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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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roguerakudev So I have an enum for "packet subtype", where the values are going to get packed into a single byte along with a packet type, and I want to be able to reuse values across different keys, which is totally possible, but I then want to be able to recover the correct enum value from a plain integer for incoming packets 03:59
my thought was to have a For[PacketType $FOR] { ... } role which I could mix into the integer values, e.g. 0b0000001 but For[PacketType::Whatever] 04:00
however, that results in a somewhat cryptic error, "Incompatible MROs in P6opaque rebless for types Int+{For[PacketType]} mixin and PacketSubtype" 04:01
I was wondering if anyone had a way around this or a different idea for a nice way to achieve what I'm trying to achieve 04:02
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gfldex m: role R[$a] { has $.type = $a }; enum foo (bar => 42 but R['answer']); dd bar.value.type; 09:41
camelia "answer"
gfldex @roguerakudev If that ^^^ doesn't work for you, I would suspect an only Rakudo version.
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andinus ingy: rakudo.org/downloads/rakudo lists all releases 11:32
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melezhik . 12:10
tellable6 2024-01-16T22:17:07Z #raku <tonyo> melezhik: i do have some thoughts around that, i need to think through how to move ahead with those before i have any meaningful questions
melezhik tonyo: ++
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tbrowder__ ok, i just released an updated Abbreviation with default action to provide a regex "alternation" (not a junction) for a single word. 12:47
for example: my $a = abbrev "Args"; say $a; # OUTPUT: A|Ar|Arg|Args 12:49
i 12:52
arg, can't even remember proper module name, plural: Abbreviations 12:54
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tbrowder__ .seen ssotka 13:05
tellable6 tbrowder__, I saw ssotka 2016-05-10T17:04:30Z in #perl6: <ssotka> Beagle Bros. Ads.
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lucs lizmat: What do you think of use lib $?FILE.IO.dirname ? 19:07
Oops, wrong channel (confused between IRC and Discord). 19:08
librasteve lizmat: i heard that you woukd like to deprecate use lib ... would be interested to hear the ins and outs (suggest we wash the laundry here and not on begoinner channel)??? 19:10
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roguerakudev gfldex: yeah, sure enough I'm on a somewhat old rakudo version on this machine 19:54
Hm, but even on 2023.12 I'm still getting the same error 19:57
antononcube I am very curious about anythin use lib related.
roguerakudev oh, but not if I have only one enum value listed in the enum
very interesting...
it's not a weird precedence thing either, because even with parens to make it explicit, same result 19:59
m: role R[$a] { has $.type = $a }; enum foo (bar => 42 but R['answer'], baz => 41 but R['question']); dd bar.value.type;
evalable6 (exit code 1) ===SORRY!===
Incompatible MROs in P6opaque rebless for types Int+{R[Str]} mixin and foo
Raku eval Exit code: 1 ===SORRY!=== Incompatible MROs in P6opaque rebless for types Int+{R[Str]} mixin and foo
roguerakudev You know you're really programming when you hit compiler bugs like this :^) 20:00
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Opened an issue for the above: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5515 22:48
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_grenzo tbrowder: You rang? 23:02
Was ssotka on IRC
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