokosch I stand by all of the quoted messages that ironically include a rather baseless personal attack from Steve Roe, as evidence to I don't really know what. It would hurt some people to own up to their actions/ lack of actions in wasting the potential of Raku and since they managed to outlast everybody who cared, they get to act in the name of "the Raku community". The actual Raku community has been in danger from 13:08
pretty much its inception, much thanks to the sandbox attitude maintained by the people who now act as the protectors of the project by banning people, rather than do things better or resign if they are unable to. AlexDaniel has already congratulated and there are some other people who i wouldn't want to expose to the self-proclaimed Raku community. Farewell.
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: 454a94d731 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | announcements/20240117.md
Fix year, duh, dakkar++
lizmat goes back to regularly scheduled programming 13:39
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tbrowder__ i just looked at the banning action. isn't two years a little overkill? 16:33
on another topic, the other day i wondered about a way to get an input arg in a regex to allow one or more of the leading chars to be recognized. i have found a solution 16:36
with the current state of my Abbreviations distro one can do this: 16:38
:abbrev("arg", out-type(L)).join("|"); whic 16:39
ignore the leading colon. the result is "a|ar|arg" 16:40
i can easily add an easier option to do that 16:41
in fact, that should be the default for a single word. on my TODO list 16:43
or maybe another distro: Arg::Utils 17:01
antononcube @tbrowder ... And and "ACME::Utils" for loading all "::Utils" packages in the current / global namespace. 17:03
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Does the ban "from all Raku related spaces" includes publishing at raku.land? 17:30
lizmat my personal opinion is that it shouldn't, but that's up to the CAT 17:35
jdv yeah, that seems ridiculous. publishing code is so easy whats the point? 17:37
or more generally how is that part of the point? 17:39
tbrowder__ ACME::Utils? is that new, or did i just forget about it? 17:40
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antononcube @tbrowder It was a joke/suggestion -- there are at least few "::Utils" packages, so, an umbrella package might wanted. 17:41
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@jdv I do not know -- I was too lazy to feed Raku's CoC to an LLM and or peruse it myself in order to figure does the phrase "all Raku related spaces" include package repositories. 18:09
Also, if publishing is easy, most likely un-publishing is easy too. It is not clear -- to me -- how opinions "voiced" through packages are censored. 18:10
lizmat I don't think there will be, or should be any censoring 18:19
publishing a module is like writing a book and putting it in a library 18:20
only people interested in that book, will know of its contents
this is different from e.g. an IRC channel
that's more akin to a bar: and visitors to the bar that keep on being disrupting, can be told by personnel to leave and not come back 18:21
librasteve actually unpublishing a module is not possible afaict (since some downstream code may rely on it) 18:43
jdv fez maybe l 19:01
librasteve ~ > fez remove 'Physics::Unit:ver<1.1.3>:auth<zef:p6steve>' >>= Request received, if it is past the 24 hour window for removing modules then the module will remain in the ecosystem and indexed 19:07
antononcube lizmat, jdv, librasteve -- Thanks for the clarifications! 19:53
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tbrowder__ i will make an Args::Utils. I can think of all kinds of goodies, at least for my work flow. (but i need to revisit state of Raku MAIN. i see lots of use. but i do not like the unfolded LONG help strings (e.g. zef) 20:41
tonyo tbrowder__: fez has a nice way of doing USAGE if you want something with a little nicer output 21:28
it's buried in the CLI 21:29
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tbrowder__ tonyo: thnx 21:45
tonyo: i cant't find it. i dumped help to a file and looked at pretty closely. maybe it's a plugin i don't have? 22:17
*at it
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