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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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jdv there's a information_schema standard? i think its just .schema in sqlite. 00:11
guifa Raku was designed for winning golf by tokens 00:15
(I think I remember more or less what timtoady said in that respect)
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_grenzo @jdv - From the postgresql docs: The information schema consists of a set of views that contain information about the objects defined in the current database. The information schema is defined in the SQL standard and can therefore be expected to be portable and remain stable 00:41
SqLite has something similar, but not exactly the same. That said I don't think it will take much to add support for it. 00:42
jdv i didn't know mysql and pg shared a schema thing. wonder how long that's been. 00:43
tonyo they've had information schemas for a while 00:44
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_grenzo at least v 5.7 00:45
tonyo mysql 5.0
pq 7.4
jdv i think the most i used mysql was back in the v4 days. huh. 00:49
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librasteve TimToady one should do token golf, not keystroke golf 18:36 'course then you have to figure out how to count tokens :16<cafebeef> is one token, probably , but how many is :16($string) ? 18:37 and is foo() fewer tokens than foo.() ? TimToady one could do keystrokes without counting whitespace, I suppose 18:39 whitspace would correspond to a "free drop" in golf :) 10:02
when your ball token is too close to the grandstands token 18:40 or maybe it's more like lift-clean-and-place rules :) 18:41 would be a nice cultural hack to start the Clean Golf meme 18:42 ignore whitespace, allow Unicode chars as single strokes
^^ from our own irclogs irclogs.raku.org/perl6/2014-03-11.html#18:36
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xinming releasable6: status 10:05
releasable6 xinming, Next release in ≈3 days and ≈8 hours. There are no known blockers. Changelog for this release was not started yet
xinming, Details: gist.github.com/e0b1213ec4f1914036...6b32daf33b
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cog One can export a multi method exported from a module  which is mixed into the actions. Can I do the same for tokens to create a new kind of term. 11:09
multi trait_mod:<is>( ... ) is export # exported multimethod
oops, the trait_mod does not belong to the actions 11:11
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cog   So if I define the appropriate role, can I expect the following  to work ? 11:16
maybe this is the answer : stackoverflow.com/questions/609753...ammar-raku 11:20
no luck, says dynamic variable $*LANG noit found 11:38
librasteve I am not sure about MOP stuff like .^mixin, but I do know that you can go grammar G does MyRole {} and re-use your MyRole tokens... how that helps 11:41
cog that's the rakudo grammar I want to expand 11:49
guifa cog if you're trying to modify Raku's grammar itself you'll want to look at some of the slangs for how to do it 11:52
github.com/alabamenhu/PolyglotBrai...ck.rakumod 11:53
cog I guess I have found a model github.com/lizmat/Slang-Subscripts 11:54
guifa $*LANG.define_slang('MAIN', $*LANG.slang_grammar('MAIN').^mixin(YourMixinGrammar), $*LANG.slang_actions('MAIN').^mixin(YourMixinActions))
guifa is afk 11:55
cog guifa thx
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lizmat cog: you might also want to look at raku.land/zef:lizmat/Slangify 12:03
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to cog
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2024/01/22/2024-04-marrow/ 13:00
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hudo__ Im searching raku syntax highlighting for npp and/or geany (windows) , or in general a windows editor with raku synhighlight 14:59
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lizmat commaide.com 15:34
hudo__ ^^ 15:37
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antononcube Geany with Raku would be cool. Maybe Perl's plugin for Geany is not that hard to convert into a Raku one. One thing that is needed is all Raku keywords. 16:13
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[Coke] "keyword" is not 100% as far as the grammar goes, but the L10N listing is probably a great start. 16:18
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antononcube 🤔 16:53
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tbrowder__ hi, i have much improved module Date::Names for several languages not having the full official abbreviation arrays. and i am also looking to add new languages if we have some new rakuuns whose native language is not one of the current 13 languages. see the CONTRIBUTING doc at the github site: github.com/tbrowder/Date-Names.. 17:30
i am closing in on making my module Calendar produce pdf versions in all the languages in Date::Names 17:31
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perryprog I assume this was already posted but I don't immediately see it in my scrollback, so here: www.hillelwayne.com/post/randomness/ 17:37
librasteve I realised that Hillel was a bit of a celeb after seeing his first gremlins post (e.g. podyssey.fm/celebrity-podcasts/id1...lel-wayne) ... nice to see that someone with some influence is liking this raku stuff 17:42
i quote Raku is an extremely weird language but I’ll keep it as straightforward as I can. haha 17:51
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ab5tract I'm glad it raised visibility but, probably due to my experience with the language, I felt like the examples could have been phrased/presented in a more compelling way 19:17
*it = the gremlins post 19:19
This new post is much better in that regard 19:21
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librasteve yeah - I like the way that raku was just a mechanism (with some dropbox explanation boxes) so it was not so much pushing the language as just some pretty neat examples of its power 20:05
ab5tract yeah, really well done 20:08
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scullucs (Will this work?: ) 20:22
weekly www.hillelwayne.com/post/randomness/
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Dunno how or if I have rights to add tell the weekly tool to add that article. 20:23
lucs weekly: www.hillelwayne.com/post/randomness/ 20:26
notable6 lucs, Noted! (weekly)
scullucs Aha. 20:27
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phogg m: while (False) { ENTER { 'enter'.say; }; LEAVE { 'leave'.say; }; FIRST { 'first'.say; }; LAST { 'last'.say; }; } 23:55
camelia last
phogg I'm surprised. 23:56
Is that intended behavior? If so, what's the rationale?